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March's Dragon Lord Spotlight - Bulldog

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Bulldog chats about Diamond League and Tips for creating active teams.

When did you start playing War Dragons?

Around mid to late April 2015, I think.

What initially drew you to War Dragons?

I used to play a few little distracting games in my spare time at work. I can’t remember which game it was, but War Dragons popped up as one of those in-game “watch this video for more free energy” ads. It looked kind of cool so I downloaded it, and the rest is history.

Why have you stuck with the game?

Like many others up here in Diamond, I have experienced many ups and downs throughout my War Dragons career. With that said, the game is like crack. No matter how angry you are, or how much you’d love your free time back; you just keep coming back. I think it’s so addictive as you know every time you are not hitting an egg mission, or running some XP, you are missing out on advancing. Simply getting better is what keeps us going.

What is your current level and team?

As I write this I’m level 106, and my team is Equilibrium. We’re ranked no. 1 globally.Equilibrium Guild Portrait

What are some things you wish you knew when first beginning to play War Dragons?

When I started playing, Amoeba’s site never existed and damn I wish it did! I got caught in a spiral of bad breeding plans that still haunt me now. With new tiers continuing to come out, it makes you wish you had got “x” dragon instead of “y” dragon. So plan out your breeding path to what best suits who you want to get down the track!

The other tough part is mapping your base out as a newbie. It’s easy to throw up lightnings to try and defeat Amarok, when down the track high-level archers may be what’s required depending on your attacking foe’s resists.

What base building strategies have you personally been employing lately? How will they help you defend better at your level?

It’s really hard (/impossible) to be able to go back and trade in towers at this late stage, so I’m kind of “stuck” with what I have for a while yet. That sucks because I’d love to trade in my lvl 29 lightning for a lvl 29 archer! My main strategy at this point is watching replays, see what works, how people are getting through etc and trying to adjust accordingly.

You have to remember that all bases are beatable (currently), so you’ll never be indestructible. At the moment, I’m getting hit hard by Consurgens, Khyrsos, and Whalegnawer so I’m trying to adjust to suit defending versus them better. It’s also important to try and have a mix of towers. There’s no point filling your entire base with one kind of tower, or just having one type of strong tower. I’m focusing on trying to make my base balanced at the moment. At this point, it’s gearing up some archer towers to help compliment my base better.

What dragon are you going to be targeting in the next breeding event?

Well, I already have Consurgens and Khrysos, and I took a pretty direct route to both. With the next tier likely coming by mid year I’m moving towards some cheap back breeding (ie getting Munin for 3k tokens) so I can keep all breeding options open. Once I’ve done a few of these I’ll be set up to get most golds, at which time I’ll wait to see which dragons I’ll need to help breeding in next tier.

What is your current favorite event type and why?

I still love Blackbloods. It’s just a fun weekend of hitting up some bases. Even if you can clear them all yourself, it’s good to try and map out strategies for some of your lower level team mates based on what dragons they have in their roster.

What is your least favorite event type and why?

King of the Hill is by FAR my least favorite. Nothing worse than hitting up a Fort and taking 50% HP for it to fall to a team who took 0.7% HP. Its truly gutting after you’ve been hitting the Fort for on 3 hours or so and burned a tonne of energy trying to take it.

Editor’s Note: We’ve seen a lot of player feedback regarding the way forts are won in the King of the Hill event! We’ll be making adjustments to the way probability is weighted in future King of the Hill events. More details to come when the event makes its return!

If you could add one feature to the game, what would it be and why?

There are a few simple things that would be nice to see. I could create an epic list but here is one really easy one. A really simple change that I’d like to see implemented would be a top down view of your own base in order to move towers around (like that you see of opponents bases). It’s a lot easier to map out your own defense from this view, so it’d be nice to be able to adjust your base from it. Oh, and a war check roster! Nothing worse than trying to run through figuring out who has completed wars….

What your current goals within War Dragons?

Current goals are just to continue on pushing hard in events and simply just get better and grow as a player. That and help as best I can to maintain Eq’s dominance in Diamond. Dragons will always come in time, but through killing events and completing egg tokens is what will carry you further in the game.

What other games do you enjoy playing?

I’ll be completely honest; since starting playing War Dragons I have zero time for any other game. I grew up mad into Mario Kart and still love to bust it out from time to time.

When you're not playing War Dragons, what else do you love to do in your free time?

Free time outside of War Dragons? Are you kidding me?! Haha. I have a pretty extensive Jam room at my place, so guitar/bass give me sanity outside of the WD realm.

Can you describe some of the standout personalities on your team?

Oh man where to start! Rather than pick a few and miss someone I’ll just pick out one; FarmYouAlot. The guy is a beast in game; arguably one of the best fliers on Consurgens in the War Dragons realm. As his name suggests, he’ll farm anyone and usually enjoys playing after a few beverages which can add to his entertainment value. To most he can seem like a pretty aggressive cat, and he can be. But when it comes down to it he does so much for his team, and really tries to help everyone as best he can.

Annnnd I can’t forget Eq’s leader Jen. She’s a complete beast in game, and works stupidly hard for her teammates. I say stupidly because she’s known to not sleep during a tough war in order to defend.  The flip side of her sleep stupidity is the fact that she’s pretty switched on when it comes to building a solid team. After recently becoming an officer at Eq it’s given me great insight into how the leadership group works towards building and maintaining one of the best teams in the world.

What differentiates your team from others out there? Is there something you all have in common?

To be honest I’ve only ever been on two real teams from a good length of time; both Equilibrium and AncientsAscent so it’s hard to really comment on what other teams have or are lacking. To me, it’s the fact that there are 49 other people on Eq that are just as addicted as I am, and are willing to do anything to help each other out and have a fun time doing it. That’s the most important part. Activity, willingness to help your teammates, and just enjoying the social aspect of what the game brings.

How does your team motivate its members?

This is a tough one to answer, as many reading this are likely lower level Diamond, Platinum or below and it probably doesn’t apply. Eq has been ranked in the Top 3 in the world for a long time now, and has always strived to be successful, be it in events or in wars. We have a pretty simple policy of you put in what you get out. If you want to reap from the rewards of being the no. 1 team in the world, you need to contribute. You don’t contribute, you’re out. So I guess our way of motivating players is the simple fact of being a part of the no. 1 team in the world comes with always doing wars, always helping others, and pushing as best you can in events.

Equilibrium has been doing extremely well in events lately, what strategies do you contribute that to?

I stressed this on Twitch last month, but the real key is activity! Active players leads to success. You really don’t have to spend cash or be a lvl 200 player to push hard in a lot of events. Log in and use energy wisely during events for example (never let energy not be regenerating). Relying on 5 players to lug the majority of team points isn’t the way to win events. Sure it may be fine in gold leagues but as you progress your success will start to wane as you hit the higher leagues. You need everyone working together. Be smart, and play hard. We have a pretty strict policy on cutting dead weight, so if you’re not pushing hard enough you’re out.

Who's your favorite non-Equilibrium player in War Dragons? :)

Another tough one as I don’t want to miss anyone! My good mate Ang over at Outlaws is a great guy whom I have known for a long time in game. I still chat to some of my old AA members quiet a bit, I started the game with my Bash Brother MtnManRob who I still get along with really well. But one of the nicest and smartest guys in the game has to be JaqenAA. We chat probably 3-4 times a day even though we aren’t on the same team anymore. Has a great mind for events, breeding, and running those gold drags through bases. On top of all that; just a really nice guy.

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