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September 2019 Development Update


September 2019 Development Update

Cross-Posted from the War Dragons Forums on September 10th, 2019


PG Awal: Hey Folks,


Bunch of stuff in the works so here we go:


Timer Missions

Wanted to give a better timeline for Timer Missions. We communicated earlier that this was being worked on, but we can now say it should be in our October Version release, currently targeted for mid October.


Tower Power

We have continued to work with GPF on deciding what the % increase to tower power should be. There seems to be consensus somewhere in the 20% range, but we are putting together a build to test this change with the GPF, which is currently targeting Thursday / Friday for delivery to them. Once we're sure the tower changes feel better than where they currently are, the changes will be rolled out next week as part of a minor update.


Economy Updates

On the topic of the economy, we have identified a particular area which is disproportionately difficult for players which we will fix through tier based discounting.  Harbinger and Vanguard timer costs were inflated beyond the intended slope, shown by the chart below. The intent is to roll out this change before the next fortification event.



Also on the topic of economy, we have discovered that Gold / Platinum XP costs were higher than intended, inclusive of tier based discounting adjustments. We will be adjusting them to be in line with their current position in the dragon collection. This change will roll out next week alongside tower power changes (pending GPF approval).



Finally, we have been having internal conversations about the overall balance of the economy. From reading the forums and talking with different individuals I am focusing on two distinct topics:


  • Pushing players towards end game - the goal here is to accelerate a player’s path towards later content in the game. We believe this is good because this is where the most engaged players are and where the social features are more engaging. We already have a tool that we have been using for this (tier based discounting). The deliverable here is transparency in terms of generally when things will be discounted and also by how much (based on how many tiers you are away from end game). Expect more updates on this within the month.
  • Balancing earn and cost ratios - We believe that the amount something costs should be in relation to how much players can earn. If a player’s ability to earn a given currency does not increase in any way, the cost of actions using said currency should not increase over time. We are in the process of systematically going through all the currencies in our game and looking at earn rates vs costs per tier to make sure the rates meet expectation. The two examples (dragon xp cost and tower timer cost) above are situations where we found inconsistencies and want to correct those. We will continue to communicate new findings in our mission to reach an overall better in-game economy.


Our goal is to make the game more fun and more balanced for all users. We will continue to keep communication channels open with the community and appreciate your patience as we work to make War Dragons the best it can be.  







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