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Gather round the fire to hear tales of the Frostwreath Season!

Frostwreath Season Announce


Out in the frost-ridden drifts of the Stygian Glaze, the tales of hard-fought battles are recorded in blood and iron, frozen for centuries in ice and snow. Once a year, however, in the cities underneath the wind-battered peaks, axes and armor are set aside and battlecries give way to cheers and toasts with wintry ales. It’s a time of celebration and relaxation for the dwarven clans, so grab a pint and warm your weary bones around the hearth––Frostwreath is here! 


When the war horns sound once again, and it’s time to step back into the cold, you won’t want to face the chill alone. Discover new dwarven dragon rider allies and dragons, some that harken back to familiar favorites. Fly swiftly this Frostwreath season, Dragon Lords!


This week, the Dragons community team will be flying the new Frostwreath Dragons and Dragon Rider live on our weekly stream. Catch the show on Twitch this Wednesday (12/4) at 3pm PT.


       Frostwreath Logo

Frostwreath Season Updates


Branch + Prize Updates

The Frostwreath Season will continue to follow the same structure from previous Seasons, where obtaining 3 Season Keys can unlock your choice of either Mythic Dragon. Mythic Dragon branches will be available at no Sigil cost and all of the Dragon’s evolution stones can be claimed for free once the branch is unlocked. All Dragon branches will have an Abyssal Tier evolution stone available to evolve them to the highest current Tier in-game.


This Season, the Legendary Dragon branches will continue to require 31k Sigils to complete the line as the last season did. The Base Boost and Dragon Rider branches will remain at 30k total Sigils required to complete, and will include a Seasons Key at the end of the lines. The Festive Dragon branch will maintain its 30k Sigil cost, and will evolve through the Abyssal Tier.


Frostwreath Season Structure


Similar to previous Seasons, players will have a choice-based prize where Gold Chests are typically be found in a branch. Just like Dragon Rider crafting shards, players will now have a choice of what resources to collect from certain prizes in Seasonal branches. The choices will allow players to claim either Gold Chests or a static amount of items that can be found in Gold Chests, such as Elemental Embers, Inner Fires, and Timers. If a Seasonal prize would originally distribute multiple Gold Chests, the equivalent value of that resource will reflect the quantity of Gold Chests in the alternative choice.


For example: A player comes upon a prize in a Seasonal line that originally offered Gold Chests to claim. Now, this player has the choice to claim the Gold Chests or instead claim Elemental Embers or Inner Fires. The prize will be an either / or structure, so once the chosen prize is claimed, it cannot be traded or changed.


Branches and Boosts

Limited Time Branches will make a return in the Frostwreath Season! These branches will focus on a variety of resources and 1-2 branches will appear throughout the season for one week at a time. After the week duration has expired, the branches will disappear and prizes in them cannot be claimed further.


The branches themselves will be much shorter and cost fewer Sigils than their Legendary branch counterparts. They will not have Season Keys at the end of their lines, and they will feature a multitude of items to help you on your Dragons journey! More information about these branches will be announced as they become available.



War Dragons - Galgrim

The Conqueror, Reborn

War Dragons - Galgrim

Once seen as a god in ancient days and now a pit fighter in bloody arenas.


Galgrim, an ancient dragon, seen as a god, and worshiped by all. With songs and stories like none other, he claims the title The Overseer, and The Conqueror. Reborn in the depths of a volcano, deep with blistering heat so sweltering, any normal mortal would die within minutes. Created, handcrafted to impeccability to please his master. Vulcan, God of Fire and hate, a god known for destruction. And Galgrim, his successor, forged beneath fire and blood, a spawn for  carnage, a machine with nothing to lose but his own battle, Was the perfect weapon. This was proven to be true. In a fit of rage, desperation, and ferocity, he tore apart people, massacred entire villages and eventually, his very own master. Emotionless and thrown out of his very home, He knew only to kill. It was engraved into him, and his very bones. It hadn’t taken long for trouble to stumble upon his path. One dreary and cold night, the humidity creating a thick layer of mist across the land, he was torn from freedom, it disappeared out from under his own talons and he was gone, just like the mist.  Yelling, and the screams of agony. He heard the clash of metal on metal, a roar and even more screams. It was like music to his ears. This was what greeted him as he awoke in his strange, new environment. A chamber with weapons, armor, and food, dark and damp with dew and the smell of old blood plagued his nostrils. The ground shook, and the gates before him began to rise, the sound of yelling became more distinct, and the crowd rose from their seats in an attempt to catch even a glimpse of the new attraction. Light filled the chamber, and out stepped Galgrim in his full glory. Standing at a couple of dozen feet tall and protected by armor that glittered like diamonds in the sun. With his sinister eyes, he took in his surroundings. An arena, filled to the brim with guests in its stands. The battlegrounds themselves were empty though. The sky was open and his wings were bound. But with his strength, he could’ve snapped them, like human bones.  He could take to the skies. Leave and set the arena alit on his way out. Yet Somehow, he knew this was where he belonged, for his excitement and bloodlust would be filled every day. This was his purpose. The gates across from his own began to lift... revealing his first opponent. He prepared for battle, the crowds’ uproar caused the ground to tremble beneath his talons. He smirked, knowing well he would win.


Legendary Dark Hunter



  • Scavenge - Active | Blue | 1 Rage

    • Dragon deals 85% increased breath damage and restores 16% of max HP as health whenever a building is destroyed. Spell has a 4.5 second duration.

Please note that this is the same spell that was previously on Tuktu with a 2 rage cost. Galgrim’s release will change the rage cost to 1, which will retroactively apply to Tuktu.

  • Chomp! - Active | White | 1 Rage

    • Deals 2,500% of dragon's attack power as damage to all towers in small target area. Spell has a 4 second cooldown.

  • Cloak - Active | Blue | 1 Rage

    • Dragon becomes invisible for up to 12 seconds and cannot be targeted by towers. Spell only goes on cooldown if cloak is broken by player action.

  • Adaptive Flak Resist - Active | White | 0 Rage

    • Change Flak Resist type on use and gain a small amount of Rage. Cycles through Dark, Fire, Ice, and Electro Flak Resist. Resists by 70%.


Runes and Glyphs:


  • Epic Rune of Scavenging: Increase Scavenge Duration

  • Legendary Rune of Scavenging: Increase Scavenge Duration & Increase Hunter Attack

  • Mythic Glyph of Scavenging: Increase Scavenge Duration & Increase Hunter Attack


Galgrim Spotlight Video


Design Intent and Strategy:

Galgrim is a well-rounded hunter that can either fight or sneak through islands. Galgrim’s primary spell is Chomp! When cast, Chomp will heavily damage all towers in a small target area. Chomp should typically be directed at any Blue Mage Towers, as Galgrim’s survivability is gated behind its blue spells. Galgrim’s first blue spell is Scavenge. When cast, Galgrim gains increased breath damage and will heal whenever they destroy a tower. A helpful trick: Scavenge can be cast before turning the corner on an island, allowing Galgrim’s empowered breath to damage towers before the spell is disabled by any Blue Mage towers. Galgrim also has cloak. We all know what cloak does. Galgrim can be flown as a brawling dragon that fights and heals its way through a base, or they can be flown more surgically. Galgrim can Chomp any Blue Mage tower and immediately cloak, waiting for Chomp to come off cooldown. Galgrim can then activate Scavenge and Chomp again, healing from the spell’s destruction and destroying the remaining towers with its empowered breath attack. Looping these spells requires a lot of rage, however, so try to cast Adaptive Flak Resist whenever possible.


Portrait: Dragon Tamer


War Dragons Portrait - Dragon Tamer


Discount Information

Galgrim’s entire Season branch will be discounted by 50% for two weeks from Wednesday, December 4th until Tuesday, December 17th.



War Dragons - Gryff

Clan Herald

War Dragons Frostwreath Season - Gryff

Its heavy armor and proud demeanor make it an ideal messenger.


Frostwreath is a time of celebration and relaxation for the dwarven clans. Oaths of friendship and cooperation are sworn in cheery warm halls and toasted with wintry ales. Grudges too are forgiven during this time of year, but those are ended aboveground, in the cold. The draconic Gryffs bring clan ambassadors and dignitaries to neutral places high in the mountains. A meeting between clans to end a grudge that does not have at least one Gryff present is considered to be a breach of tradition at best and a bloody ambush waiting to happen at worst, for the Gryffs are seen by all dwarves as symbols of honor and forgiveness.


Legendary Wind Warrior



  • Wing Gust - Active | White | 1 Rage

    • Destroys all mid-air projectiles and stuns nearby towers for 1 second duration.

  • Bloodfury - Active | Blue | 1 Rage

    • Dragon's Rage generation is slowed by 90% for the spell’s 4 second duration. Once activated, the spell immediately grants 3 Rage (for a net of +2) and destroying a tower heals the Dragon by 20% of the damage done to the tower. Spell has a 4 second cooldown.

  • Storm Breath - Active | White | 1 Rage

    • Dragon gains 200% increased breath damage for 5 seconds.

  • Dark Flak Resist - Passive

    • Reduces incoming damage from Dark Flak towers by 70%.


Runes and Glyphs:

  • Epic Rune of Blood Rage: Decrease Bloodfury Cooldown

  • Legendary Rune of Blood Rage: Decrease Bloodfury Cooldown & Increase Warrior Attack

  • Mythic Glyph of Blood Rage: Decrease Bloodfury Cooldown & Increase Warrior Attack


Gryff Spotlight Video


Design Intent and Strategy:

Gryff is an aggressive warrior who relies on quick reaction time to defend itself. Gryff’s main spell is Wing Gust. When cast, Gryff will briefly stun all nearby towers and knock all tower projectiles out of the air. Wing Gust is incredibly versatile. It can protect Gryff from Mage Tower supershots, interrupt Fire Turret charge-ups, and also just disrupt tower attack patterns. Gryff has no proper shield or damage-mitigation ability. Carefully timing Wing Gust to disrupt defending towers is key to the dragon’s survival. To help take down towers, Gryff has Storm Breath. When cast, Gryff gains massively increased breath damage for a short duration. To fuel the constant casting of Wing Gust, Gryff has Bloodfury. Bloodfury will instantly net Gryff two rage when cast, in addition to healing Gryff whenever they destroy a tower. Gryff’s spell kit demands a lot of rage to function so try to cast Bloodfury whenever possible. Don’t let the spell sit off-cooldown when you could be working towards the next cast of Bloodfury. Dark Flak, Ice Flak, and Blue Mage towers all pose a significant threat to Gryff. Dark Flak’s stun and Ice Flak’s spell-cancel will disrupt Gryff’s breath attack, and Blue Mage towers will prevent Gryff from recovering rage with Bloodfury. When approaching an island, sometimes it’s best to spam Wing Gust and stun-lock these towers so they can be safely destroyed.


Portrait: Dwarven Outrider


War Dragons Portrait - Dwarven Outrider

War Dragons - Noctarn Logo

Snowfield Owl

War Dragons  - Noctarn

A specialized breed of the Noctua lineage, adapted to harsh winter environments.


A low hiss of wind above the snow, the slightest rustle of feathers, and then the triumphant screech of victory. Those are the sounds of a hunting Noctarn in the endless freezing drifts of the north.


Mythic Wind Hunter



  • Snowdrift - Active | White | 1 Rage

    • Deals 10% of dragon's modified HP as damage to all towers in target area and prevents them from attacking or using supershots. Disabling effect is removed when tower takes damage.

  • Hunter’s Mark - Active | Red | 1 Rage

    • Marks target tower. When target tower is destroyed, dragon heals for 31% of its modified HP and restores 2 rage. Spell has a 4 second cooldown.

  • Silent Swoop - Active | White | 1 Rage

    • Dragon cloaks for 0.5 seconds and is briefly slowed. Dragon will recover ammo during this time. After cloak duration, dragon gains 125% increased breath damage for 2 seconds. Spell has a 2 second cooldown.

  • Battle Screech - Active | White | 1 Rage

    • Increases Dragon Attack damage by 7% per cast. Attack buff is applied to all following dragons. Spell has an 8 second cooldown.


Runes and Glyphs:

  • Epic Rune of the Owl: Decrease Battle Screech Cooldown

  • Legendary Rune of the Owl: Decrease Battle Screech Cooldown & Increase Hunter Attack

  • Mythic Glyph of the Owl: Decrease Battle Screech Cooldown & Increase Hunter Attack



Noctarn Spotlight Video 


Design Intent and Strategy:

Noctarn is a utility-focused hunter that focuses on disabling towers and buffing allies’ followup attacks. Noctarn’s main utility spell is Snowdrift. When cast, Noctarn will damage and disable all towers in a small target area. The affected towers cannot attack or use supershots, and they will remain disabled until they take damage, even through the next round of battle.

Noctarn needs to prioritize which towers to disable. Certain towers will make it difficult for Noctarn to survive her attack, but others may more heavily impact the dragons that follow her. Red Mage towers are a safe choice, as Noctarn relies on Hunter’s Mark to both sustain herself and her teammates. When cast, Hunter’s Mark will mark a target tower. When that tower is destroyed, the current attacking dragon will restore both health and rage. If Noctarn places a Hunter’s Mark and does not consume it herself, it will be available to claim for any of her following teammates. Noctarn’s main defensive spell is Silent Swoop. When cast, Noctarn will dodge all mid-air projectiles and briefly gain increased breath damage. Silent Swoop can serve as a counter attack for Mage towers, dodging the rage-draining supershots and then unleashing an empowered barrage of breath attacks. Noctarn’s final support ability is Battle Screech. Battle Screech increases both Noctarn’s and her followers’ breath damage, and casting the spell multiple times will stack the bonus. Noctarn should prioritize her different support abilities based on which dragons are following her. Dragons with lots of self-healing will likely benefit from Battle Screech’s buff more than Hunter’s Mark. Conversely, dragons with high damage but low sustain will certainly favor Noctarn’s healing pickups.


War Dragons - Faf'Nyr

Lord of the Vault


A dragon of legendary greed, it sleeps upon a mountain of Dwarven gold.


The dwarves who live and toil under the Stygian Glaze have mostly kept to themselves in recent times. Yet despite this isolation and secrecy the dwarves have a longstanding reputation amongst humans for greed and an never-ending desire for gold. This reputation is misplaced. It is the dragon known as Faf’nyr who hoards gold like it is needed to live. In return for the rare services of such a powerful dragon, the dwarves pay Faf’nyr well, and they don’t mind being known as gold-crazy miners as a result of their efforts to acquire the treasures the dragon demands. With the natural and supernatural threats the dwarves face deep underground, they need all the allies they can find or buy.


Mythic Fire Sorcerer



  • Curse of Greed - Passive

    • Passive: Dragon doesn't generate rage. Destroying towers restores 0.5 rage and 10% of the dragon's modified HP as health. Dragon always starts at full rage and has 100% increased breath damage.

  • Avarice - Active | White | 0 Rage

    • Dragon spends 16% of its modified HP to restore 2 rage. Spell has a 3 second cooldown.

  • Golden Hex - Active | White | 2 Rage

    • Dragon can rapidly cast Gild two times before the spell goes on a 2 second cooldown.

      • Gild - Active | White

        • Towers in target area deal 50% reduced damage and take 25% increased damage. Casting Gild again on affected towers will destroy them.

  • Shining Splendor - Active | White | 2 Rage

    • Dragon dodges all incoming projectile attacks and supershots for 4 seconds and deals 4% of its modified HP as damage to all nearby towers per second. Dragon flies at 25% of its original speed. Spell has an 8 second cooldown.


Runes and Glyphs:

  • Epic Rune of Opulence: Decrease Shining Splendor Cooldown

  • Legendary Rune of Opulence: Decrease Shining Splendor Cooldown & Increase Sorcerer HP

  • Mythic Glyph of Opulence: Decrease Shining Splendor Cooldown & Increase Sorcerer HP



Faf'Nyr Spotlight Video 


Design Intent and Strategy:

Faf’nyr is a unique sorcerer whose spell kit is built around their passive: Curse of Greed. Unlike other dragons in War Dragons, Faf’nyr does not generate rage over time. Instead, Faf’nyr recovers a small amount of health and rage whenever they destroy a tower. The dragon’s curse comes with a few other benefits: Faf’nyr always begins battle with full rage, and they also have passively increased breath damage.

Faf’nyr’s primary offensive spell is Golden Hex. When cast for the first time, Faf’nyr debuffs all towers in a small target area, causing them to take increased damage and deal less damage. Golden Hex’s second cast behaves the same way, though if Faf’nyr hexes a tower that’s already been debuffed, the affected tower will be destroyed instead. Golden Hex can either be used as a two-stage Death Gaze to address specific threats, or as a larger AOE debuff that makes towers weaker to Faf’nyr’s breath attack and spells.

Faf’nyr’s main defensive spell is Shining Splendor. When cast, Faf’nyr will dodge all non-beam attacks and damage nearby towers for a short duration. Shining Splendor is Faf’nyr catch-all defensive option. The spell protects the dragon’s incredibly valuable rage resources from Mage Tower supershots. Its damage aura can clean up towers debuffed by Golden Hex, and it otherwise serves as a near-invincibility shield, providing Faf’nyr with time to prioritize targets and react to the battle.

To supplement the dragon’s destructive rage generation, Faf’nyr has Avarice. On a short cooldown, Faf’nyr can convert a percentage of its health into rage. Avarice can help Faf’nyr recover from getting rage-drained, or just top off the dragon’s rage bar before they hit the next island. Faf’nyr’s spell kit revolves around spending rage to get rage. Faf’nyr needs to ensure that their spell casting is efficient. The dragon’s spells generate less rage than they cost, so Faf’nyr must weave in breath attacks and Avarice casts to break even on rage spending.


War Dragons - Rosheen

Clan Matriarch

War Dragons - Rosheen


Skill Tree:


Skill Decription Skill Points Needed Skill Level Limit Buff per Level Total Buff Gain

Dragon Attack

Increases Dragon Attack 1 5 0.6


Dragon Attack Increases Dragon Attack 2 5 0.4 2
Dragon HP Increases Dragon HP 2 5 0.4 2
Dragon HP Increases Dragon HP 3 5 0.6 3
Dragon XP

Increase Dragon XP gain

3 5 1.4 7
Dragon Training Cost Decrease Dragon training cost 3 5 -2 -10
Dragon HP Increases Dragon HP 3 5 1 5
Hunter Dragon Attack Increase Hunter Dragon's Attack  5 5 2 10
Warrior Dragon Attack Increase Warrior Dragon's Attack 5 5 2 10
Sorcerer Dragon HP Increase Sorcerer Dragon's HP 5 5 2 10
Hunter Dragon Ammo Increase Hunter Ammo 25 1 1 1
Rage Regeneration Increases Rage Regeneration 5 5 2 10


Crafting Shards Elements: Wind / Fire / Dark

Branch Details: Rosheen’s Season Branch will have his Rider Shards and Crafting Shards mixed in throughout the entire branch.


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