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Spring Season Introduction

Dragon Lords, the Spring Season has begun!

As you participate in events until June 6, you will be earning Spring Destiny Sigils in Individual and Team Prizes, as well as in Bronze and Gold Chests!
Use Sigils to claim prizes in the Seasons tab and progress through the branches of your choosing.
Currently, two of the three primary branches are available, featuring a Fae, a Divine Sorcerer dragon, and Sage, a Divine Warrior Dragon.

For the first time, a bonus fourth branch is available, featuring a demonic Divine Warrior named Abraxxas.
He will be playing an important role in the lore of War Dragons...

To celebrate his introduction, Abraxxas and his branch will be claimable for 50% fewer Spring Destiny Sigils until March 21.

When I think of a nightmare come to life, my thoughts drift to the tales of Abraxxas. The nations and empires all banded together to wage war with Abraxxas. Decades and countless lives were spent as we fought with everything we had to bring down the “King of Demon Dragons”. But even in victory, we could not slay it. We could only convince Abraxxas to rest, and slumber deep in the heart of the earth. Deep beneath the lava, far beneath the flames, Abraxxas sleeps in peace.

But when Kharnyx wakes Abraxxas, there will be only destruction.

— Lorekeeper Ku

Along with new dragons, new portraits and hats will be available in the prize branches!




  • A Divine Hunter Dragon with additonal cosmetics will be released later in the season.
  • An Emerald Evolution Stone is available for each of the Divine Dragons, but isn't available to use until Emerald Tier is released.
  • Similarly to previous seasons, obtaining the highest Evolution Stone for the three primary Divine Dragons is required to unlock the Mythic Hunter Divine Dragon.
  • A new chest type will appear at the end of the Spring Season and will be available at the same cost of Gold Chests. They will have double the drop chance for Spring Destiny Sigils and an increased amount of all other items normally found in Gold Chests. Gold chests will not be included in the double drop rate event, and will maintain the same drop rates throughout the entire season.


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