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5 Hidden Talents That You Didn’t Know Dragons Had

While building War Dragons, we realized that dragons are majestic and lethal creatures that are shrouded in mystery. They call to mind things like fire, flight, disdain of princesses, powerful spells, love of gold, and Benedict Cumberbatch. But for as much as we know about dragons, there’s still a ton we still don’t understand.

Our team has spent countless hours creating hundreds of different dragons with unique designs, power sets and genealogies. During this process, we’ve unearthed many new facts about dragons that were previously unknown to the world. Without further ado, we’d like share some of these hidden dragon talents with you.

Dodo is amazing at slam poetry

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Like all sorcerer dragons, Dodo relies more on spells than on strength or flames to take down opponents. But that doesn’t mean he can’t spit hot fire.


You wouldn’t guess it from his fumbling exterior, but beneath Dodo’s slack-jawed beak lies the mind of a prolific slam poet. Getting his start in Chicago in the early ‘90s, Dodo quickly gained recognition for his razor-ship verses and ruthless delivery. Don’t believe us? See this excerpt from his award-winning performance at the 1998 National Poetry Slam.

“This dragon spits hot fire, and I don’t mean steam or heat

I’m talking napalm songs so caustic that you’ll miss them if you blink

I don’t even have a nose but I can tell your verses stink

Your style’s more dead than me and this dodo bird’s extinct”

Daemun is adept at getting out of awkward conversations

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We’ve all been there before. You’re at a party and you broach an awkward topic with someone you don’t really know. One thing leads to another and all of the sudden you’re on the receiving end of an impassioned tirade about why cats are smarter than dogs or how gluten-free diets can save the world.

Uncomfortable and unavoidable, right? Not if you’re Daemun. As a hunter dragon, Daemun is an expert at stealth and is generally very sneaky. This allows Daemun to slide out of any unwanted conversation before the other person realizes that they’ve been talking to an empty cheese platter for 15 minutes.


It’s Daemun’s spells, however, that allow him to truly navigate any social setting with ease. Accidentally ask your uncle about politics at Thanksgiving? If you were Daemun you need only use your Self Destruct spell and you’ll be out of any conversation instantly.

Gaspar is a mediocre knitter

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Undead dragons like Gaspar and Bolt get a bad rap. Sure, they’re unholy monsters who are fond of using spells like Vampiric Touch and Havoc, but there’s a lot more to them once you peel back the layers.

For instance, Gaspar the spectral dragon is actually really fond of knitting. Be it Wift or Warp, Gaspar can often be found knitting a new scarf or winter beanie for a friend.


Is he good at it? Well…. beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you ever receive a misshapen pair of mittens from Gaspar, we’d recommend just taking them and smiling. We did mention his Vampiric Touch, right?

Ith can bring down the house with karaoke (Queen covers only)

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No one can deny that three heads are better than one. Ith, the tri-skulled epic warrior dragon, is living proof of this. With his sizable health levels and powerful spells like Battle Cry and Explosive Shield, Ith can be used to bring down archer towers, ballistas and trebuchets.

However, Ith’s powerful vocal cords and three heads are way more useful for bringing down the house in karaoke. The only drawback is that Ith refuses to sing anything but Queen on stage.


You haven’t really lived until you’ve seen Ith’s one-dragon rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody, harmonized passionately in a dim and smoky karaoke bar. After a couple drinks, Ith has also been known to dip into Killer Queen and Under Pressure.

Just don’t ask him to sing Freebird or you’ll see the true power of his Battle Cry.

Kinarra is really good at riding tandem bicycles

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Everyone knows that sorcerer dragons depend on spells to dominate the skies of the War Dragons’ universe. This is the case with Kinarra, the first epic dragon that most players are able to breed.

With her Chain Lightning, Storm Resist and Summon Warrior abilities, Kinarra is an offensive force to be reckoned with. It’s that last spell, however, that serves Kinarra the most. With her Summon Warrior spell, Kinarra forces other dragons to help her demolish her enemies. This also comes in handy when Kinarra wants to ride bicycles in style.


That’s right, when she’s not enslaving the will of dragons to help destroy bases, Kinarra enjoys making them ride on the back of her tandem bicycle and do most of the pedaling. Look for her riding leisurely through your next block party, farmer’s market or awkward first date.

We hope that this list helped shine some light on the often-misunderstood world of dragons. Should you wish to learn more about dragons and even command some of your own, please check out War Dragons (if you haven’t already) on iOS and coming soon to Android!

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