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WAR DRAGONS Launches Novel, All Things Burn, on Appreciate a Dragon Day

Pocket Gems, the creators of WAR DRAGONS are announcing that the game’s literary adaptation, WAR DRAGONS: All Things Burn, is launching today today for Appreciate a Dragon Day. The novel, which is available for download now on Amazon here and Apple’s iBooks here, is a prequel to the game.

The WAR DRAGONS universe is defined by chaos and flame. Everyday, ominous shadows overhead precede the destruction of carefully architectured bases and kingdoms. But it was not always this way. In days past, the benevolent guildleaders from the island of Atlaua ruled the land through the ability to speak with dragons. All that changed when an orphan child washed up on Atlaua’s shores. He would grow into a mighty soldier, ruthless general and eventually an immortal warlord. A man who would show the world that just as all things grow, all things burn. They call him Gustav, leader of the Blackbloods.

WAR DRAGONS: All Things Burn documents Gustav’s rise to power through his own eyes, as well as through the viewpoint of Ash, a commander in Gustav's Blackblood Army who after years of doing Gustav's bidding, is orchestrating a revolution to take back her homeland. The novel was written by award-winning author Brian Oliu (SO YOU KNOW IT’S ME, LEAVE LUCK TO HEAVEN, I/O) and edited by Michael Rudin (CALL OF DUTY: DEVIL'S BREATH, CALL OF DUTY: RIGHTFUL KING).

“Let me proclaim this from the beginning, then. If there can be no peace for me, then there will be no peace for anyone," said Gustav, the evil leader of the Blackbloods (in the story).

The book features six teams from WAR DRAGONS who won the game’s Great Contest last December. The winning teams were written into the fiction of the book as the powerful guilds which played a pivotal role in Gustav’s bloody journey to becoming a despot.

WAR DRAGONS: All Things Burn is available for download on iBooks for free and on Amazon for 99 cents.

To delve even further into WAR DRAGONS: All Things Burn, join the live interview featuring Brian Oliu and Michael Rudin on the official War Dragons Twitch channel on Wednesday, January 20, 2016 at 3 PM Pacific.


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