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Twitch Draws a Dragon Rider 2019

War Dragons - Twitch Draws a Dragon Rider 2019

How will this New Dragon Rider Look? You Decide!


Hey there, Dragon Lords!


This 2019, we’re starting things off with a special “Twitch Draws” live stream where we design a new Dragon Rider with YOU! During the stream, you’ll have a chance to vote on key creative choices that will influence the final design of a new Dragon Rider. We’ll create the 2D concept on stream, and the Rider will then be transformed into a fully functioning model in-game, complete with evolving and animated portraits!


Our guest artist for this stream is Johannes from the War Dragons team. He’s worked on tons of beautiful concepts for the game, including the creation of Oksana, the Dread Hunter from the Springveil Season, who was another Dragon Rider created on Twitch!


War Dragons - Oksana, the Dread Hunter

Oksana, the Dread Hunter, created live on Twitch!


War Dragons - Ash and Baby Dragon Concept

Another beautiful concept created by Johannes!


To start things off, we’ve got a few questions to ask you about how this Rider will look prior to the stream beginning. But more on that in just a bit. For now, here’s some important information about the stream!


Stream Times and Important Info


Mark your calendars! The Twitch Draws A Dragon Rider livestream will take place on Wednesday, February 13th starting at 3pm PT. It’ll run for about two hours, until our artist thinks we’re just about finished with the Rider concept. By the end of the stream, you should have a solid idea of exactly how this Rider will appear!


To give you an idea about how this stream will work, check out some of our previous Twitch Draws streams from the past!


Twitch Draws a Dragon Rider

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Twitch Sculpts a Dragon

<iframe allowfullscreen="true" frameborder="0" height="378" src="" width="620"></iframe>


Community Voting Now Open!


Before the stream begins, our artist Johannes will be preparing a rough draft of the Rider - this will be the Rider’s basic shape, background, and other general details that will be concepted prior to February 13th. Instead of starting the show with a blank canvas, we’ll have a focused concept ready to go so we bring this character to life with you!


This Dragon Rider will be created with you at almost every step of the way, from first sketches to the final name and backstory. Johannes needs YOUR votes to begin his rough sketch of the Rider - and that’s where you come in!


Click on the link below to VOTE on initial choices that will influence the first sketch of this new Dragon Rider:


Cast Your Vote Now!


We can’t wait to design a new Dragon Rider with you on February 13th. Be sure to Subscribe to War Dragons on Twitch to be notified when the stream goes live!


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