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From the Lights and Marigolds Emerges Morta and Amalia to join the Souldance!

Dark offerings and deals made by moonlight are just some of the things you can expect during Souldance. While millions are out honoring the dead, others are satiating the death-dealers. What nether deal is Amalia, the Midnight Dancer, making in the hallowed graveyards? Do you join in on her dance or do you watch from afar? That sudden gust of air, is that just the wind or were your offerings to Morta… insufficient.

Morta and Amalia join the festivities of Souldance. Learn more about The Midnight Dancer and the Wyrm of Offerings!

Wyrm of Offerings

Give unto the wyrm, and hope for mercy.

When the dread creature Morta is sighted somewhere, the gossip spreads like fire. Every little farming town, fishing village, or bustling city in the region will curtail their nighttime activities for some time, to be safe. Offerings of food and flowers are then left out in crossroads and on sturdy rooftops each darkening twilight. People sit quietly in their homes deep into the night, listening for the rustle of this dragon’s wings and the scrape of its tail along their walls. Each bright morning the offerings are checked: if they remain, Morta did not come to them, or worse, Morta instead found another, more pleasing and living offering during the night.

Legendary Wind Sorcerer


  • DEATH’S HEAD- Active, cycles between Send Off and Set Free

    • SEND OFF- Active | White | 0 Rage
      Fires a projectile that damages an automatically chosen tower for (50)% of dragon’s modified HP as damage. Dragon restores (1) rage. Deals a (10%) of its HP in damage to towers near the target.

    • SET FREE- Active | White | 1 Rage
      Fires a projectile that damages an automatically chosen tower for (10)% of dragon’s modified HP as damage. Dragon heals for (30)% of its modified hp HP on cast and restores (1) rage. Deals a (30%) of its HP in damage to towers near the target. 5 second cooldown.

  • BUTTERFLY EFFECT - Active | White | 3 Rage
    Summons beams of light every (0.5) seconds to damage towers. Each beam deals (10)% of the dragon's modified HP. 5 second duration.

  • WING GUST - Active | White | 1 Rage
    Destroys all mid-air projectiles and stuns nearby towers for (1) second.

  • DARK FLAK RESIST - Passive

Runes and Glyphs

Design Intent and Strategy:

Morta is a damage-focused sorcerer who believes that offense is the best defense. 

Morta’s main ability is the two-stage spell: Death’s Head. The spell’s first cast fires a projectile at a predetermined tower, dealing high damage to the target. The spell’s second cast heals Morta and fires another projectile at a predetermined tower, this time dealing high AOE damage around the target. 

Additionally, each cast of Death’s Head restores some rage, allowing Morta to pick off key threats while building rage towards its most powerful spell: Butterfly Effect. When cast, a powerful lightning storm is summoned which heavily damages random towers over the storm’s duration. Butterfly Effect is extremely powerful, and can easily finish off an island weakened by Death’s Head’s AOE damage. Such destruction comes at a cost, however. Butterfly Effect costs a lot of rage, and Morta must carefully manage this resource to be successful. 

Mage Towers are Morta’s natural enemy, but the dragon comes prepared with Wing Gust, which briefly stuns all nearby towers and destroys all mid-air projectiles. If timed correctly, Wing Gust can block Mage tower supershots and Morta can continue building towards Butterfly Effect.

Portrait: Oxis Mortalis

Midnight Dancer

Defensive Rider

Crafting Shards Elements: Wind / Dark / Ice

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