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If you’ve spent any time hanging around our Twitter or Facebook recently, you may have noticed a growing amount of dragon-on-dragon violence. We’re talking, of course, about DRAGONFIGHT!!

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March Madness has nothing on DRAGONFIGHT. Each week, we’re letting players vote on who would win in a hypothetical fight between two dragons. We’re also giving out sweet prizes to participants, so what are you waiting for?

Here’s a quick recap to those who haven’t been following...

Week 1

Winner: Draco!

Week 2

Winner: Hext!

Week 3


Art Contest Recap

Speaking of contests, we also held our very first community art contest on the forums recently. Everyone was able to submit one drawing of a dragon for the chance to win some sweet sweet rubies. We got a bunch of awesome submissions but had to settle on three winners. Congrats to the dragon artists who won!

3rd place: Bencho

2nd place: MachATK

1st place: ALD

Check out the full contest here!

Events- Fortification Frenzy

To quote Arnold Schwarzenegger (from some other game), “the best defense is a good defense.” In the spirit of the governator, this weekend’s event is Fortification Frenzy!

Starting today, we're going to be doing Fortification Frenzy with a twist. Players will be able to find resources in chests and resource production will be doubled and tripled at random times throughout the events. Players can find out when by checking the in-game event menu or our twitter page.

Attacks during this event will also bring even more rewards.

Ballista Updates

As many of you may know, several months ago we increased ballista strength to make them a more competitive tower. However, after looking at game data and player feedback, it’s clear that ballistas are not pulling their weight, and are still an inferior option relative to other high damage towers.

As a result, we will be increasing ballista damage significantly, and ballista super-shot damage slightly, as well as shortening poison length (so full damage is dealt sooner). Ballistas will now be the highest total damage option by a moderate margin, although of course because the damage is over time, dragons will have more options to deal with that damage and/or deal damage before they are shot down. We expect the change to go live in the next few weeks.


War Dragons Weekly


3 PM - 4 PM Pacific

11 PM - 12 AM GMT

Community Spotlight

This week’s community highlight comes from DrunkenPyro on Twitter, who was showing off their kickass Gustav poster!

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