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Nydryr available until Summer Season Ends!

Dragon Lords,

We'd first like to share a huge, "Thank You!" to everyone in the community that helped bring Nydryr to life.

From the initial visual design and voting rounds back in April, to the participation of submitting and voting on spells and lore in July, you have helped create a special War Dragon!

Duskbreaker's submission was selected as the winner by popular vote.

Nydryr will be available starting today through the end of the Summer Season!

Nyrdyr will be available in the rotating seasonal branch. Unlike the other Divine Dragons, Nydryr will start in Red Tier, and evolution stones will be available to unlock through Emerald Tier.

To help with planning for the remainder of the season, please refer to the following table with total sigil amounts needed to bring Nydryr versus a primary branch divine to the different tiers. 


Item Unlocked Total Sigils Needed Primary Divine - Sigils Needed
Unlock Nydryr, Red Tier 100
Purple Evolution Stone 250
Blue Evolution Stone 600
Orange Evolution Stone 1,200 1,550
Green Evolution Stone 2,050 2,970
Gold Evolution Stone 5,210 8,060
Platinum Evolution Stone 7,330 10,710
Sapphire Evolution Stone 11,080 17,020
Garnet Evolution Stone 13,430 20,120
Emerald Evolution Stone 16,890 28,410


To see Nydryr in flight, check out this short gameplay video:

Please check back shortly to see the winners of the random giveaway from the voting round!


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