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Introducing: Team Dungeons!

Yes, you read that right - the Void: an evil, nebulous place from which nefarious and dangerous Dragons emerge, makes its return to the world of War Dragons once more! 

We will be running Team Dungeons as a limited-time event, starting on Monday from 10am PT to Wednesday 10am PT. The rehauled Dungeons event will make use of the existing Dungeon battle map, the Wraithfire Keep. But there are new and exciting twists that we can’t wait to share with you! Your time to strike back against the Void draws nigh, let’s get started!


Invite or join your friends in the fray and fight alongside them! Raids will be run in triplets, with the lead player having to choose three unique Dragons of their choice from a certain Lineage, and followers get to choose one.

Players invited to help will see a roster for dragons corresponding to the dungeon tier, but will not see battle invites for tiers of dragons they do not have.

Every tier represents a different challenge, meaning that you will be able to choose the difficulty that you want to participate in. Of course, don’t forget that with greater risks come better rewards!

Dungeon Keys

In order to participate in Team Dungeons, you will need Dungeon Keys. Worry not, however, as each player will receive a number of Dungeon Keys (which regenerate every hour) for free at the beginning of each Team Dungeons event! 

Note: all difficulties cost the same number of keys, and should you run out of them, you can refill them using Rubies.


All participating Dragon Lords will gain personal progression points which will work similarly to how players earn progression during PvP events. By completing objectives, players will earn points. These objectives will vary according to the selected difficulty, and include:

  • 20% destruction

  • 40% destruction

  • 60% destruction

  • 80% destruction

  • 100% destruction

The Exchange

The rewards attained through Team Dungeons will consist of a new currency called "Dungeon Coins," which will be available to be spent in the brand new Shop - The Exchange - for unique rewards! 

The prizes themselves will consist of:

  • Timers

  • Black Pearls

  • Gold Chests

  • Elemental Crafting Shards

  • Breeding Tokens

Note: prizes may change in future iterations of Team Dungeons.

As always, you’re all invited to take a peek at our Forums where you can discuss with our wonderful community and share your feedback in regards to Team Dungeons here: War Dragons Forums

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