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Team Achievements Reveal

Who will help your team to the top?

Are you and your team great at working together to get through an event? Does your team need some more incentive to participate in the event? If you answered yes to either question, Team Quests are just the new feature for you!


How do Team Achievements work?

Team Achievements are added prize tiers that teams can claim during the event based on player achievements within the team. Every team has the opportunity to hit achievement levels, but these levels are only possible if more players participate.

An example tier would be “1000 points : 5 Team Members” Once a team has 5 team members each scoring 1000 points, every player on that team will be able to access that prize.


Note: Team Quests have been renamed to Team Achievements. Any screenshots below showing Team Quests will now be renamed to Team Achievements.


Team Quests

Additionally, team members and officers are able to send event specific participation reminders to their teammates similar to war reminders. Only one can be sent to teammates every 24 hours. 


Team Quests Reminders


How can I access Team Achievements?

Teams will have access to a new tab within the “Prizes and Ranks” tab labeled “Team Achievements.” In this tab, players can claim prizes as they would individual event prizes, but the prizes here are based on team event participation.


War Dragons - ANUBA


When will this feature be available?

Teams will get to experience this new feature very soon! We are currently aiming for the next 1-2 weeks and will provide further updates via our Official Forums.



Q: Will these be available to teams in all leagues?

A: Yes, all teams will be able to gain these prizes.


Q: Are these going to be able in events moving forward?

A: Currently, the team is planning to launch team achievements in every event going forward.


Q: Are achievements only related to team members and the number of points scored per event?

A: Team Achievements will launch with prizes that require team contribution in events in the form of scoring points in the event. Things are in the works to introduce more forms of quests to players in the future.


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