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Equestor Rides Again in the Souldance Resurrection Branch

Equestor Rides Again

Greetings, Dragon Lords!

The first ever Resurrection Branch comes to the Souldance and will be available this week! This branch will be available for the rest of the season. 

However, from 9/16, 2pm PT until 9/29 at 6pm PT, all prize nodes in the branch that contain resources or chests will provide 20% additional resources, not including runes or evolution stones.

Let’s learn a little bit more about this first-ever Resurrection Branch!

Please Note: How the new branch appears in-game may vary from this screenshot. This is only meant to provide a visual reference to the new branch in-game.

The Equestor Resurrection Branch

The branch will contain the initial Dragon Egg at the Orange Tier, and then Evolution Stones from Green > Verdant Tier. If you already have Equestor or do not need a particular Stone, you will be rewarded with an alternative prize instead. We hope that you will never receive a reward that you are not able to use. 

The branch will cost 36,000 sigils and contain 6 season keys.

The Equestor Branch will not be returning next season, however, if players like the concept of a Resurrection Branch, we may run a similar branch for another season’s dragon in the future. For now, we are experimenting with this. If you like it, make sure you let PG staff know! 

We’re excited to see new Dragon Lords have a chance to ride into battle on the back of a two-headed horse dragon… it’s like cowboys meets Game of Thrones.

What are your thoughts on the Resurrection Branch? Discuss with fellow Dragon Lords over on the War Dragons Forums!

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