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Build your army with haste using Instant-Breed!

War Dragons - Instant Breed


Breeding dragons is one of the cornerstone experiences in War Dragons. You wouldn’t be called Dragon Lords if you couldn’t earn and nurture the might of dragons! However, as War Dragons has grown over the years, the process of breeding has become more time-consuming and unengaging, thus creating a gap between what it takes to earn those dragons and finally experiencing what they can do in battle firsthand.


The time it takes for auto-breed to produce a dragon has increased precipitously over time and across tiers. Similarly, the number of taps it takes to use Mystic Fragments towards your desired eggs has become almost silly. With the introduction of Instant-Breed, we hope to greatly-reduce the amount of time and randomness it takes to breed your target dragon, so you can get back to battling and mastering your collection of dragons.


Do I have to pay the full cost to finish a breed all at once?


No, you do not. You are able to enter a specific number of Breeding Tokens to consume, and a proportional amount of progress will be made based on the amount you commit. For example, if I need ~14,000 breeds to breed Cordys, but only commit 7,000 breeds at this time, I will receive half of the egg fragments towards Cordys, but also all of the egg fragments that Tuktu (another output dragon in this breeding pair) requires because only ~900 breeds were required for that one.


What about tier-based discounting?

Tier-based discounting is factored in. The cost of Breeding Tokens is determined by the tier that the parent dragons are in. Tiers that are not discounted cost 20 Breeding Tokens per Egg Shard. The other discounted tiers can cost anywhere from 10-20 Breeding Tokens per Egg Shard.


What about Mystic Fragments?

If you would like to use Mystic Fragments to gain egg fragments, you won’t have to use them one at a time anymore! You’ll be able to select the number of Mystic Fragments you wish to use with this update. To get there, players will need to go into the Incubator as shown below.


War Dragons - Mystic Fragments


What changes will I see to the Breeding Screen?

There will be several new changes to the Breeding Screen that will take a bit of getting used to for the first few times of using the feature. 


Once you select Instant Breed, you will be taken to a screen that allows you to either set the amount of egg tokens you would like to spend or select the number dragon you would like to breed. 


Check out our handy how-to gif below to learn more about using Instant Breed:

War Dragons - Instant Breed

Why use instant-breed over auto-breed?

Players will save tons of time on breeding by using Instant Breed! For any breed that would take you more than a few minutes to complete, this feature will be a lifesaver and can get you back to burning everything. 


Nothing will stop you from using the existing auto-breed feature if you choose to leave obtaining fragments up to chance in order to save precious Breeding Tokens. Bear in mind though, that chance works in both directions! Overshooting how many egg fragments you need as a result of auto-breed is still a possibility.


Why were there changes to crossbreeding previously owned dragons in the breeding screen?

We have received feedback regarding the removal of the “Go to Cross Breeding” button when players tap on a dragon they already own. This had been an intentional change as part of the changes made to the Breeding Screen to prepare for the release of Instant Breed. Players can select specific dragons to breed when using the Instant Breed screen, as seen above, which we believe will help make breeding extra research eggs easier as well. However, we would appreciate further feedback about this change to breeding for Research eggs


When will this new feature come to the game?

Instant-Breed will release on Thursday, January 30th. We can’t wait to see the legions of new dragons taking to the skies in War Dragons!


Tell us which dragons you’re looking forward to breeding! Discuss with fellow Dragon Lords over on the War Dragons Forums!


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