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Beware what the Void brings in the Withermoon Season!

Withermoon Season Announce

Dragons with powerful secrets slowly seep from the Void.


Gaze into the eyes of the Withermoon, a looming omen that appears once every few decades in the darkest night skies. As the Withermoon approaches, the bonds between reality and the Void loosen, giving way to unspeakable horrors that unleash havoc upon the world.

The Withermoon Season begins this week with the introduction of four monstrous Dragons that have made their way to the world. Some merely seek to find a peaceful life on Atlas, while others plot their course for total destruction. Where will you be when the Withermoon rises?

This week, the Dragons community team will be flying the new Withermoon Dragons and Dragon Rider live on our weekly stream. Catch the show on Twitch this Wednesday (9/4) at 3pm PT.


       Withermoon Logo


Withermoon Season Updates


Branch + Prize Updates

The Withermoon Season will continue to follow the same structure from previous Seasons, where obtaining 3 Season Keys can unlock your choice of either Mythic Dragon. Mythic Dragon branches will be available at no Sigil cost and all of the Dragon’s evolution stones can be claimed for free once the branch is unlocked. All Dragon branches will have an Abyssal Tier evolution stone available to evolve them to the highest current Tier in-game.


This Season, there will be a slight change to the Legendary Dragon branches. These branches will require 31k Sigils to complete the line and will now have 7 additional new prizes featured in the branch. These prizes include:

  • Gold Chests

  • Breeding Tokens

  • Mystic Fragments

  • Rune Dust

  • Elemental Embers

  • 24hr Expedites

  • Abyssal Evolution Stone


The Base Boost and Dragon Rider branches will remain at 30k total Sigils required to complete, and will continue to include a Seasons Key at the end of the lines. The Festive Dragon branch will also maintain its 30k Sigil cost, and will evolve through the Abyssal Tier.


Withermoon Season Structure


Another change from previous Seasons includes a special choice-based prize where Gold Chests can typically be found in a branch. Just like Dragon Rider crafting shards, players will now have a choice of what resources to collect from certain prizes in Seasonal branches. The choices will allow players to claim either Gold Chests or a static amount of items that can be found in Gold Chests, such as Elemental Embers, Inner Fires, and Timers. If a Seasonal prize would originally distribute multiple Gold Chests, the equivalent value of that resource will reflect the quantity of Gold Chests in the alternative choice.


For example: A player comes upon a prize in a Seasonal line that originally offered Gold Chests to claim. Now, this player has the choice to claim the Gold Chests or instead claim Elemental Embers or Inner Fires. The prize will be an either / or structure, so once the chosen prize is claimed, it cannot be traded or changed.


Branches and Boosts

Limited Time Branches will make a return in the Withermoon Season! These branches will focus on a variety of resources and will appear for 1-2 weeks during the Season. After the 1-2 weeks has expired, the branches will disappear and prizes in them cannot be claimed further.


The branches themselves will be much shorter and cost fewer Sigils than their Legendary branch counterparts. They will not have Season Keys at the end of their lines, and they will feature a multitude of items to help you on your Dragons journey! More information about these branches will be announced as they become available.


Announced in last week’s Year of the Player update, Timer Missions will soon arrive in War Dragons! Timer Missions will give players the opportunity to choose between completing Timer or Breeding Token Missions from the Zeppelin Balloon, and they are set to release during the Withermoon Season. To support Timer Missions in-game, a new Timer Mission Bonus branch will be added to the Season as a way to provide a percentage boost to the amount of timers received throughout the Season. This will be similar in functionality to the current Egg Token Bonus branch. More information on the Withermoon Timer Mission Boost will be available in an upcoming update.


War Dragons - Hyaku

Meteor Wyrm

War Dragons - Hyaku

Born from a living meteor, this Dragon rains blazing rocks from its molten wings.


While the Withermoon is a time of dread and apprehension, not all paranormal occurrences during the event are to be feared. During the previous Withermoon, the citizens of Brightwater witnessed an abnormally large shooting star soar over the coastal town and crash into the ocean. Several of Brightwater’s fishermen reported the same event, though the object’s form could not be agreed upon. Many feared this was an omen of doom, but as the months passed and the Withermoon ended, it became clear that something else was happening entirely. The gossip of Brightwater during that long-past Withermoon was one of crop yields, which wedding had the best ale, and livestock health. Meanwhile the neighboring towns were beset with the usual horrors of a Withermoon, ranging from bad dreams to monstrous rampages from unleashed Void dragons. Best to appreciate good fortune whenever, and however, it appears.


Legendary Fire Warrior



  • Meteor - Active | White | 2 Rage

    • Deals 13% of the Dragon's Modified HP as damage to all towers in a target area and freezes them for 2 seconds.

  • Bloodfury - Active | Blue | 1 Rage

    • Dragon's Rage generation is slowed by 90% for the spell’s 4 second duration. Once activated, the spell immediately grants 3 Rage (for a net of +2) and destroying a tower heals the Dragon by 20% of the damage done to the tower. Spell has a 4 second cooldown.

  • Magic Barrier - Active | White | 0 Rage

    • Dragon becomes immune to all incoming damage for the spell’s 3.5 second duration. The spell’s invincibility blocks Mage Tower's supershots (Rage drain and Freeze effects). Spell has a 5 second cooldown.

  • Dark Flak Resist - Passive

    • Reduces incoming damage from Dark Flak towers by 70%.


Runes and Glyphs:


  • Epic Rune of Ferocity: Increases Bloodfury duration

  • Legendary Rune of Ferocity: Increases Bloodfury duration and increases Warrior HP

  • Mythic Glyph of Ferocity: Increases Bloodfury duration and increases Warrior HP


Hyaku Spotlight Video


Design Intent and Strategy:

Hyaku’s Sorcerer-esque spell kit focuses more on damage-dealing spells and healing, rather than debuffing towers and blocking incoming damage. Hyaku’s main damaging spell is Meteor, which heavily damages and freezes all towers in a small AOE manually targeted by the player. Hyaku requires effectively utilizing Bloodfury’s instant 3 rage gain in order to cast multiple Meteors needed to take down an island. 

Hyaku needs lots of Rage to function and therefore needs to protect that resource at all costs. Fortunately, the Dragon’s spell kit has multiple ways to safeguard their Rage stores. Carefully timed Meteors can freeze Rage-draining supershots mid-air. Additionally, Hyaku has Magic Barrier which can block any incoming supershots, Rage-draining or otherwise, if used correctly.

A strong opener for Hyaku is to use Meteor to freeze a clump of three towers, ideally inclusive of a mage tower. Hyaku should then focus down the Blue Mage tower to enable Bloodfury. Once the Blue Mage is down, Bloodfury can then be cast to generate enough rage to re-cast Meteor, which should destroy that group of frozen towers while simultaneously healing Hyaku for a large chunk of health.


Portrait: Void Priestess


War Dragons Portrait - Void Priestess


Discount Information

Hyaku’s entire Season branch will be discounted by 50% for two weeks from Wednesday, September 4th until Tuesday, September 17th.



War Dragons - Sho'Groth

Formless Horror

War Dragons Summerkai Season - Sho'Groth

A draconic beast of pure shadow, this creature absorbs all light around itself.


The Withermoon is an astrological event during which the metaphysical boundaries between Atlas and the Void are at their weakest. During this time, the abominable dragon-creatures of the Void are able to affect Atlas’s reality. Most simply wish to terrify Atlas’s citizens: instilling night-terrors, causing hallucinations, and otherwise wrapping Atlas in a blanket of fear. A few, however, have much more malicious schemes. The being known as Sho’groth seeks to unmake Atlas’s reality, and during this time, the waning boundaries between worlds allows the dragon’s corruption to spread through the land. Each Withermoon, many settlements report the unnatural rotting of crops, sickening of livestock, and tainting of water. The more rural regions of Atlas live in despair as they struggle to survive the lunar calamity. Sho’groth has yet to achieve the critical mass of wrongness needed to manifest itself physically in Atlas, but this Withermoon has brought more reports of Sho’groth’s corruption than ever before. The eldritch being’s power is growing, and unless the cause of this imbalance is discovered, Atlas may slip further under the Void’s influence even after the Withermoon has passed.


Legendary Dark Invoker



  • Invoke: Assimilate - Passive

    • Dragon's empowered breath attack deals 7% of the Dragon's Modified hp as bonus damage and has an increased area of effect. If any towers are destroyed by this ability, the Dragon heals 9% of its Modified HP per tower destroyed.

  • Writhe - Active | White | 1 Rage

    • Dragon cloaks for 3 seconds. While cloaked, the Dragon flies at 25% of its normal speed. After the cloak duration ends, the Dragon damages nearby buildings for 8% of its Modified HP. Damage dealt does not remove tower-disabling effects. Spell has a 1.5 second cooldown.

  • Entropy - Active | White | 1 Rage

    • Dragon's breath attack deals 50% increased damage for 4 seconds and causes towers to take 1.5% of the Dragon's Modified HP as damage per second. The poison effects will last until affected towers are destroyed. Spell has a 5 second cooldown.

  • Dark Flak Resist - Passive

    • Reduces incoming damage from Dark Flak towers by 70%.


Runes and Glyphs:

  • Epic Rune of Assimilation: Increases Invoke: Assimilate healing

  • Legendary Rune of Assimilation: Increases Invoke: Assimilate healing and increases Invoker attack

  • Mythic Glyph of Assimilation: Increases Invoke: Assimilate healing and increases Invoker attack


Sho'Groth Spotlight Video


Design Intent and Strategy:

Sho’groth primarily relies on its breath attack to take down bases, so the Dragon’s spell kit is built around supporting its high-damage fireballs. Invoke: Assimilate, Sho’groth’s empowered shot, has massively increased AOE and deals bonus damage based on Sho’groth’s modified HP. If the empowered shot destroys any towers, Sho’groth heals for each tower destroyed.

In order to make the most of Sho’groth’s sustain, players should aim to weaken towers with the Dragon’s spells and normal fireballs, before finishing them off with the empowered shot. To help weaken towers, Sho’groth has Entropy which increases Sho’groth’s breath damage and inflicts a permanent damage-over-time effect on any tower hit during the spell’s duration. Writhe, Sho’groth’s main protective spell, cloaks Sho’groth briefly and damages all nearby towers when the cloak ends.

A strong play pattern for Sho’groth is to cast Entropy at the beginning of an island, fire three normal fireballs at three different towers, and then cloak to avoid incoming fire and let the poison further damage  the towers. Once Writhe ends and deals damage, the islands’ towers should be low enough to finish off with the last empowered shot.


Portrait: Gustav, the Risen


War Dragons Portrait - Gustav, the Risen

War Dragons - Gig

Eye of the Cosmos

War Dragons  - Gig

This dragon's acute alien eyesight can spy on targets from orbit.


Come each Withermoon, Gig relishes in the opportunity to closely observe Atlas and its inhabitants. Gig seeks not the world’s immediate destruction but instead a complete understanding of Atlas’s social and scientific systems. This case study is not born from innocent curiosity, however. Gig believes that Atlas’s undoing will come most efficiently from a deliberate, methodical scheme rather than a chaotic, uncoordinated assault on Atlas’s citizens and culture. Why waste time inducing hysteria in the townsfolk when one could insight civil war or alter the world’s seasons? Such actions would result in a far more comprehensive annihilation of the world without risking disruption from Atlas’s flimsy resistance.


Mythic Dark Warrior



  • Cosmic Gaze - Active | White | 0 Rage

    • Fires a projectile at an automatically chosen tower. This projectile deals 75% of the Dragon’s Modified HP as damage. Dragon heals for 15% of its Modified HP on cast. Spell has a 5 second cooldown.

  • Evil Eye - Active | White | 0.4 Rage per Second

    • Evil Eye is a toggle spell that can be toggled on or off throughout the battle. While toggled on, the Dragon has 150% increased breath damage and gains a shield that reduces all incoming damage by 50%. While activated, the spell drains 0.4 Rage per second.

  • Roar From Beyond - Active | Red | 0 Rage

    • Damages nearby towers for 8% of the Dragon's Modified HP and reduces the affected towers' outgoing damage by 40% for the rest of the battle. Spell has an 8 second cooldown.

  • Elemental Resist - Passive

    • 50% damage reduction against all elemental attacks (Flaks and Beams).


Runes and Glyphs:

  • Epic Rune of the Cosmos: Increases Cosmic Gaze healing

  • Legendary Rune of the Cosmos: Increases Cosmic Gaze healing and increases Warrior HP

  • Mythic Glyph of the Cosmos: Increases Cosmic Gaze healing and increases Warrior HP


Gig Spotlight Video 


Design Intent and Strategy:

Gig is a unique Warrior in that the Dragon functions completely without Rage, instead balancing its tanky nature against its cooldowns. Gig’s main offensive spell is Cosmic Gaze. When cast, Gig restores some health and fires a bolt of cosmic energy that heavily damages a pre-prioritized tower, focusing first on Red Mage and Storm towers. To compliment easy mage tower destruction, Gig has Roar from Beyond. The spell damages all nearby towers and causes them to permanently deal less damage.

Despite Gig’s Rage-independant spell kit, the Dragon still generates Rage over time which requires an outlet for this universal resource. Enter Evil Eye. When toggled on, Evil Eye drains Gig’s Rage over time, in exchange for increased breath damage and damage resistance. Gig has no defense against Rage-draining supershots, so the Dragon will often be running on only a few bars of Rage. Gig can best manage their rage by carefully timing Evil Eye’s toggle. Activating the spell can quickly allow Gig to burn through a threatening tower or to block a big burst of damage before immediately toggling Evil Eye off. Gig must carefully manage its health pool though because as the longer the dragon survives, the more benefit it gains from its Rageless, long cooldown spells.


War Dragons - Narlyth

The Mask of Madness

War Dragons  - Narlyth

Master of schemes, a manipulative dragon god from beyond the stars.


Costin tossed a flour bag down onto the floor of the castle larder and coughed as white dust swirled around him. He wiped the errant flour off his featureless porcelain mask and his tunic and headed back through the kitchens. He nodded at the other servants bustling about, some with eyes sparkling through the holes of their masks and others with tired gazes and slumped shoulders. He emerged into the tropical sunlight while seagulls lazily flew up above and the fresh scent of the ocean drifted to his nose on the warm air. He nodded to the two guards at the gate in their beaten metal masks, slowed his walk, and finally, stopped on the cobblestones of the inner courtyard. He stared at the guards, puzzled. Didn't he know what their faces looked like? Why couldn’t he remember everyone's faces? Had they always worn masks all day, every day, or was that not normal just a few scant weeks ago? He stared for a moment more before his mind twanged back into place like a bowstring. Of course everyone wore masks as they always had. He resumed his stroll and went to fetch a bucket for the kitchens. Beneath the sunlight and beneath the courtyard and beneath the castle foundations, a newly-freed Narlyth lay coiled in an ancient grotto and warped the souls of those above.


Mythic Earth Hunter



  • Whispers of Madness - Active | Red | 2 Rage

    • A target tower is forced to attack other nearby towers for 7 seconds. After the spell's duration, the targeted tower is damaged for 99% of the Dragon's Modified HP. Spell has an 8 second cooldown.

  • Twisted Visage

    • Alternates between Mask of Misery and Mask of Mania. Both alternating spells have a 3 second cooldown.

      • Mask of Misery - Active | White | 0 Rage

        • Dragon sacrifices 15% of its Modified HP to recover 2 Rage immediately.

      • Mask of Mania - Active | White | 0 Rage

        • Drains all Hunter Ammo and restores 10 - 60% of the Dragon's HP, based on how much ammo is consumed. Dragon has increased Hunter Ammo regeneration for 2.5 seconds.

  • Reality Warp - Active | White | 1 Rage

    • Dragon cloaks for 2 seconds. While cloaked, the Dragon flies at 25% of its normal speed. After the cloak duration ends, the Dragon damages nearby buildings for 10% of its Modified HP. Damage dealt doesn't remove tower-disabling effects. After uncloaking, Dragon has 100% increased breath damage for 3 seconds. Spell has a 1 second cooldown.

  • Mind Spike - Active | White | 1 Rage

    • Deals 2,000% of the Dragon's Attack Power as damage to a target tower and restores 15% of the Dragon's Modified HP on cast. Spell has a 4 second cooldown.


Runes and Glyphs:

  • Epic Rune of Madness: Increases Reality Warp’s explosion damage

  • Legendary Rune of Madness: Increases Reality Warp’s explosion damage and increases Hunter Attack

  • Mythic Glyph of Madness: Increases Reality Warp’s explosion damage and increases Hunter Attack


Narlyth Spotlight Video 


Design Intent and Strategy:

Narlyth’s spell kit is particularly open-ended - the Dragon has multiple precision spells that each can be used in different situations. Narlyth’s main offensive tool is Whispers of Madness. When cast, the Dragon forces a target tower to attack other nearby towers while Narlyth can attack them without damage. At the end of the spell’s moderate duration, the “mind-controlled” tower takes massive, and frequently lethal, damage.

Whispers of Madness can be used to enhance Narlyth’s damage output, prevent a threatening tower from using Supershots, or just to serve as a delayed Death Gaze. In order to enable this powerful red spell, Narlyth has Mind Spike, which heavily damages all towers in a small area of effect and restores health on cast. While the spell’s primary use is to enable Whispers of Madness, the powerful nuke can also be to destroy any problematic tower, or it can just be cycled to restore some HP.

Narlyth’s main protective spell is Reality Warp. When activated, Narlyth cloaks briefly, and upon uncloaking, the spell deals damage to nearby towers while Narlyth gains a brief period of increased breath damage. Note, though, that Reality Warp’s cloak duration must fully finish for Narlyth to receive the damage bonus. Finally, to fuel all of this destructive spell-casting, Narlyth has a two-stage spell: Twisted Visage. The spell’s first cast, Mask of Misery, consumes a portion of Narlyth’s HP and restores Rage while the second cast, Mask of Mania, balances the health trade-off by converting all of Narlyth’s remaining ammo into health.

Narlyth relies on comboing its spells in quick succession when approaching an island. Narlyth should first focus down any Red Mage towers with Mind Spike, then quickly use Whispers of Madness on the most threatening tower, such as a Dark Flak. At the same time, players should be ready to dodge any incoming Rage-draining supershots with Reality Warp. The mind-controlled tower will likely destroy one of the remaining towers, so Reality Warp’s bonus breath damage should allow Narlyth to clean up the rest of the island.


War Dragons - Reginald

Private Investigator

War Dragons - Reginald


Skill Tree:


Skill Decription Skill Points Needed Skill Level Limit Buff per Level Total Buff Gain

Dragon HP

Increases Dragon HP 1 5 0.6


Dragon Attack Increases Dragon Attack 2 5 0.4 2
Dragon HP Increases Dragon HP 2 5 0.4 2
Dragon HP Increases Dragon HP 3 5 0.6 3
Dark Flak Tower Resist Increases Resistance to Dark Flak Towers 3 5 1.4 7
Fire Flak Tower Resist Increases Resistance to Fire Flak Towers 3 5 1.4 7
Dragon HP Increases Dragon HP 3 5 0.6 3
Dragon Attack Increases Dragon Attack 5 5 1.2 6
Dragon HP Increases Dragon HP 5 5 1.2 6
Dragon HP Increases Dragon HP 5 5 1.2 6
Dragon Attack Increases Dragon Attack 5 5 1.2 6
Rage Regeneration Increases Rage Regeneration 5 5 1.6 8


Crafting Shards Elements: Earth / Dark / Fire

Branch Details: Reginald’s Season Branch will have his Rider Shards and Crafting Shards mixed in throughout the entire branch.


Will you survive the Withermoon and take control of the ethereal powers of Dragons from the Void? Fly on over to the official War Dragons Forums to discuss these new Dragons with the community!

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