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Winter 2017 Season - Tempest Collection Spells Preview

Which dragon(s) will you make part of your team?

Three new dragons will be flying in this week to assist Dragon Lords in their quests for glory! These past and present gladiatorial champions will each bring their own unique spellsets to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies.

Each dragon will start in Orange Tier and can be leveled up through the tiers through the use of Evolution Stones. Evolution stones for each dragon will be obtainable through their specific Winter Season branch up through Obsidian tier. While these dragons are legendaries, they will have the power of Obsidian Mythic strength.

The Dragon Rider releasing in a couple weeks will be a Wind rider and only have armor to match one of the dragons. Regardless, the Rider can be equipped to any dragon to give the bonus.


wardragons-nightmare-collection, black.png


Warhawk Drake

War Dragons - Avyx

Stalking the night, ever in search of prey.”


Class: Hunter

Rarity: Legendary

Element: Dark


  • Cloak - Active, 1 Rage, Blue 
    Conceals your dragon so that enemy towers cannot attack. Blue mage towers cancel this effect. Spell lasts for 12 seconds and has a 3 second cooldown.
    Learned at Level 1
  • Talon Frenzy - Active, 1 Rage, Blue
    Talon Frenzy deals 50% increased normal attack damage for 4 seconds.
    Learned at Level 1
  • Healing Mark - Active, 1 Rage, Red
    Spell is cast upon a chosen tower. When the tower is destroyed, your dragon will regain 10% of its health.
    Learned at Level 10
  • Ice Turret Resist - Passive
    Reduces Ice Turret Damage by 70%.
    Learned at Level 13



Storm Chariot

War Dragons - Equestor

A dark storm charges across the horizon.


Class: Sorcerer

Rarity: Legendary

Element: Wind


  • Lightning Familiar - Passive
    Summons a dragon that buffs dragon damage while it's alive. Increases Lock-On damage,  absorbs 20% of damage, and increases rage generation by 50%.
    Learned at Level 1
  • Thunderbolt - Active, 2 Rage, White
    Strikes buildings with lightning that chains randomly.
    Learned at Level 1
  • Extract Essence - Passive, Yellow

    The last tower destroyed by your dragon provides rage and a spell. 

    Storm: Northern lights(light)
    Archer: Southern cross(light)
    Cannon: Uproot
    Ballista: Wind wall
    Red mage: Reverse projectiles
    Blue mage: Shield blast
    Trebuchet: Earthquake
    Lightning: Chain lightning
    Ice: Chaos
    Fire: Spell flux
    Dark elemental flak: Vampiric touch
    Lumber: Cure poison
    Food: Rejuvenate
    Totems: Rejuvenate

    Learned at Level 10
  • Lightning Resist - Passive
    Reduce damage taken from Lightning Towers by 70%.
    Learned at Level 13


Prideful Predator


War - Leos

Frays the nerves of even the bravest warrior.”


Class: Warrior

Rarity: Legendary

Element: Fire


  • Lion’s Rage - Passive
    At low dragon HP, attacks deal massively increased damage. When hp is lower than 55%, attacks leave a burn at the target that increase the damage that building takes by 60%.
    Learned at Level 1
  • Blazing Shield - Active, 2 Rage, Blue
    Reduces incoming damage by 40% and instantly heals for 35% of its health. Spell duration is 3.5 seconds
    Learned at Level 1
  • Dark Flak Tower Resist - Passive
    Reduce damage taken from Dark Flak Towers by 70%.
    Learned at Level 10
  • Spitfire Turret Resist - Passive
    Reduce damage taken from Fire Turrets by 70%.
    Learned at Level 13

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