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November 2018 Dragon Lord Spotlight - xxxDUNKxxx

Dragon Lord Spotlight - xxxDUNKxxx


Next up for our monthly Dragon Lord Spotlights is xxxDUNKxxx, an esteemed player from the Diamond League! Dunk was also a recent attendee of the Dragons Summit, and talks about his time at the event in our Q&A below.


Read on to learn more about all about an expert Dragons player!



Dragon Lord Spotlight: xxxDUNKxxx

Celestial Male Portrait

When did you start playing War Dragons?

I started playing War Dragons after I returned from an Army Deployment about 2 years ago.

What is your current level, team, and league?

Current level is 507, NoMercyOrder, Diamond I.

What initially drew you to War Dragons?

Strategy, competitiveness, friends...and most of all, the love for Dragons!

Out of all the various things to do in the game, such as collecting dragons, building up a powerful base, forming powerful guilds, ect., what’s been your favorite aspect and why?

I would have to say the dragons. Getting a new dragon and learning all the skills that come with it can be challenging and exciting. Gaining the experience with these dragons as growth moving forward is key.

Anyone who’s anyone in War Dragons knows of the infamous NoMercyOrder. What’s it like to be a standing member in such a well-known Diamond Team?

NoMercyOrder is a team that has one of the best bonds in the game. I love the teamwork, cohesion, and morale displayed in our team. It’s a great honor to serve as an active member and officer. A note to all players: We are all here to have fun and grow together as War Dragons has shown many War Lords the ability to lead, conquer, and become one, no matter what country we may be from.


What does a typical PVP event look like for NoMercyOrder? How do you organize as a team to achieve 1st place in so many events?

As far as a typical PVP, we strive and push hard to compete with our competition. Teamwork is the ultimate key. Without teamwork, any event will be tough to accomplish. Organization is very time consuming as the leadership prepares strategies. It can be overwhelming at times, but this is one thing that makes the end result of any event worthwhile.


Who are some of the standout personalities you like to play with and why?

  • Wizardrocks - He has been a great mentor and leader to many players.

  • Ultranexus - Taught me patience and understanding.

  • Pabloescobart - Long time friend that grew with me and one hell of a hunter flier!

  • Grumpy - Teaches all players the values within War Dragons. Spends countless hours working with teammates.

  • Loe - Started at the bottom together and we both always push and care about people.

  • Harvinator - Outstanding mentor. A calm and caring addition to NMO.


What are your current goals within War Dragons?

The most current goal I have in the game is to achieve something that most everyone be the best! Dragons are always the main goal overall, including maxing them, getting that first chance to fly them, and learning their abilities.


We know that you’re a seasoned player with tons of experience at this point in time. What are some things you wish you knew when you first beginning to play War Dragons? Do you have any tips for newer players?

I wish I had a mentor that showed me the ropes with the base layout overall. Knowing the abilities of the towers and runes would have been a huge help. My advice to any player would be to try to find someone that has been around and listen. Take advice from multiple sources before just doing it without really having the knowledge.

What is the best piece of advice you can offer to a veteran War Dragons player?

Do not become stagnant as the game moves forward. Set a goal and work towards it.


You recently attended the War Dragons Summit, a special event with the Dragons team where attendees could discuss all things War Dragons. What was your experience like attending the Summit?

Attending the summit was amazing. I got to meet War Dragons employees, other team players, and some members of the Creators Faction. It was an honor to discuss all the different aspects of the game as we shared information that was crucial to the players of War Dragons. I believe the Summit was good for both the players and the War Dragons team. Communication between both parties is a very valuable asset to maintain. Thanks to the War Dragon team for having us attend.

What were some of your biggest takeaways from the Summit? Are there learnings you can bring back to the team or other players?

Absolutely, the Summit provided information on topics that need to be discussed. This information is for both the player and staff as it will help improve the game tremendously. Seeing both sides of the spectrum will always bring some enlightenment for the future of the game. I explained to many players that the staff of War Dragons are constantly working to improve any flaws or issues.

What was your favorite thing you got to experience at the Summit, or members of the Dragons team you had a chance to chat with?

I would say the suggestions from the War Dragons team and players when it comes to the future of Atlas. Suggestions being placed on the table for consideration were great to hear and contribute to. Tossing these ideas around to staff would gain some new possibilities along with input from us on their ideas.

When you’re not playing War Dragons, what else do you like to do in your free time?

LOL. War Dragons is the main interest honestly. I do ride my Harley and love my beer. That’s about all that interest me.


If you had a team of your three favorite War Dragons you could ride across the sky (regardless of skill), which ones would be in your squad?

Currently, it would be Itzani, Jotun, and Jormungandr.


If people want to connect with you online or in-game, what is the best way for them to do so?

Send me a message (PM) in-game! Outside of game, I have LINE app, but it’s only for those that I come to know and trust.


Final Question! What’s your favorite Duskfall Season Dragon and why?

Pathox as of right now. I will be watching the new mythic dark warrior [Aristrat] as I have not seen their potential yet.



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