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Announcing the Fourth Dragon Class: Invoker

Invoker Class Announce

Battle like never before.


Hidden beneath the world, ancient secrets rested. Locked away and dormant, a veiled species awaited the arrival of a brave soul willing to discover its untold power. Travelers and tribespeople had heard rumours of the waiting ancients, but none were committed to the journey nor the effort needed to find them...Until one caught wind of these murmurs and set off on an adventure that would soon change the world.

Thus, the Invoker became known to all.


Dragon Lords, the fourth Dragon Class takes flight in War Dragons this Summer! Unique and mysterious powers belong to Invoker Dragons, which have special play patterns, spell sets, and strategies all their own. We’re here to break down the basics of the Invoker Class and build up more complex strategies to make these Dragons shine in your roster.

Invoker Class Events

Upcoming Invoker Events


Have any questions or want to learn more about War Dragons’ newest Class? Join Dragons developers at these Invoker events happening this week to ask your burning questions and chat more:


Origins of the Invoker


The Invoker Class is the fourth addition to the list of Classes available in War Dragons, joining the Hunters, Warriors, and Sorcerers of the world. You’ll recognize them in-game with their distinct Class icon and gameplay style.


At their core, Invokers could be classified as a marriage between Hunters and Sorcerers. Compared to other classes, Invokers have mid-range HP and strength, and similar to Sorcerers, a majority of their damage output will be derived from spells. Their play pattern is most similar to that of Hunters, where Dragon Lords can tap to fire basic breath attacks. However, there is more involved in the Invoker Dragons than a simple tap or spell.


War Dragons - Invoker Class Icon

The Invoker Class Icon


A Class All Its Own


A fourth Dragon Class comes with its own way to fly in battle and make its mark. It starts with a basic tap-to-fire attack. Invoker Dragons have 4 breath ammo total: the first 3 will shoot a projectile at enemies, while the 4th tap will discharge an “empowered shot”, which will provide a special attack, disabling effect, or other advantage in battle. This empowered shot’s effects and damage output will vary across different Invokers as they make their way to the game.


Once all 4 breath ammo are spent, all 4 of the Invoker ammo shots will regenerate in unison over a period of time. This means that all ammo will become available again at the same time, and won’t be able to be used until all ammo has recharged.


The Invoker Class is the only Class that features this new style of gameplay. The concept is easy enough to understand, but difficult to master. As you experiment with new Invoker Dragons in the world, complex and successful strategies will become available, and great success will follow.


A Visual Guide to Invokers


Much like Hunters, Warriors, and Sorcerers, Invoker Class Dragons have a unique body style and features that distinguish them from others. Being more mystical in nature, Invoker Dragons don’t have the expected front or back legs known to the other classes and take on a more ethereal shape as their wings cascade into a tail. While body styles categorize the class the best, you can expect to see a fresh array of head, wing, and tail designs that compliment these new Dragons.

Invoker Dragons still share the world with other Classes, and have features which also connect the species in appearance. Similar to Sorcerer Dragons, Invokers share the “flying serpent” design with graceful, snake-like bodies. Like Hunters, Invoker Dragons can move quickly and silently with their sleek, wing-like forearms, but their flight is often held aloft more by latent magical talents rather than the flapping of wings.


Please Note: Other elements shown above may change prior to release. This video is only meant to showcase the new Invoker ammo seen in the top right corner.


A Flight with the Fourth Class


Invoker Dragons follow the “tap-tap-tap-BOOM” playstyle, and will feature new visuals to show when ammo is ready, spent, and recharging. Here’s the breakdown:


War Dragons - Invoker Class: Full Ammo

Here, we see an Invoker Dragon ready to fire. The four circles in the top right corner (underneath the HP bar) that are filled with orange represent the four Invoker ammo shots that are able to be discharged.

War Dragons - Invoker Class: Partially Spent Ammo
At this point, an Invoker Dragon has spent a portion of their ammo, leading up to the largest circle, which is the empowered shot. The empowered shot always comes at the end of this sequence and will always deal an extra effect or damage boost, depending on the Invoker Dragon.
War Dragons - Invoker Class: Charged Shot
The empowered shot will be discharged like the previous ammo taps. You’ll know an empowered shot is firing as the large orange circle will empty in the Invoker’s ammo, and a red ring representing the attack’s range can be seen in the desired area of destruction (this is specifically for the first Invoker Dragon, which we’ll get to in just a bit).


When all four circles are empty, an Invoker Dragon is out of usable ammo, and must wait a small period of time to recharge for use once again. This reload time may vary across Invoker Dragons. Immediately after the empowered shot is cast is when the four Invoker ammo circles will begin to fill.


War Dragons - Invoker Class: Recharging
Once Invoker ammo is depleted, all four circles will begin charging in unison, which is indicated by the orange color refilling among all four ammo circles at once, as well as the blue bar at the bottom of the screen filling from left to right. Additionally, a swirling blue glow will encompass the Dragon to visually show their ammo recharging.


War Dragons - Invoker Class: Fully Charged
Once fully charged, a blue light will emanate off of the Dragon briefly, and the four orange circles will glow to indicate they are ready for use. Please note: The first Invoker Dragon takes on a more blue appearance, and the color of the glow on each Invoker Dragon may differ based on their designs.

Mastering the Invoker play style is essential to successful flights with these new Dragons. While the best strategies will be in combination with each Dragon’s spells, locking down the ammo basics will be half the battle - the other half being the real battle!


War Dragons - Namaka

Namaka, the First Invoker


Invoker Dragons will begin to appear more frequently in the world of War Dragons as new Seasons and Dragon Tiers are revealed. The first Invoker Dragon discovered comes from the upcoming Summer Season, and is the Goddess of the Tides: Namaka.


Namaka will be available as one of the two Mythic Dragons in the Summer 2019 Season. Players can obtain Namaka through the Seasons Key system (originally announced in this blog post), and there will be multiple opportunities outside of that to experience this new Class’ power.


Being an Invoker Dragon, Namaka’s empowered shot (4th in the sequence) will feature area-of-effect damage and adds a freezing effect to target towers. The radius of this damage should be able to hit up to 2 towers at equal damage to both.


Let’s take a sneak peek at Namaka’s spells and how they relate to Invoker ammo gameplay!


  • Invoke: Freeze - Passive | Yellow

    • The Dragon's empowered breath attack freezes towers for 2 seconds and deals 13% of the Dragon's Modified HP as bonus damage.

  • Cresting Wave - Active | Red | 1 Rage

    • Upon activation, Cresting Wave deals 1,500% of the Dragon's Attack Power as damage to a target tower and restores 20% of the Dragon's Modified HP on cast. Spell has a 4 second cooldown.

  • Deflecting Gale - Active | White | 2 Rage

    • The Dragon dodges all incoming projectile attacks and supershots and deals 3.5% of its Modified HP as damage to all nearby towers per second for the spell’s 5 second duration. The spell instantly reloads the Dragon’s ammo resources by 100% to full. Dragon flies at 25% of its original speed throughout the spell’s duration. Spell has an 8 second cooldown.

  • Elemental Resist - Passive | Yellow

    • 50% damage reduction against all elemental attacks (Flaks and Beams).


Strategic Intent from Dragons Designer, PGLawson:

Namaka is the first dragon of the Invoker class. Invokers combine the precision-attacks of Hunters with the AOE-burst and protection spells of Sorcerers. Namaka’s kit revolves around frequently using the fourth-shot bonus from her breath attack, which freezes towers and deals bonus damage in an area of effect. A powerful opener is to use your first salvo, focusing any Red Mage and Storm Towers, then quickly use Deflecting Gale to instantly recover your ammo and freeze the other towers. With your breath attack on cooldown, Cresting Wave can easily pick off any remaining towers. Namaka is most vulnerable when out of ammo, so make sure you either have Deflecting Gale or Cresting Wave available to cast. Don’t be afraid to use your ammo on one or two towers, however. Namaka’s freeze effect prevents towers from attacking for a good chunk of the reload time. Alternating that with Deflecting Gale, Namaka fliers can either prevent or dodge a significant portion of incoming damage.


War Dragons - Invoker Shrine Dragon

Take Flight with the New Invoker


We realize that a Mythic Divine Dragon won’t be the easiest to obtain the first day it’s available. For that reason, we’ve given Ryuu the Shrine Dragon a brief vacation at the start of the upcoming Summer Season so players have a chance to fly Namaka!


To activate this flight with Namaka, players will need to successfully defend 5 times in-game and the Dragon will automatically be added to the active roster for one run. Once the run is complete, the Dragon will be removed from the roster, exactly the same as Ryuu. Defend another 5 times and Namaka will unlock once again!


Take flight with Namaka beginning at the start of the Summer Season on June 5th until June 11th and from June 19th to the 25th. You’ll have two weeks to fly Namaka with one week in between that Ryuu will be back. This is to ensure that the first Invoker Dragon won’t turn the tide for any Wars happening during the second week of the Summer Season. Any defenses that unlock the Shrine Dragon within the two active weeks will summon Namaka until Ryuu returns from their beachfront cabana as the Shrine’s permanent Dragon companion on June 26th.


The first Invoker Dragon comes to War Dragons this Summer Season, beginning on Wednesday June 5th. What are your thoughts on the newly discovered Class? Fly over to the War Dragons Forums and join the AMA at 3pm PT today and chat with fellow Dragon Lords.

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