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Atlas Primarch Redesign

War Dragons - Atlas Primarch Redesign


Since the start of Atlas, Primarchs have remained largely the same with some always being more difficult to utilize and level compared to others. After discussions amongst the team and players, we’ve landed on wanting to encourage a system where all Primarchs can be used equally and more choice is given to the player through this upcoming redesign.

The newly designed Primarch system and matchups will release with Version 5.00 next week.


The Current State of Primarchs


There are currently 4 different types of main primarchs in the game: Destroyers, Taunters, Trappers, and Siegers. Each of these primarchs varies in Attack and Defense ratings. In the current system where the Attack rating is pitted against the Defense rating during an attack, certain primarchs will always be more powerful than others. For example, because Trappers have the highest Defense rating in the game, players will always strictly achieve worse battle results when attacking a Trapper as opposed to a Sieger (which has the lowest Defense rating). Similarly, a player who attacks with a Trapper will always achieve worse results than a player attacking with a different type primarch in the same battle due to the Trapper’s low Attack rating.

The current system lends itself to a few inherent problems. For one, the system makes leveling up the two defensive primarchs (Trapper, Taunter) incredibly difficult because not only does no one want to attack your primarch, your ability to attack anyone else without significant loss and difficulty is limited. This type of interaction actively discourages players from battling one another. Secondly, the lack of favorable matchup options has created a meta where attacking with Siegers and defending with Trappers is the most desirable, albeit unintended, primarchs to be used all the time.


A New Class Based System


New Atlas Primarch Matchups

To try and combat some of the issues we’ve highlighted in the “Current State of Primarchs” section above, we are introducing a new class based primarch system! In this new system:

  • At the same tier and level, all primarch types have the same attack & defense rating

  • The Trapper, Sieger, and Taunter primarch each have one favorable primarch matchup and one unfavorable matchup

    • The Taunter is strong against the Sieger

    • The Sieger is strong against the Trapper

    • The Trapper is strong against the Taunter

  • The primarch class advantage/disadvantage is applied through a debuff/buff to the defending primarch’s defense rating

  • The Fighter and Destroyer continue to be the most well-rounded primarchs and remain outside of the favorable or unfavorable matchup set-up.


Primarch Stat Changes


ALL primarchs in Atlas will have their attack and defense ratings adjusted according to the following table upon release.

War Dragons - Primarch Stat Changes

Class Buffs / Debuffs


Favorable Matchup

When attacking another primarch that you have a class advantage against, the enemy primarch’s defense rating will be decreased by 33%.

For Example:

  • Silver 1 Max Level Taunter attacking vs a Silver 1 Max Level Sieger

    • Taunter = 270 Attack rating

    • Sieger = 400 * 0.67 (Class Debuff) = 268 Defense rating


Unfavorable Matchup

When attacking another primarch that you have a class disadvantage against, the enemy primarch’s defense rating will be increased by 33%.

For Example:

  • Silver 1 Max Level Taunter attacking vs a Silver 1 Max Level Trapper

    • Taunter = 270 Attack rating

    • Trapper = 400 * 1.33 (Class Debuff) = 532 Defense rating


Interaction with Other Buffs

  • Seasonal Primarch Buffs

    • The class buff / debuff will be multiplicative with the season buff

    • E.g. a Silver 1 Max Level Taunter with a 25% season buff and class advantage will have the following defense

      • Defense Rating = (400 * 1.25 * 1.33) = 665

  • Fort Buff / Debuff

    • The Fort buff will be added to the primarch’s defense rating AFTER the class buff / debuff is applied


The formula to get a primarch’s final defense rating will be:

Primarch’s Defense Rating = (base stat * seasonal buff * class buff) + fort buff


Updated User Interface


Along with this update we are making some changes to the primarch attack menu UI and the castle primarch list.


Primarch Attack Screen

War Dragons - New Primarch Attack Menu


The left hand side of the attack screen will now show your primarch’s information. The primarch icon with the green arrow next to it in the top left corner indicates that the matchup is favorable for your primarch. The right hand side will show you your enemy primarch’s information where the primarch icon with the red arrow next to it indicates that the matchup is unfavorable for the enemy’s primarch. Clicking the info button on either side will bring up a breakdown of the respective primarch’s combat stats (as seen below)


War Dragons - Primarch Details Info



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