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Frozen Chaos: Wave 1.5 Release

This week is our Wave 1.5 release, with a new Spell Rider debuting, a double dragon from the Winterjól season returning, and some exciting new promotions. Below is a brief summary of what’s coming out this Wednesday (12/15), followed by details on our Spell Rider branch, Resurrection Dragon branch, and our 12 Days of Dragons Sale.


  • Spell Rider Branch (along with this update, we will also be reducing the rider reset costs for non-Atlas riders from 10k rubies to 5k rubies)
  • Resurrection Dragon Branch
  • Adding Tower Levels 133-135 (we normally would release this during a Fortification Frenzy event, but since next week is the holidays, we decided to release it this week. We highly recommend that players wait until next week’s Fortification Frenzy event to upgrade their towers to these new levels.
  • Limited Time Branch (will contain two Archmage Glyphs, 1 Legendary and 1 Mythic)
  • 12 Days of Dragons Sale and Redemption Branch
  • Electrum Tower Branch (on 12/22)


Talamar Promo

It was, once again, a perfect day in Sudene.

The lords dressed in finery of silk, and tittered over how expensive it had become; and the dignitaries whispered (in good taste, of course) about the poor manners of the pilgrim emissary from the Northern Plains. Meanwhile, the dragon riders basked in the blushing glances of their admirers. There was no need to worry about how restless the wild dragons had become, no need to worry about the pleas to open Sudene’s walls, no need to look too hard at the run-down tenement buildings.

Which is why the socialites and aristocrats were caught completely off guard by the rain of acid green goo, and the most appalling scent that came with it.

Perched on the roof of the tallest tenement building in Sudene, Talamar cackled. The lords and ladies didn’t look nearly so fancy now, retching all over each other. Even the most hardened dragons were fleeing in the face of the vile stench. Talamar prepared to lob another sickly green potion into the streets, but froze at the sight of some passerby pointing up to where he lay crouched. Had he been spotted? But oddly, the shouts from the pedestrians didn’t sound angry, but almost concerned…

Belatedly, Talamar wheeled around to see that they were trying to warn him about the dragon that had joined him on the rooftop. With its squashed-looking nose and absurdly long lolling tongue, it almost looked comical. But the wicked branches stored on its back were anything but, and Talamar could swear that the dragon was laughing as it approached.


In the Strangelands season, we kicked off the introduction of spell riders with Fera, who provided a simple but useful boost to a dragon’s survivability with her Mend spell. This season, we wanted to continue making spells that had broad applicability on multiple dragons, but this time with a more offensive slant. Talamar’s brew is perfect for providing a slight edge on dragons that can afford the extra rage, without tipping the scales for dragons that already have generous amounts of damage amp. We look forward to seeing the new strategies that Dragon Lords can come up with as more offensive power is now available to dragons overall!


Talamar’s Spell Rider branch will cost 39k Sigils.

The branch will have 6 season keys, and other prizes including Talamar’s tiered portraits. For additional details, check out Talamar’s skill chart (provided to us by the CF’s MiinaNiina):

Spell Rider Info

Talamar Logo

Talamar Portrait


Putrid Brew - White | 1 Rage

For 2 seconds (or up to 4 at level 60), increases the dragon’s attack power by 20% and empowers the dragon’s breath to poison towers. Poison deals 1.5% of the dragon’s HP per second as damage to the affected tower, and lasts 3 seconds.

CD is 4s at all levels.

As a reminder: The restricted spell combo logic is the same when equipping either a rider spell or a spell consumable. You will see a warning message in the bonding screen saying the rider’s spell conflicts with the dragon if there is in fact a conflict (like with a dragon who has Rejuvenate). You have the option to bond the rider anyway if you want. The dragon will receive all of the rider’s buffs in that case but not the rider's spell.


Skill Tree


Skoll and Hati Chase the Sun and Stalk the Moon

The sibling drakes that chase the sun and moon are back!

The Skoll and Hati Resurrection Branch

The branch will contain the initial Dragon Egg at the Red Tier, and then Evolution Stones from Purple > Artisan Tier. If you already have Skoll and Hati or do not need a particular Stone, you will be rewarded with an alternative prize instead.

The branch will cost 39k sigils, and contain 6 season keys.

We have made a small change to buff Skoll and Hati’ spell, Solar Volley. Check out the details below.


  • Moonshroud - Active | White | 1 Rage ​Upon activation, Dragon spawns a shrouded shield that blocks all incoming elemental damage and heals based on the damage blocked, up to 10% of the Dragon’s Max HP. Spell has a 3 second duration and 6 second cooldown.

  • Solar Volley - Active | White | No Rage While this spell is active, Dragon deals 6% of its Max HP as damage to all towers in range. Dragon’s ammo cost is reduced by 99% (effectively 0) and Dragon’s fireball attack deals 30% reduced damage. Spell has a 3.5 second duration and 8 second cooldown.

  • Soul Devour - Active | Blue | 2 Rage Places a buff on the Dragon. For the 5 second duration this spell is active, this Dragon will regain 25% of its Max HP and .75 Rage whenever a tower is destroyed.

Starburn - Passive | Yellow When Dragon’s HP is lower than 75%, attacks leave a burn on a target that increases the damage dealt to that target by 40%.

Runes & Glyph

Runes & Glyph


12 Days Of Dragons

Starting on December 15th, for 12 days there will be a special value pack available for purchase each day that will contain a different currency or consumable, as well as a mystery fragment that you’ll be able to redeem in a 12 Days of Dragons Branch. If you purchase a certain number of packs, then you will receive additional free items by claiming them in the 12 Days of Dragons redemption branch. Be sure to check the in-game Store each day to see what items will be available! Prizes that can be claimed in the 12 Days of Dragons Redemption Branch include:

Holiday Leonid Portrait

Holiday Leonid

Holiday Zosha Portrait

Holiday Zosha

Winter Dwarf Skin

Winter Dwarf Skin

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