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Daily Check In Coming to War Dragons

War Dragons - Daily Check In Feature

New Updates and Features are Heading Your Way!


Greetings, Dragon Lords!


Following up on the 2019 Development Roadmap which was posted last week, the new Daily Check In feature will be launching this week as the first of many changes in War Dragons. We’ll take you through how the feature works, what the expect, and when it releases below!



How the Daily Check In Works


The Daily Check In feature will release to all players simultaneously. Once it is released, a new screen will become available in the Bounty Harbor called the Daily Check In Bonus. Check back every day to this screen in the Bounty Harbor to claim your daily reward!


War Dragons - Daily Check In Screen

Note: The prizes in this screenshot are not final and subject to change.


The Daily Check in will exist as a screen that appears only in the Bounty Harbor, and prizes can be claimed once per day. Days reset in War Dragons at Midnight PST, so this will be when Daily Check Ins will become available once again at the start of a new day. You can access the Daily Check In screen to view your current progress anytime through the Bounty Harbor.


The screen will feature a series of prizes in a line that you can redeem for each day you check in. All prizes will be doubled for Elite Players, as indicated by the Elite symbol located underneath each prize. A checkmark will appear over any prize that has already been claimed from previous days. Every day has an associated prize with it, up to 30 days. Once you reach the end of the line on Day 30, the prizes will reset back to the Day 1, allowing you to continue redeeming prizes each and every day. Once reset, a new 30 days worth of prizes will appear, so they won’t be the same Day X prize each and every month. There are three distinct 30-day prize cycles that rotate each time you redeem a Day 30 prize.


Check In Bonus Claimables


Items that can be claimed through the Daily Check In include Rubies, Breeding Tokens, defensive / offensive boosts, elemental embers, and more. Prizes will change slightly for players level 50 and up; We’ve switched some of the items so that they are more relevant to higher level players (including prizes like inner fires / energy packs / etc.). Please note that daily prizes are subject to change as we introduce and monitor the new feature.


In order to progress through each day’s rewards, you’ll need to log into War Dragons every day. If a day is skipped in the process, your rewards will reset to the Day 1 prize. There are better prizes the further down the line you are, so be sure to check in daily in order to continue advancing!


Release Timing and Notes


The Daily Check In feature will release tomorrow on Tuesday, December 18th. When it’s ready, we’ll roll out the feature to all players at the same time. This may require you to refresh the game (close the app and reopen it) in order for the Check In to appear.


The feature itself was recently A/B tested in-game, so some players may have already experienced a version of the Daily Check In already. For those who already have this test version of the Daily Check In, your progress will be preserved when the feature rolls out to everyone.\



As the feature becomes available for players and redemption of prizes begins, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the new Daily Check In feature as a whole. Let us know what you think by flying over to the War Dragons Forums to discuss further.


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