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The Champion of the Stygian Sea, and Death's Doctor join the Aftermath Season

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The Celestial Conflict spread across every plain, rock, crag, lea, and valley in Atlas. If people occupied the land, they were spared not. This was not true of the indomitable denizens of the unfathomable oceans. Unexplored, unexplained, and unexpected - the beasts that draw their power from the waves have been able to separate themselves from the Dirtborne, the people of the land. However, when the siege engines of man, and the victims of dragons made their way to once silent shores, the legends of the deep rose in response.

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Ocean Heart


The unconquerable sea

Heralded by the frozen winds of the Stygian Sea whistling through the crusty barnacles on his carapace, Barnov is feared and loved by the stolid, briny fishmongers of the Glaze. Barnov’s appearance on the shores means that the fish will be bountiful during the Hookhome Harvest. But, as any savvy seadog can tell you, Barnov always eats first.

When the Celestials’ armies started fishing to feed their warriors, they quickly depleted the fish population in the Stygian Sea forcing Barnov to take a stand in the conflict. Jaalkan convinced Barnov to join Xul’s Rebellion, thereby cutting off the food supply of the Celestial Northern Army forcing them to retreat in haste from Barnov’s shores

Legendary Ice Warrior


ENDLESS TIDE - Passive | Yellow

Dragon restores (8)% max HP every (5) seconds.

ENCRUST - Active | Blue | 1 Rage | 4s Duration | 3s Cooldown

Shield for (100)% of dragon’s max Max HP and deal (14)% of dragon’s Max HP in area

GEYSER - Active | White | 1 Rage | 3s Duration | 0s Cooldown

Dragon’s breath attack deals (250)% increased damage.

CALL OF THE DEEP - Active | White | 2 Rage | 0s Cooldown

Deals (16)% of dragon’s modified HP as damage to nearby towers and freezes them for (3) seconds.



Design Intent

Barnov is a stoic warrior able to shrug off many attacks.

Barnov starts an attack with Call from the Deep, a powerful area of effect spell that damages and stuns every tower on the island. At 2 rage, Call of the Deep has to be used carefully, so Barnov follows that spell with Geyser, a spell that costs only a single rage but greatly increases the dragon’s breath weapon damage.

Barnov blasts through towers using Geyser, prioritizing the destruction of blue mage towers. Once the island is clear of blue mages, Barnov can activate the powerful shield Encrust. Safely within this shield, the rest of the island should be no problem.

In a pinch, for example when faced with multiple blue mage towers or an impending hit with a dangerous super shot, Barnov can activate Call of the Deep a second time. Two uses of Call of the Deep on one island is expensive, but better than having to deal with a weakened dragon.

Even if Barnov has to use Call of the Deep twice on a single island or endure some damaging hits, the dragon is equipped with significant innate resistances and health. Furthermore, Barnov’s passive Endless Tide allows the dragon to recover meaningful amounts of health and rage between islands. Barnov is a dragon that can overcome a lot of punishment and still finish out a base.

Barnov would have stayed aloof from Xul’s rebellion if not for the mighty Jaalkan joining the rebel cause. With the rebel army scattered, Barnov has retreated to the sea, its home and source of power. Within the unconquerable sea, Barnov stands ready.

Portrait: Dro'Kai

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