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Android on the Horizon + Behind the Scenes of Our New Trailer!

Android on the Horizon

Spring is just around the corner, everyone! You know what that means: flowers blooming, birds singing and we’re one day closer to War Dragons Android!

When, you ask? Well… soon. We promise. Our team is working hard to bring dragon-y goodness to all of our Android brothers and sisters as soon as we can. Look for War Dragons to be dropping in the near future!

Update 2.04 will also be taking some major steps towards Android and iOS cross-platform play. Here’s some other things you can expect to see with 2.04:Rune_Frames_Diamond\orginal\1@2x~ipad.png.png

  • Started implementing our next big event!
  • Re-calculated attack/defense power to include Runes.
  • Added a bit of visual magic to the event island.
  • Improved our cheater-detection.
  • Fixed: Resources, attack/defense power, medals, and more will now display decimals.
  • Fixed: Buildings showing up as scaffolding for too long.
  • Fixed: Morrigan portrait will now unlock for players who purchase an elite account.
  • Fixed: Health bars will no longer appear above towers with 100% health.

Events- Conquer the World

The armory is open, the battle lines are drawn and the dragons are thirsty for battle. It’s time for this weekend’s event, Conquer the World! Play real-time co-op with your team to conquer and hold territories.

You'll need energy and keys to help you and your team conquer land. Earn prizes when you purchase a value pack or when you destroy monuments in your attacks. Keys open the chest that give you the chance to earn rewards like resources and boosts and other goodies that you will need for this event. New items include energy chests that will restore your energy to full and the Inner Fire Spells that will increase how much land you steal by 100%! Unlock these rewards to help you conquer your enemy's territory!

One thing to keep in mind, due to an issue with the 2.04 update, all consumables found in Armory chests (such as Inner Fire) will need to be collected by exiting the Armory and tapping on the green chest where you normally collect your team prizes.

Lunar New Year

It’s the Lunar New Year! With it comes the powerful and mysterious Meridian. What does the sudden reappearance of this ancient lunar dragon mean? We can only guess it has something to do with fire and destruction. Read more below...

Behind the Scenes of our Live Action Trailer

Have you seen our latest trailer, The Fire’s Ash, yet? Pretty sweet, right!? If you want to get a little behind-the-scenes look at how it was made, today is your lucky day. Check out these set photos from the trailer shoot.

<iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560"></iframe>





Get the lowdown on a brand new event type with Pixxel on our next War Dragons Weekly! We can’t reveal too much just yet, but we do suggest getting those lower tier dragons ready for battle!

War Dragons Weekly


3 PM - 4 PM Pacific

11 PM - 12 AM GMT

Upcoming Contests

Head over to the War Dragons Facebook and Twitter pages on Monday to participate in Round 2 of DRAGONFIGHT.

Each round, two dragons will face off head-to-head. It’s your job to cheer on your favorite and tell us why your pick would win! Random participants will also be selected to win an in-game gift, so make sure you get in on this.

This week, Draco was pit against Leviathan, and your winner was clearly… DRACO!

DRAGONFIGHT Results Rd 1.png

You’re also invited to the Dragon Tavern on the War Dragons Forums for more contest opportunities! Our first art contest closes today, but you can view the work of fellow Dragon Lords here. Winners will be announced soon!

Community Spotlight

We’ll leave you this week with another piece of art from the talented @_Dark_Deity_. It’s not a dragon from our game, but we love it anyway.

If you’ve got something you want us to share, give us a roar on Twitter or Facebook or the forums!

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