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Eldritch Legendaries Venture into Battle from the Dark Corners of the World

Eldritch Tier Legendaries Announce

Feel the Darkness tugging at your Soul


The Legendary Eldritch Dragons arrive this week in War Dragons! Some say that madness is a window to a world too chaotic for mortal minds to understand. But to those who’ve already descended into it, the release brings freedom and power. Are you ready to succumb to madness with Yetin, Annelid, Vexa, Caldur, Caeryss, and Glossia, or will you harness them as your own?


Join Arelyna as she flies the new Eldritch Dragons live on stream this week! Catch the show on Twitch this Wednesday, February 5th, at 3pm PT.


Eldritch Tier Logo

Obtaining the Eldritch Legendaries


These 6 dragons will release at a cost of 1400 Egg Shards per dragon. Each dragon will be able to be incubated at incubator level 16 and player level 468. The dragons can be experted at Dragon Level 40, Dragons Den level 115, and player level 477. Players will be unable to expert their dragons until Den Level 115 releases at a later date.


Tier-Based Discounting


With the release of the Eldritch Tier, we’ll be making some updates to Tier-based Discounting in order to smooth out the costs to progress from Red to Eldritch Tier. Just like previous tier releases, Breeding Token, Food, Experience, and incubation time costs will also be reduced proportionally. However, as before, the eggs and time required for research will not be reduced.


The following discounts will go into effect:

War Dragons - Tier Based Discounting


*  As some may have noticed, the cost of the previous tier is also being reduced this time. Please note that this is neither in error, nor is it necessarily the new normal for future tiers.


New Research Tasks


Additionally, there will also be a new combination of Base-related and Dragon-related Research tasks that will become available in the Research Hall at the same time that Eldritch Dragons are available in-game. Here’s a look at what you can expect for new tasks:

 War Dragons New Research Tiers


All additional Research Tasks will require 15-40 Emerald Eggs to begin researching.



War Dragons - Yetin

Wooly Dragon 

War Dragons - Yetin

A prehistoric beast, rarely seen. Its weatherproof fur makes it an adept flier


Yetin dragons are so rarely seen that in the Stygian Glaze the phrase “going to find a Yetin” has become a byword for a useless trip, similar to “wild goose chase” being used in warmer climes. Recruiting expedition members has therefore become very difficult and involves a lot of laughter for Dragon Lords who truly wish to find and tame one of these dragons.


Legendary Ice Warrior


Breeding Pair: Cerberath (Lv 16) & Marlis (Lv 12)



  • Spell Flux - Active | White | 2 Rage

    • Destroys target tower (prioritizing mage towers), and deals area damage to nearby buildings. 1 second cooldown.

  • Bloodfury - Active | Blue | 1 Rage

    • Instantly grants 3 rage and slows the dragon's rage regeneration by 90% for 4 seconds. Destroying a tower while Bloodfury is active heals the dragon for 20% of its modified HP. 4 second cooldown.

  • Terror of the Peaks - Active | Cycle

    • Activate to cycle between Abominable Roar and Abominable Breath.

      • Abominable Roar - Active | Red  | 1Rage

        Freezes all towers within range for 3.5 seconds, damages them for 4% of the dragon's modified HP, and clears all mid-air projectiles. Towers take 25% additional damage from all sources after being frozen.
      • Abominable Breath - Active | White | 0 Rage

        Dragon's breath attack deals 100% increased damage for 3 seconds. 5 second cooldown.
  • Ice Resist - Passive | Yellow

    • Reduces incoming damage from Ice Turret and Ice Flak towers by 70%.


Design Intent:

Yetin is a durable warrior that focuses on debuffing and bursting enemy towers. Yetin’s primary spell, Terror of the Peaks, has two stages. Abominable Roar will damage and freeze all nearby towers, destroy any mid-air projectile, and cause the affected towers to take increased damage. After casting Abominable Roar, Abominable Breath will become available, which will massively increase Yetin’s breath damage for a short duration. Yetin also has Spell Flux, which is best used to destroy enemy mage towers and enable the dragon’s colored spells. Finally, Yetin has Bloodfury, which will provide the dragon with the rage it needs to cast Spell Flux and frequently cycle through Terror of the Peaks.



War Dragons - Annelid

Void Leech

War Dragons  - Annelid

A beautiful egg was dipped into the screaming Void and a monster was hatched.


Some monsters from the unknowable Void slip into the world of Atlas, seeking either prey or power. Others are made by subjecting dragon eggs to the roiling evil of the Void. Annelid was hatched from one of these eggs, becoming something not truly of the Void nor of Atlas.


Legendary Wind Invoker


Breeding Pair: Ladron (Lv 16) & Daegon (Lv 12)



  • Lightning Storm - Active | White | 2 Rage

    • Summons a cloud that shoots lightning bolts every 0.5 seconds for 5 seconds, each dealing 5.5% of Dragon HP to buildings in range.

  • Magic Barrier - Active | White | 0 Rage

    • Dragon becomes immune to all incoming damage for 3.5 seconds. Also blocks Mage Tower's supershot rage drain/freeze effects. 5 second cooldown.

  • Invoke: Lightning - Passive | Yellow

    • Deals 35% of dragon’s modified HP as damage to targeted tower, then bounces up to 2 additional towers.

  • Regenerate - Active | Blue | 0 Rage

    • Heals 31% of dragons max HP over the 2 seconds. 4 second cooldown.

Design Intent:

Annelid is a well-rounded Invoker that utilizes both its breath attack and powerful spell-casts. Annelid’s empowered attack is Invoke: Lightning, which will fire a chain-lightning bolt at the targeted tower and two other random towers. Annelid’s go-to combo is to damage three separate towers with its normal breath attack and then aim Invoke: Lightning to finish off the three towers you just damaged. To further synergize with Annelid’s empowered attack, the dragon has Lightning Storm, which fires 10 damaging lightning bolts at randomly-chosen nearby towers. Lightning Storm won’t be able to destroy an entire island, but the spell should easily allow Annelid to finish off any damaged towers with Invoke: Lightning. Annelid’s main defensive spell is Magic Barrier, which blocks mage tower supershots and briefly makes the dragon invincible. Finally, Annelid has Regenerate, which will heal Annelid for a moderate amount of health over a short duration.


War Dragons - Vexa

Menace of the Depths

War Dragons  - Vexa

It hunts by sound and its carapace is iron-hard.


The insectile being known as Vexa is one of the most lethal horrors found deep underground. Dwarves remember this dragon well from the total destruction of one of their ancient cities centuries ago, and humans have long forgotten it even existed, until now.


Legendary Dark Sorcerer


Breeding Pair: Ladron (Lv 16) & Bilge (Lv 12)



  • Explosive Carapace - Active | White | 1 Rage

    • Dragon gains a shield for 60% of its modified HP. After 2 seconds, or if the shield is broken, the shield will explode and damage all nearby towers for 26% of the dragon's modified HP. 4 second cooldown.

  • Sonic Screech - Active | Red | 1 Rage

    • Damages nearby towers and reduces their damage by 35% for the rest of battle. 3 second cooldown.

  • Quake - Active | White | 1 Rage

    • Stuns all towers in a radius for 6 seconds. 3 second cooldown.

  • Summon Drone - Active | White | 0 Rage

    • Summons an AI-controlled warrior dragon that has 90% of the dragon's modified HP as health. Summoned dragon's breath attack deals no damage. Can only be cast if no Summoned Drone is already active.


Design Intent:

Vexa is a well-rounded sorcerer with a mix of AOE damage, debuffing power, and tankiness. Vexa’s primary offensive spell is Explosive Carapace, which briefly shields the dragon and then explodes for a large amount of damage. Vexa also has Sonic Screech, which will reduce all nearby towers’ damage for the rest of battle. Vexa’s primary defensive skill is Summon Drone, which will summon an AI-controlled warrior dragon with a large amount of health. The drone will not attack or damage any towers. Instead, it will fly ahead of Vexa and absorb incoming damage. Vexa’s drones will likely die throughout the battle, so be sure to resummon them whenever they expire. To help protect against any rage-draining effects, Vexa has Quake, which will freeze any towers in a small target area for a long duration. Vexa fliers can either preemptively freeze mage towers to lock out their supershots or knock the rage-draining projectiles out of the air with skilled timing.

War Dragons - Caldur

Thermal Rock Dragon

War Dragons - Caldur

This golem's heated core never cools. Its rock skin constantly vents steam.


There is extensive, one might even say heated, debate among dragon researchers about the true nature of Caldur. One faction maintains this is an elemental, natural dragon, born of the earth itself. Another group of academics and researchers, headed by the famous Reginald, instead argue that Caldur’s origins and power are not of this world at all.


Legendary Fire Warrior


Breeding Pair: Medysus (Lv16) & Marlis (Lv 12)



  • Magmatic Assault - Active | White | 0 Rage Toggle

    • Can be toggled on/off. While active, drains 0.5 Rage per second, gaining a shield that reduces all incoming damage by 30% and granting the dragon +150% increased breath damage. No cooldown.

  • Slag Blast - Active | White | 1 Rage

    • Destroys target tower (prioritizing Mage Towers) and refunds 1 rage on-cast. 5 second cooldown

  • Smokescreen - Active | White | 1 Rage

    • Dragon cloaks for 2 seconds and flies slower. Upon uncloaking, dragon deals 6% of its modified HP as damage to nearby towers. 4 second cooldown.

  • Bloodfury - Active | Blue | 1 Rage

    • Instantly grants 3 rage and slows the dragon's rage regeneration by 90% for 4 seconds. Destroying a tower while Bloodfury is active heals the dragon for 20% of its modified HP. 4 second cooldown.


Design Intent:

Caldur is a rage-intensive warrior that relies on frequent spell casts to survive in battle. Caldur’s primary offensive and defensive spell is Magmatic Assault. While toggled on, Caldur spends rage over time to gain increased Breath damage and damage resistance. Caldur’s other offensive spell is Slag Blast, which will fire a deadly projectile at a predetermined tower. Slag Blast costs one rage to cast and refunds one rage on use, so Caldur has a consistent means of single-target destruction provided the dragon isn’t completely rage-drained. To help evade mage tower supershots, Caldur has Smokescreen, which will briefly cloak the dragon and damage nearby towers upon uncloaking. To fuel this constant spell-casting, Caldur has Bloodfury, which nets two rage on cast and heals Caldur whenever a building is destroyed. Caldur is all about rage management. Minimize the active time on Magmatic Assault and only turn it on right before you take a big hit. Smokescreen is Caldur’s only means of avoiding rage drain effects, so always keep one rage in reserve to quickly react to a defender’s supershots.


War Dragons - Caeryss

The Unceasing Tide

War Dragons  - Caeryss

Imbued with a mythic venom, this dragon is nearly invisible when underwater.


A few times every generation or so, there is a Dragon Lord desperate enough to look to the monsters of the deep sea for a solution to the catastrophe they face. Whether their island-kingdom has been ravaged by a long war, or they were overthrown by an usurper, or some other disaster, it takes dire straits indeed to attempt to call upon Caeryss, for the payment may be worse than whatever plagues the Dragon Lord.


Legendary Ice Hunter


Breeding Pair: Medysus (Lv 16) & Daegon (Lv 12)



  • Envenom - Active | White | 1 Rage

    • Dragon gains 125% increased breath damage for 4 seconds and poisons towers. Poisoned towers take 7.5% of dragon's modified HP as damage each second for 2 seconds. No cooldown.

  • Flash - Active | Blue | 1 Rage

    • Dragon slows down to 50% movement speed and blinds all nearby towers in order to dodge all non-beam tower attacks for 4.25 seconds. 3 second cooldown.

  • Reconstitute - Active | White | 1 Rage

    • Dragon restores 15% of its modified HP on cast and recovers 50% of its Hunter ammo. 6 second cooldown.

  • Undertow - Passive | Yellow

    • Dragon's breath attack causes towers to take 20% increased damage, and dragon has 75% increased rage generation.


Design Intent:

Caeryss is an aggressive hunter whose spell kit is built around supporting its breath attack. Caeryss’s primary offensive spell is Envenom, which increases the dragon’s breath damage and causes its attacks to poison towers. To go alongside the breath damage buff, Caeryss has Reconstitute, which instantly reloads a portion of the dragon’s ammo and restores health on cast. Instead of a resist, Caeryss has the Undertow passive, which empowers the dragon’s breath attack to cause towers to take increased damage. Undertow’s bonus damage will stack with the bonus breath damage from Envenom and increase any poison damage as well. Caeryss’s only defensive spell is Flash, which will dodge all non-beam attacks for a short duration. Caeryss’s success lies in predicting the dragon’s damage output. Between two breath-enhancing effects and a poison DoT, Caeryss will shred through towers. Try to learn how many breaths attacks are needed to destroy towers in various situations, so any attack inputs can easily become “fire and forget.”


War Dragons - Glossia

Crystal Web Dragon

War Dragons  - Glossia

Delicate, web-like wings let this dragon gracefully and silently soar in the clouds.


Glossia has long been worshipped by a succession of cults, who use crystals and strange, colorful murals in their rituals. It is unknown whether this worship is well-received by Glossia or done entirely in vain.


Legendary Earth Sorcerer


Breeding Pair: Cerebrath (Lv16) & Bilge (Lv 12)



  • Crystalize - Active | White | 0 Rage

    • Freezes all nearby towers for 4 seconds and damages them for 12% of the dragon's modified HP. Towers take 150% bonus damage after being frozen. Can only be used once.

  • Fracture - Active | White | 1 Rage

    • Deals 2,500% of dragon's attack power as damage to all towers in target area. 2 second cooldown.

  • Spell Weaving - Passive | Yellow

    • Steals Crystal Tomb, Prismatic Lights, or Reflection, based on which tower is destroyed. Restores 1 rage when the tower is destroyed

      • Crystal Tomb - Active | Red | 1 Rage

        Freezes all towers in target area for 2.5 seconds and damages them for 8% of dragon's modified HP. Dragon gains 8% shield for each tower frozen.
      • Prismatic Lights - Active | White | 1 Rage

        Dragon becomes invincible for 3 seconds. When the shield ends, all nearby towers are marked. When marked towers are destroyed, dragon restores 10% of its modified HP.
      • Reflection - Active | Red | 1 Rage

        Dragon reflects all projectiles for 2 seconds. Reflected projectiles deal 100% increased damage.
  • Dark Flak Resist - Passive | Yellow

    • Reduce damage taken from Dark Flak Towers by 70%.


Design Intent:

Glossia is a versatile sorcerer that can adapt to different situations. Glossia’s passive is Spellweaving, which will reward Glossia with a new spell whenever the dragon destroys a tower. Glossia can obtain one of three different spells with Spellweaving. The first is Crystal Tomb, which will freeze a target tower and give Glossia a shield. The next is Prismatic Lights, which will make Glossia briefly invincible and then apply healing marks to nearby towers. Finally, Glossia can obtain Reflection, which will briefly reflect all incoming projectiles back at the attacking towers. Note that Glossia must cast any Spellweaving spell before a new one can be acquired. To easily trigger Spellweaving, Glossia has Fracture, which will destroy a target tower of roughly equal level. Spellweaving has no internal cooldown, so Glossia can chain different spells together as frequently as Fracture can be cast. Glossia’s final spell is Crystalize, which will damage and freeze all nearby towers, and cause them to take increased damage. Crystalize can only be used once, however, so it is not a consistent means of defense.


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