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Issue a Call to Arms and Send Your Dragons on Quests!

UPDATE 8/10/2020

  • XP Rewards now scale with your Player Level meaning you will always get a relevant amount of XP in whatever tier you might be
  • Dragon Quests that require early tier Dragons like Red and Purple will now always have a chance of showing up, even if you are at endgame Dragons

Greetings, Dragon Lords!

Prepare to dust off the Dragons that you haven't used in a while and welcome an introduction of the new feature - Dragon Quests!

How will it work?

You will send Dragons out into the land to collect rewards for you. But not just any old Dragon, each quest will require you to collect the right bunch of Dragons to get the job done.

The difficulty will vary, with Quests requiring things like:

  • Multiple Dragons (2-5 on a mission)

  • Specific Dragon classes or elements (e.g. 2 Hunters and 1 Wind Warrior)

  • Dragons in a specific level range (Breedable or Expert)

Sometimes, you will stumble upon a higher-starred mission, the magnitude of which will require one to use up to 5 Dragons at once! The more difficult the mission, the juicier the reward! 

Choose your Dragons wisely, once Dragons are out on Quests - they will be unavailable for other Quests. Perched dragons will also not be available for missions. 

However, rest assured that you will otherwise be able to fly your dragons as normal.

Once Dragons return from a mission, Dragon Lords will receive their rewards, and those Dragons will be available for other Quests.

Quests will reset at intervals dependent on the Quest type, however - if your patience wears thin - you can use Rubies to reset Quests immediately.


We eagerly await your feedback on the Dragon Quests at the War Dragons Forums!

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