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The Year of the Player Update #2 - Mega Coin Updates and More

War Dragons 2019 Update #2

Quality of Life Improvements and More!


Greetings, Dragon Lords!

Welcome back to another installment of the Year of the Player Updates, where we detail the latest and greatest coming to War Dragons. Since our last update, new features have joined the Quality of Life roster, and many more are planned up ahead. Let’s take a look!


Improvements from May and June

(as of 6/26/19)


Between these Year of the Player (YotP) Updates, we’ve introduced a variety of additional features and perks that can be seen below:


Bug Fixes

  • In Atlas, an issue was fixed in 5.00 where the camera would pan over the edge of the world’s map.

  • Rune functionality fixes were released alongside the 5.01 update. For these specific Runes, the name will remain the same, and functionality will be updated based on the list in our Release Notes.

  • A fix to the Southern Cross Spell was released in the 5.01 update.

  • Breeding UI scrolling has been fixed as of the 5.01 update.


Quality of Life Improvements

  • The amount of energy needed to complete Wildfire attacks have been reduced from 80 flames to 50!

  • Last week, improvements to Fight Pits debuted that introduced Minimum Payouts and Pit Bonuses to the event. For more information on that, check out the latest blog!

  • Maximum Dragon XP payout from attacks will now scale to level 455 instead of level 387, increasing the XP gain from attacks as player level increases.


Improvements Today and Beyond


In the present day, what can you expect to see coming to War Dragons? Here’s a list of upcoming features to expect in the near future.


Assault Event & Multi-Event Weeks

War Dragons - Multi-Event Weeks


An event reforged for battle, Assault returns to War Dragons this week! There are tons of prizes to obtain and bases to crush under your power. Additionally, for the first run of Assault, all attacks will cost only 2 energy! All the details can be found on the Dragons blog.


In addition to Assault, this week marks the introduction of Multi-Event weeks, where more than one event will run simultaneously alongside another. This week, we have Assault and Breeding that will run concurrently from 6/26 - 7/1. Multi-Event Weeks are a way to get even more prizes in a week when minor events take such little time to complete. This way, you’ll be racking up event points for all five days!


Mega Coin Updates


For those deep in the inner workings of Dragons PvP events, many are no stranger to a combat tactic commonly referred to as “Mega Quit”. This happens when a player attacks using a Mega Coin, then quits immediately after the battle has been initiated. The player loses out on 50% of their possible winnings, but saves quite a bit on time, making it a headache for anyone on the other side of the Coin.


The team has seriously considered how to best solve this issue around Mega Coin usage. We want players to feel empowered to make destructive attacks with the Coin, yet we feel that a more-than-minimal level of effort should be required to prevent these quits. To make our PvP events feel more competitive, we have modified the way Mega Coin functions to reward players based on the amount of damage they deal to a base as seen below:


Percent of Base Destroyed using Mega Coin Original Percent of Points Received New Percent of Points Received
0% 50% 0% - Mega Coin Refunded
1% - 69% 50% 1% - 69%, based on % Completed
70% - 100% 100% 100%


These changes will be live during one of the next two PvP events, depending on what our internal testing results return. Once the feature is ready to release, we’ll be sure to notify everyone about the incoming changes!


The YotP Forums Thread


As we publish new Year of the Player Updates, we’ll continue to update the living thread on the Forums that is designed to provide that chronological snapshot of all 2019 improvements, as mentioned in our first update. Give it a bookmark or check back anytime a new YotP releases for the latest information!


Year of the Player - Living Forums Thread


What are your thoughts on the latest Quality of Life features? What would you like to see join this list the future? Head over to the War Dragons Forums to discussion with fellow Dragon Lords, and give War Dragons a follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates as soon as we have them!

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