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Patch Preview: 3.90


Prepare for the upcoming 3.90 update!

Coming next week, 3.90 will bring players some improvements to Atlas, bug fixes within the game as a whole, and some exciting new features!  



Atlas Changes

The Atlas team has been hard at work making improvements. These changes include:

  • Improving the flow of Rider Gear crafting. Players will now have access to salvaging for any gear that they do not wish to keep. They will also have access to new Set View for rider gear for easier browsing upon which to base their decisions.

  • Adding a new region view menu that provides information about castles and troop strength in a given region. This menu is brought up when a player taps open space in a region.

  • Adding a new bookmarking system tab in the same menu as Your Team castles. This tab will show bases that your team has targeted as well as a shared list of bookmarks among your team.

  • Adding new colors to banners for Atlas specific attack and defend invites so players will be able to recognize which are Atlas and which are main game. These will be in shades of blue and have an Atlas icon.

  • The camera will now default to previous session settings. Whatever position a player had the camera’s view in when they were last playing will be the same position that it is in when they return even if they hard quit the game.

  • Icons being added to neutral territories

  • Updates to Castle labels so they are more readable


Battle Improvements:

Players will get to experience improved battle VFX within the game.


Bug Fixes:

During this last update cycle, we encountered some bugs that will soon be remedied. Below are the fixes that will soon be implemented:

  • Medal count will no longer be displayed in red when a player does not have enough medals to declare a war.

  • A perched Anuba or Nydryr should no longer cause players bases to shake.

  • An issue where mail was wiped out after updating to 3.80 will be fixed.

  • Replying to RSS transfer system messages should no longer crash the game.


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