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An Entirely Community Created Rider - Oksana, the Dread Hunter

Meet Oksana, the Community Created Dragon Rider!


Oksana has come a long way from that day in October 2017 when the Dragons Community team hosted a livestream with one of our Dragons artists, Johannes, to create a new Dragon Rider for the Spring 2018 Season. After she was created, we showed her to the community to get suggestions on her name and lore. Then, it was back to the community to vote on the top 10 names. The winning name, subtitle, and lore for Oksana were submitted by Sacha1976. Now, this community created rider is coming to the game on Wednesday, March 21st!


Oksana's first page of her Seasons branch will be discounted by 50% for two weeks. The first 28 prizes of the branch will contain all of the rider shards needed to get her to her max level of 50. The second half of her branch holds her "Dragonfire Armor" set, which she dons before aiding dark dragons, such as Avyx and Necryx, in battle. While she can provide a power boost to any dragon without wearing her armor, when she wears the Dragonfire set, she can only ride upon dark dragons.




The Dread Hunter


War Dragons - Oksana

An outcast, a hybrid born from dragon and rider, Oksana moves swiftly through the shadows of the forest. Her dragonfire bow ready at her side to launch poison tipped arrows into the hearts of any who dare threaten her sanctuary. She is the Dread Hunter of the night, maker of her own justice when all else have forsaken her.


Skill Tree:


Skill Decription Skill Points Needed Skill Level Limit Buff per Level Total Buff Gain
Dragon Attack
Increase Dragon attack 1 5 0.6


Dragon HP  Increase Dragon HP 1 5 0.2 1
Dragon Attack Increase Dragon attack 1 5 0.2 1
Dragon HP  Increase Dragon HP 2 5 0.2 1
Dragon XP Gain Increase Dragon XP gain 2 5 1 5
Dragon Training Decrease Dragon training cost 2 5 -1 -5
Dragon Attack Increase Dragon attack 2 5 0.6 3
Totem Debuff Resist Decrease enemy totem debuff 3 5 -0.8 -4
Dragon HP  Increase Dragon HP 5 5 1 5
Archer Tower Resist Increase resist against Archer Tower 5 5 2 10
Ice Turret Resist Increase resist against Ice Turret 5 5 2 10
Dragon Attack Increase Dragon attack 5 5 1 5





Dragonfire Armor


Gear Element: Dark


Gear Modifiers:


Gear Name Modifier Buff Gained by Armor (%)
Dragonfire Vitality Boots Dragon HP 1.8
Dragonfire Battle Plate Dragon Attack 1.8
Dragonfire Vitality Gloves Dragon HP 1.8
Dragonfire Battle Helm Dragon Attack 1.8
Dragonfire Vitality Pants Dragon HP 2.6
Dragonfire Battle Ring Dragon Attack 2.6
Dragonfire Vitality Shield Dragon HP 3.8
Dragonfire Battle Bow Dragon Attack 3.8






Oksana's branch will also contain portraits of the Morphos Knight, which is an evolving portrait version of Oksana. 

War Dragons - Morphos Knight 1 

Portrait 1


War Dragons - Morphos Knight 2 

Portrait 2


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