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Veteran Support Partnership with Stack Up

War Dragons - Veteran Support Partnership with Stack Up

Supporting our Supporters this July


To every person who has ever served in activate military deployment, we thank you. To rise to the challenge for the sake of one’s country is one of the most honorable ways to give back to our community. This July, Pocket Gems wants to give back to all of those who have given so much for their country. In partnership with StackUp, we’re excited to announce a month-long campaign to support all veterans and those on active duty.


StackUp ( brings both veterans and civilian supporters together through a shared love of video gaming. Stack-Up serves U.S. and Allied active duty service members and veterans through four main programs. Supply Crates deliver giant boxes of the latest in games and gear to combat zones, humanitarian missions, and troops recovering in military hospitals to raise morale, build camaraderie, combat PTSD, and fight the rising tide of veteran suicide. Air Assault flies deserving veterans to gaming and geek culture events, while The Stacks come together as local volunteer teams to support military personnel on bases and around their community. Lastly, the Stack Up Overwatch Program (StOP) is a trained and certified squad who specifically assist in crisis intervention, suicide prevention, and issues concerning the mental health of those in current or previous military duty and civilians.


There are multiple ways that fellow Dragon Lords can get involved in this campaign, from participating in in-game events to donating directly to StackUp. Read on for all of the details to contribute to our cause!


Veteran Support Partnership with Stack Up

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Donate to Stack Up


Pocket Gems’ Donation Matching


War Dragons - Veteran Support Partnership with Stack Up Donations


Throughout the month of July, we’ll be hosting a custom Donation Campaign through StackUp’s website, and will place this donation link in-game. Pocket Gems will match all donations made through this link dollar-for-dollar throughout July up to a maximum of $10,000 USD. This means that if the community collectively donates $10,000 or more, PG will match this contribution with $10,000 towards StackUp for a total of $20,000.


Exclusive Veterans Portrait


War Dragons - Veteran Support Partnership Portraits


As a way to encourage donations from fellow Dragon Lords, our Dragons Art Team has created two beautiful portraits to celebrate our war heroes, seen above. Anyone who donates to Stack Up through the custom link in the month of July will receive both versions of this Veteran Portrait in-game, so you can show off your pride in donating to an honorable cause!


In order to receive this portrait, you’ll need to add your In-Game Name under the optional “Show My Name As” section for us to credit your account with these portraits. Please make sure to enter your player name correctly, and do not change your player name until the portraits are credited. If the name is incorrectly written or changed between the time you donate and the time we credit, you won’t be able to receive the portrait.


War Dragons - How to Donate to the Veteran Support Partnership with Stack Up

How to Donate to the Cause


All players can help us achieve the $10,000 donation goal by performing the following steps:


  1. Click the custom Donation link in-game or through this blog right here.

  2. Click the “Support Me” button.

  3. From here, you’ll be taken to the Donation Form. Fill out the form and include your donation amount, payment information, and In-Game Name if you’d like to receive the Veterans Portrait.

  4. Once all of the information is added in, click “Donate” to complete your donation.

  5. That’s it! Thank you for your contribution!


Want to contribute to the campaign, but can’t afford to donate? No problem! That’s where the next part of the campaign comes in.


Breeding Participation for Donation


War Dragons - Breeding & the Veteran Support Partnership with Stack Up


July’s Breeding Event will take place between July 24th and July 31st, which is the final day before the campaign concludes. During this Breeding Event, Pocket Gems will donate an additional $10,000 to Stack Up if players collectively exceed a threshold of 22 billion event points! For those who are interested in contributing to the cause without any financial burden, you can still make an impact by doing what you do best: playing War Dragons.


We’ll provide milestone updates throughout this week to keep everyone informed about the community’s progress. Once the 22 billion points are met, Pocket Gems will donate this additional $10,000 to our pool for StackUp. Be sure to save up your Breeding Tokens for this extra special in-game event!


Campaign Celebration Livestream


War Dragons - Celebration Stream


July 31st will be the final day of our partnership campaign with StackUp, and what better way to celebrate than with our wonderful community? On this Wednesday, join the Dragons Community Team for a special Twitch livestream where we create a brand new Dragon that will be put into the game. Similar to previous Twitch Creates streams, we’ll provide a series of prompts for players to vote on, and the most voted choices will influence the design of this new Dragon. You can directly impact the aesthetic of a new Dragon, much like the community created the Duskfall Festive Dragon, Somnus, in the past!


We’re excited to celebrate the end of our campaign efforts with this special livestream. For anyone who has donated or does donate during the livestream, we’ll read any of the comments made in your donation aloud during the stream (within reason, of course)! If you have a special message or would like to share a story about the donation or those who have served close to you, we’d love to showcase this to our viewers to collectively lift each other up in this final moment of the campaign.


Give War Dragons a follow on Twitch to be notified when this special stream is live - you won’t want to miss it!


Get Involved!


War Dragons - Veteran Support Partnership with Stack Up


Donating through the link above or participating in July’s Breeding event will directly impact our donation matching to StackUp. We’re beyond excited to provide support to active and retired military personnel, and give everyone an opportunity to enjoy games for a great cause.


Our armed forces have given everything for their communities, and we hope that this campaign is one of many ways that we can acknowledge their respected efforts, contributions, and sacrifices. From all of us at Pocket Gems, thank you for what you have given to us, and may we all fly together!


Donate to Stack Up




Achievement Unlocked: Donation Goal Expanded!

Updated July 12th, 2019


Thank you to everyone who has donated and participated in our Veteran Support Partnership with Stack Up since the campaign launched last week. We are extremely humbled by your dedication to this cause and willingness to support those who have given so much for their country.


Thanks to your collective efforts, we’re pleased to announce that we have reached our goal of $10,000! Pocket Gems will be matching this amount with another $10,000 towards Stack Up, for a total of $20,000, as mentioned above.


But wait...there’s more! We were lightning quick to reach our $10,000 goal in just one week, and there’s still plenty of July left to go. For this reason, we will be extending our donation goal to $15,000 (+$5,000)! Not only are we extending the goal, but Pocket Gems will also match this additional $5,000 in donations, just like before. This means that if Dragon Lords collectively donate $5,000 more to the campaign, Pocket Gems will match with another $5,000, and our grand total will be $15,000 in player donations matched during the campaign. For anyone who has donated or plans to donate throughout the month of July, all donations will grant the exclusive in-game veterans portrait that will be distributed to your account within 7-10 business days of donating!

None of this amazing work could have been possible without your gracious contributions, and we have each and every one of you to thank. No matter how much you’re able to provide, every donation matters for those who will benefit the most from it. We still have the end-of-month Breeding Event and celebration livestream to contribute to the campaign, so keep an eye out on the War Dragons social channels (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) for more updates and announcements!


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