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Updates and Improvements Coming to Fight Pits

War Dragons - Fight Pits Updates & Improvements


Happy Monday, Dragon Lords!


To start the week off right, we’re introducing a series of improvements to the classic Fight Pits event. It’s been a while since this event was tweaked, and these updates should hopefully provide a more smooth and streamlined gameplay experience to get you and your team up to the Coliseum in no time!


Problems in the Pits


In discussions with the War Dragons Gameplay Faction, we’ve identified key pain points from the Fight Pits event that we honed in on to make some changes to. The most common problem statements we pinpointed were:


  • Higher-League teams often “sandbag” in Fight Pits (intentionally stay in a lower pit rather than be promoted to a higher pit and be zero-ed out by stronger teams)

  • The incentives to move to higher pits are too low (which also encourages sandbagging)

  • Players typically only play during the last 30 minutes of the round, as this is the most important time between each round that can turn the tide of promotion / demotion.


With these issues in mind, we set on a course to address each one and shake up the event to add extra dashes of fun.



War Dragons - Updated Fight Pits UI


Interface Improvements

User Interface (or UI for short) is incredibly important in conveying vital information with valuable retail space on a given device. To improve upon the UI of Fight Pits, we wanted to address existing pain points and introduce new additions based on the updates coming this week. Some of these improvements include:

  • A total rework of the Fight Pits screen in-game. Visuals have been updated to a more sleek and modern style like that of the new Fortification and Breeding screens.

  • Tapping into the event will now jump you to the active pit that your team is fighting to decrease the burden between screens.

  • Screen space has been expanded on select devices when choosing who to attack. Now, you’ll have plenty of room to see player stats and other important information.

  • While not entirely UI related, improvements have also been made to the in-game mail that is distributed during this active event, which will now include the Champion of each round and their Champion Bonus.


Fight Pits - Minimum Payout


Minimum Payouts

Minimum payouts are a new introduction to Fight Pits that are a minimum amount of VP that any Team can obtain in each pit for every round. The minimum amount is not guaranteed, however, as there is a level of effort required to obtain them.

All the pits will now grant teams a way to earn a team minimum payout of VP. How much minimum payout can be earned is based on where your team ends each round. The higher the pit your team is in currently, the higher potential minimum payout your team can earn.

During a round, all players on a team can help earn progress towards accumulating this minimum payout for all team members. Every attack during an active round will add 1% of the total minimum payout potential to the minimum payout pool. After 100 attacks, 100% of the potential payout will be considered. At the end of each round, a team’s final VP scored will be the higher number between the team’s actual VP and the minimum payout total. The team’s minimum payout cannot be stolen.


War Dragons - Pit Bonus


Pit Bonuses

In addition to minimum payouts, Pit Bonuses will be joining the Fight Pits event as an extra incentive to rise to the top.

All the pits will now have a Pit Bonus that generates team VP and cannot be stolen.  The higher your team is in the arena, the higher the Pit Bonus that can be earned. The Pit Bonus will start at a certain percent of your total points and the bonus will decay by a certain percent every half hour. The Pit Bonus will not apply to Mega Attacks. That means, the earlier you participate during a round, the more Pit Bonus VP you can earn for your team!

Here’s a breakdown of the Minimum Payouts and Pit Bonuses:


Arena Minimum Payout (VP) Pit Starting Bonus (%) Pit Decay every 30 min (%)
The Pit 0 48 4
The Keep 50,000 72 6
The Training Grounds 75,000 96 8
The Coliseum  125,000 120 10


What are your thoughts on the new and improved Fight Pits event? Join the discussion with fellow Dragon Lords on the Official Dragons Forums!

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