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A Dragon Has No Name...

We’ve got a slightly shorter post today, get out and enjoy the long weekend. Happy Memorial day and thank you to all veterans who have served our country.


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There’s still some time left to name The People’s Dragon! What better way to prepare for a long weekend than resting comfortably with the knowledge that you helped name a being of pure fire and destruction?

Vote here:

War Dragons 2.30 Patch Notes

  • 2.30 Universal Updates (iOS / Android)

  • Added a feature to allow for faster breeding. Tired fingers rejoice!

  • Added a feature to allow for faster speedup use.

  • Added the ability to give certain dragons a new look.

  • Added production boosts and XP potions.

  • Added a new event - Capture the Flag.

  • Added the Fire Tower.

  • Added mystic fragments.

  • Added new rune modifiers.

  • Added new "Delete All Mail" button.

  • Improved the War Tracker.

  • Improved startup times.

  • Fixed an issue where the music disappeared after visiting the Dragon’s Den.

  • Fixed a bug where Steal Essence wouldn’t damage Ice Turrets.

  • Fixed Galvanic Overload becoming unusable after casting Fireball.

  • Fixed a bug caused by combining Cloak spell with Blue Mage tower.

  • Fixed a bug around combining Steal Essence spell with Havoc spell.

  • Battle invites will now display when browsing the event menu.

  • League Chat no longer restarts after creating a group chat.

  • Ties that reach 250 flames each will earn each team 30 breeding tokens.

2.30 Android-specific Updates

  • Improved logging in/out of Facebook.

  • Fixed the distorted icons on the Nexus 10.

  • Fixed an in-app purchase issue when backgrounding the app.


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