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June's Dragon Lord Spotlight - Mortium

This month's Dragon Lord spotlight features Mortium, the creator of Mortium's website features a ton of helpful guides for the War Dragons community, covering topics such as base building, breeding, and events. Join us in getting to know him and visit his site for more tips!

When did you start playing War Dragons?

[A]: When my wife ordered me to stop playing Destiny on the PS4! How little did she know back then… To put a date on it, well my account says I have 164 days left of Elite, so it must be 237 days ago since I bought a month of Elite after the first cheap 7 days.


What is your current level and team?

[A]: Level 101, DragonShifters


What initially drew you to War Dragons?

[A]: Back in my younger years, there was a cool game where you bred and hatched dragons called Dragon Lord. I was looking to see if someone had made an app like it, and I struck upon War Dragons. It was a match made in heaven.


Why have you stuck with the game?

[A]: It’s a great test of skill, and the chat feature in game makes it a lot more involving than a game where there is no team involvement.


What's your favorite aspect of War Dragons?

[A]: It’s a blast to play. Especially when facing defenders. You never can tell what is going to happen next. Those times where you’re facing off against defenders and they supershot the Storm tower and laugh like mad when you triple tap the shielded towers and waste your hunter energy. Or the times where you’re desperate for that last few pixels of rage so you can put up Explosive Shield and finish off the last three islands on 1% health.


What are some things you wish you knew when first beginning to play War Dragons?

[A]: I came into the game at a point where things like breeding guides were already quite well established. Thankfully I didn’t need to go through trial and error to get me where I wanted. I think above all, I regret the decision to purchase Darja more than anything. That single purchase probably cost me more in advancement than anything else so far. With 17,000 rubies, instead of Darja, I would have been able to purchase 100x 12-hour timers, which is the same as 50 days of tower boosts and an enormous boost in levels at that stage.


You've created a great website with some outstanding guides! What motivated you to create War Dragons Strategy and when did you get started?

[A]: To be honest, it was purely as a way of producing something for the community that they could always find if they wanted. It was Christmas, the Blackblood event was on, and I just figured that if I could write a guide that helped and showed people how to get past some of the more frustrating islands it would be a great thing to do.


What are some of your favorite guides or articles you've created?

[A]: The Blackblood event guide has to be one of my favourite guides to work on. It’s a labour of love for sure. It’s just a shame that it’s been 6 months since it was created and since then it hasn’t been repeated as an event. The guide is incomplete since I never had dragons to allow me to get to the end at the time *hint* *hint*.


I also recently created a video review of Rizar, one of the new Platinum dragons, tearing things up against a high level base.

<iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="360" src="//" width="640"></iframe>

The breeding guide and base building guide are also essential for beginners and veterans alike!


If people want to support your work, what's the best way for them to do so?

[A]: At the moment, the only thing keeping the website alive are the small amounts of money from the ads. The site went down for half a day just recently because of the bandwidth the fans are sucking up! I may throw up a donations button like Amoeba in the future to allow for greater support.


Can you describe some of the standout personalities on your team?

[A]: It’s a great team, and we hang out in LINE a lot. We have a really diverse group that includes women and people from around the globe. I’m a token Aussie, so I get to hang out with the (almost) geriatric Kerrigane, the insomniac BrycetheAussie, and many from Asian regions since we share the same timezone. Of all the people in the team, AznCherry is probably one of the greatest helpers. It's twisted too, but watching people smash themselves against Pikachu's base is incredible fun!


Who's your favorite non-team player in War Dragons?

[A]: Ruckgar and Rigimortis. Those guys have been solid all the way through. Great players, even though they sucked at building bases for the longest time!


What base building strategies have you personally been employing lately? How will they help you defend better at your level?

[A]: I employ the KISS principle. Keep It Short, Stupid. At higher levels, low level towers do nothing to good dragons, and allow rage to build up.


What dragon are you going to be targeting in the next breeding event?

[A]: None. The next dragons on my list are Kaiju and Rizar and I’m 13 levels away from being able to breed them!


What is your current favorite event type and why?

[A]: Blackbloods. Why? Did you see that awesome guide I wrote? It’s a massive test of skill, and a test of where your dragons are currently at. If the event was expanded, but in a way that wasn’t just done by adding huge towers it would be even cooler.


What is your least favorite event type and why?

[A]: Anything that relies on money to compete in. I’m a huge believer in the theory that doing well in events should be a measure of skill and effort. Almost everything in the game should be achievable with a 5 hour a day commitment on weekdays and a 10 hour commitment on weekends.


If you could add one feature to the game, what would it be and why?

[A]: Some of these are being addressed in 2.30, but quick use of 1min/3 min timers is essential, as is quick use of breeding tokens. I have yet to see the updated War page, but knowing who is left to attack is a major feature to help teams in War.

I would love for a couple of buttons that you could save canned responses into when attacking, so you could reply to team mates.


What are your current goals within War Dragons?

[A]: Beat BrycetheAussie to Platinum Legendaries! That guy is catching me up daily! I’m in the lead now, but I’m sure he will overtake me.


What other games do you enjoy playing?

[A]: Anything. I’m totally wired for playing games. I’ve gone through phases of 14 hours a day playing Everquest and Warcraft, to complete weeks spent playing Championship Manager. In my younger days, we had LAN parties with Quake and Descent that were amazing. Looking back, the games were good, but the friends were the best part.


When you're not playing War Dragons, what else do you love to do in your free time?

[A]: I’m currently researching the location of the Infinity Stones…but in all seriousness, I currently run my own business and that takes up so much time. War Dragons is my free time, but if I had more I would consider learning Chinese and playing guitar.


Waffles or pancakes?

[A]: If I said waffles, my daughter would kill me! It’s a family tradition that pancakes are the breakfast of champions on each and every Sunday!

Thank you, Mortium! Don't forget to visit his website, for more helpful tips!
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