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We Drew a Dragon Together!

First and foremost we’d like to welcome all of our new Android brothers and sisters to the wonderful world of War Dragons! If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably already well aware that we launched on Android last week. As part of the launch we also debuted our very first commercial, so keep an eye out for us on your TV. Here’s the TV spot once more...

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We Drew a Dragon Together!

April 20, 2016 marked an important day in War Dragons history: For the first time, players were able to collaborate on a new dragon for the game!

Catch a replay of the live stream hosted by Pixxel as Kinman Chan brings the dragon to life before your eyes.

Part 1 | Part 2

Keep your eyes to the sky for a final and polished version of the dragon. We’ll also be hosting a naming contest for our new creature, so get to brainstorming, Dragon Lords!

We can’t wait to bring this new beast to the game. Well done.

How Long Would You Last in a Dragon Attack?

The poor souls in the Dragon Days show didn’t last very long in our commercial. Think you would do better? Prove it by taking this quiz.



DCON 471 Release Notes

We released a small update earlier to iOS 2.12 users and Android 2.12.0 and 2.12.1 users. This small update features:

  • Fix for portrait size issues for the new portraits
  • Five new levels of Kinnarakku and five new prize tiers added for this week's event (players can use their extra fragments to get more prizes, and Kinnarakku will still be breedable at level 20)
  • Fix for ice turrets
  • Miscellaneous dragon fixes

New Dragons Tiers and Spells

We're excited to announce the next tier of dragons (and corresponding new tower levels up to 35) will be released in the next update! This new Platinum Tier of dragons will include 12 new dragons and 5 brand new spells, 3 of which are EmpoweredSpells. This new tier of dragons will also include dragons with Ice Turret Resist and (Spoilers!) Spitfire Turret Resist.

Empowered Spells are a new spell type that can be cast twice, for different effects, that we believe will add new depth, strategy and fun to the game. The first cast of an empowered spell works just like a normal spell, but also charges the dragon so that it can cast the empowered version of that spell. The second cast uses that charge to have an empowered effect! (If this is confusing, please read the description of each spell below, and hopefully it will become clear). Each empowered cast has a tradeoff, that creates interesting decisions for both the attacker and defender. See more details below!

New Spells

  • Seething Spark: An Empowered Spell for warriors, the first cast charges the dragon with electrical energy, increasing its damage output, and the second cast unleashes the energy to stun and damage nearby buildings, but ends the damage increase.

  • Frozen Tomb: An Empowered Spell for sorcerers, the first cast freezes and damages towers, and the second cast shatters the towers, unfreezing them, but granting your dragon a shield and dealing additional damage in the process.

  • Galvanic Overload: An Empowered Spell for hunters, The first cast fires an electrical ball lightning that does very high single target damage (similar to death gaze), and the second cast draws the ball lightning back, dealing damage to your dragon, but also refunding the rage cost, allowing the spell to be cast again for free.

  • Rising Phoenix: A sorcerer spell, if the dragon dies while the spell is active, the dragon explodes back to life, regaining health and damaging surrounding towers

  • Spell Flux: A sorcerer spell, the dragon overloads one nearby tower, causing it to explode and damage all surrounding towers. There are two unique aspect to this spell; first, it is colorless and so cannot be blocked or prevented by mage towers. Second, this spell chooses its target Automatically based on which tower has the most arcane resonance. Arcane resonance for towers follows the following order from most to least:

    	<li>Red Mage Towers</li>
    	<li>Blue Mage Towers</li>
    	<li>Storm Towers</li>
    	<li>Ice Turret</li>
    	<li>Archer Tower</li>
    	<li>Cannon Tower</li>
    	<li>Lightning Tower</li>
    	<li>Lumber Mill</li>

There are also two modified spells available in the Platinum Tier, Divine Fireball, that costs less rage but deals slightly less damage than Fireball, and Invert, a version of Reverse Projectiles that has a shorter duration, but costs less rage.


What levels do I need to hatch and max the legendary platinum dragons?

Level 90 to hatch platinum dragons, and Level 132 to upgrade the Dragon’s Den to max level and fully upgrade the platinum dragons. Our goal here was to continue to require some balance to base progression and dragon upgrades, while not placing the new dragons out of reach for most late game players.

Will the new dragons be impossible to breed!?

No, they will not be impossible! They will require roughly the same number of tokens as the Gold dragon tier. You will notice they require more fragments overall, but the drop rate for new dragons fragments is higher than in the Gold Tier, balancing out the total tokens required.

How will this affect balance at max levels?

Currently we believe defense is a little weak at max level base vs. max level dragons, and so defense will be a little stronger relative to attack (although not overwhelmingly so, about 20%). There will also be a larger variety of defensive options that make resisting an entire base harder (e.g., buffs to Ballista, Ice Turret, upcoming Spitfire Turret), which we hope will encourage greater base diversity and more ingenuity from attackers in order to succeed. We will continue to monitor this over time with the new tier and tower levels, and make adjustments as necessary.

Wow, thats a lot of sorcerer spells.

Yes, yes it is. Our goal with this new tier was to increase the options and power available to sorcerers in the end game, and we believe these new spells will fill that role. Frozen Tomb, Rising Phoenix and Invert gives Sorcerers more defensive options, while Spell Flux means one red mage tower doesn’t mean the end for your Sorcerer dragon. We will continue to monitor and adjust power to try to make sure all types of dragons are viable and fun to play in the end game.

When will these dragons and tower levels be available?

Sometime in the next few weeks, when our latest update is approved and released!

Since the Spitfire Turret isn’t out yet, will Spitfire Turret Resist be useless?

Nope! Until the Spitfire Turret is released, Spitfire Turret Resist will act as a Storm Tower Resist.


Join us on May 4 for a preview of next month’s FIERY Divine Dragons.

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Community Spotlight

This week's community art comes to us from Lucas Vincenzo Fountain via Facebook. Lucas showed us this dragon during the Twitch event.

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