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Join the Fight to End AIDS with War Dragons, Apple, and (RED)

Dragon Lords,

We are proud to announce:

War Dragons, Apple, and (RED) are working together to help create an AIDS-free generation.

Join us. From now until December 6, 2016, 100% of the proceeds from your purchase of (HEROES)RED Pack goes to fight AIDS with (RED).

Click here to view it in the in-game store.

The (HEROES)RED Pack includes Raetrix, an exclusive dragon with powerful healing abilities, and two exclusive portraits, Althea and Rian.

As you fly into battle, fellow Dragon Lords will know:
You’ve joined the fight to end AIDS.

Every day 400 babies are born with HIV. If we act now, we can get that close to zero by 2020.

Together, we can deliver an AIDS FREE GENERATION. We can end transmission of HIV from moms to their babies by 2020.

What will it take? Treatment that costs 30 cents per day.

17 million people are now accessing life-saving HIV medication.

37 million people in the world are still living with HIV. Over half of them do not have access to medicine – the kind that not only keeps people living with HIV alive and healthy, but also help HIV+ moms give birth to HIV free babies.

We can end AIDS by 2030. Only if we act now.

We invite you to learn more about (RED) and the organization’s efforts by visiting their official Facebook Page, Twitter, and Instagram.
For more insight into the Games for (RED) campaign by Apple, please visit

Thank you for being a part of our community.

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Your actions matter. Together we can win this.

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