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Atlas Upcoming Launch Announcement

War Dragons Atlas Expansion


Dragon Lords,

There are those who have been waging endless battles across the high seas. You have ruthlessly conquered territory and expelled Dragon Poachers from the waters. You have built up massive fleets and formed alliances with fellow teams. And some have been backstabbed.

For many more, this world and its legendary map were out of reach, but each day you marched closer. You have clamored to make your mark on these lands, and we have heard you.

Today, we look ahead together at Atlas — a world to explore and conquer, unlike any ever seen before.



Atlas expands on what we all love about War Dragons — our dragons, our teams, and setting everything aflame. 
Atlas brings that world to life.

The Atlas map is a massive 3D land for you and your team to explore. Work together to build dragon-led forces and construct strategic defences to hold your ground. Lend your troops to another teammate in need and coordinate to dominate your realm.



Take down enemy Dragon Poachers to rid this evil from from your land. But be wary — their bounty is lucrative and you may find another team has set off to dispatch them. Build stronger defenses, breed more powerful dragons, and craft unique gear for a Dragon Rider with their loot.

Will you engage in conflict, find another approach, or cede the treasure to enemy hands? These choices will be yours to make as you forge your path and story within Atlas.



The most dangerous thing one can do in Atlas is to become complacent. As the seasons shift, so too will your friends and enemies; trust is important but beware the friend who becomes your enemy. Respond to maintain your power, or another team may spot an opening and seize their moment for control.



We are excited to announce that Atlas will be ready to explore and conquer starting in mid-October.

This will be a rolling-release, beginning with the current Beta testers, then expanding each week until we accommodate all Platinum teams.


To celebrate, we are also hosting an Atlas Launch Party for Dragon Lords to come together with our team in the San Francisco Bay Area on October 27th.
Please fill out this form to indicate your interest in attending as space at the venue is limited.
(All attendees must be 21+.)

We realize that not all will be able to make the journey, but we want to celebrate with you, too!

All US-based Dragon Lords are invited to participate in our “Share Your World - Atlas Launch Contest.” One winner and their guest will be flown to San Francisco for a two-night stay. Meet and mingle with our team and attend our this memorable event! Click here for details on how to enter. Entries close September 22 so don’t delay getting your submission in!

Outside of the US? Stay connected with us on FacebookTwitterTwitch, and YouTube for updates on how you can participate in the fun. We strive to make this event as inclusive as possible — each of you has helped create this.

Discuss the upcoming launch with us on social media! Use the hashtag #WDAtlasLaunch to join in!

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