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2.70 Update Overview

Dragon Lords, the last major update of the year is here! Here's an overview of the latest inclusions so you and your team will be in the know.


Persistent Armory 
No more waiting for event days! We’ve now added an armory for you to unlock your chests everyday. The new version of the armory also features special fanfare when opening your chests.

Gilding and Monument for Season 1 Winners 
Earlier this year, players and teams competed for Top 100 placements in Season 1! The Top 100 Players will receive special gilding for their Castles and the Top 100 Teams will have a beautiful monument displayed on their bases. These will be coming soon, along with an announcement blog so we can celebrate their epic achievements.

Ice Shock Cooldown
The spell Ice Shock, currently found on Phasmos, will now have a cooldown visual so players can better time the spell's usage. No mechanics were changed.


Garnet Tier Dragons
A new tier above Sapphire was introduced! There are now seven new dragons to collect with brand new abilities to learn. Each will be found in our Game Info soon and you can head to the Fan Site to learn more!
Note: Max Power values are without any research bonuses applied. Your personal power value will vary.

Warrior | Legendary | Dark | Max Power: 16,895,385
Spells: Malefic Breath, Heat Shield, Seething Spark,Trebuchet Resist

Sorcerer | Legendary | Fire | Max Power: 16,895,385
Spells: Southern Cross, Nocturnal Fissure, Spell Flux, Cannon Resist

Hunter | Legendary | Ice | Max Power: 16,895,385
Spells: Crystalline Shield, Crumble to Dust, Cloak, Ice Turret Resist

Hunter | Legendary | Earth | Max Power: 16,895,385
Spells: Crystalline Shield, Desiccating Sandstorm, Steal Essence, Fire Turret Resist

Sorcerer | Legendary | Dark | Max Power: 16,895,385
Spells: Northern Lights, Umbral Spike, Thunderstorm, Archer Resist

Warrior | Legendary | Ice | Max Power: 16,895,385
Spells: Dreadful Roar, Superheated Breath, Battle Cry, Lightning Resist

Aquileas and Austeros
Sorcerer | Mythic | Earth | Max Power: 21,627,242
Spells: Northern Lights, Southern Cross, Celestial Dance, Cosmic Energy

New Spells
New spells have been added to accompany the Garnet Tier, and a few are included on the Winter Season's divines!

Garnet Spells Color Rage Cost Note Description
Crystalline Shield Blue 2   Several shards of ice protect you, sacrificing themselves to stop projectiles and reducing damage from beam attacks
Dreadful Roar Red 2   Inflict nearby buildings with Gloom Clouds and increase their damage taken
Malefic Breath Blue 1   Dragon's flamethrower attack will inflict poisonous Gloom Clouds on targeted buildings
Northern Lights Blue 2   Invincible shield that creates Heal or Rage marks when destroyed, based on the Light or Dark version of your spell
Southern Cross Red 3   Deals damage to buildings and restore either Health or Rage, based on the Light or Dark version of your spell
Celestial Dance White 0 Unique to Aquileas and Austeros Alters the nature of your other spells to heal or generate rage, based on the Light or Dark version of your spell
Cosmic Energy Passive Passive Unique to Aquileas and Austeros Passive: When Celestial Dance is used, removes all debuffs if HP is higher than 50%


Dragon Perches Tech
We're getting ready to release Dragon Perches, a new way to add defense and show off older dragons you've colleted! We will keep you posted on more details of this feature when we're closer to its launch.

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