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We’ve all been there before. You’re doing a little cleaning to fix up your place and while checking between the couch cushions, what falls out? That’s right, runes left behind by the Ancients.

This is kind of what happens in update 2.0. Ash lets you know that, during the construction of a tower, a bunch of ancient runes were discovered. It’s officially rune time, everybody!

What are runes? In short, they’re glowing helpers that can strengthen your dragons and towers. There are two types (runes and glyphs) each with five possible rarity levels (common, rare, epic, legendary, mystic).

You can equip up to five runes to a specific dragon or tower. They grant different boosts such as Common Battle Cry, Rare Cloak, and Epic Trebuchet Resist. Once equipped, runes can only be unequipped by salvaging them for dust. Runes can be upgraded using this dust. Choose wisely!

If you missed our preview stream to see runes in action, catch these highlights for a brief walkthrough.


Here's a comic that we whipped up which hints at the runes' mysterious origins:

We’re really excited about these and hope you all will be too! Download update 2.0 to start playing with runes and leave your enemies in ruins!

Speaking of 2.0…

Other 2.0 Updates

Aside from runes, here are some other updates that you can look forward to in the latest update...

  • New app icon commemorating the arrival of Runes.
  • Training base owners now receive less medals per defense.
  • Improved battle invites. They will now be shown for a longer period of time.
  • Improved event menu performance.
  • Improved the event island and it now includes a sea-worthy ship! Yarr.
  • Improved bookmarks.
  • Upgraded support integration.
  • Fixed a bug where League Chat was not loading.
  • Fixed the annoying stuck replay bug.

Events- Team Gauntlet

This weekend’s event will be Team Gauntlet! Battle your way across the ocean and liberate island chains from Gustav’s despotic rule!

Win prizes 3 ways:

  1. My Progression the more damage you deal to Gustav’s bases, the better the prizes
  2. My Rank based on damage dealt to bases
  3. Team Rank in division is based on Victory Points (VP)

How to Liberate an Island Chain

  • Each island chain has a lot of HP!
  • Attack it to destroy HP (and earn points) proportional to the towers you destroy
  • To earn more points:
    • Use Inner Fire spell boosts for +100% more HP destroyed each. Find these in The Armory!
    • Attack more challenging island chains
  • Attacks use energy, which regenerates over time
  • When an island chain runs out of HP, your team:
    • Wins VP (faster liberation → more VP)
    • Unlocks the next island chain (which is richer in both points and defenses!)
  • Gustav will eventually reconquer island chains.  Liberate it again to earn more points

PvP Islands

  • Islands belonging to an enemy team will randomly appear.  That team will also see an island belonging to your team!
    • Destroy it to earn a ton of VP
    • Destroy it before they destroy your island to steal 5% of their VP

All Things Burn


In case you’ve been living under a dragon, you may have missed that our official book ‘WAR DRAGONS: All Things Burn’ launched last weekend! Be sure to download it for 99 cents on Amazon and for free Apple iBooks.


To celebrate the launch, we gave away some sweet limited-run posters this week that you can still get for a limited time in our merch store and as HD wallpapers on our Website!

We’d also like to give another round of congratulations to the six teams who won the Great Contest and were written into the book! Read it to see where their cameos are:

  1. Dreadnought
  2. Equilibrium
  3. LethalSquad
  4. Dragongasm
  5. AncientsAscent
  6. AtariOverload

Finally, be sure to check out Pixxel’s interview with the book’s author and editor here as well!

New Trailer- Eternal Glory

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Check out our latest trailer, Eternal Glory!

Coming soon on Twitch...

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If you haven’t tuned in to our Twitch channel yet, be sure to stop by for the next one. Our fearless host, Pixxel, gives away cool stuff, interviews players, previews new features and does lots of other cool stuff!

  • Wednesday, February 3 | 3 PM - 4 PM Pacific / 11 PM - 12 AM GMT
  • Wednesday, February 10 | 3 PM - 4 PM Pacific / 11 PM - 12 AM GMT

What about Android???

We’re working on it! It’s coming soon, we promise!

Community Spotlight

We’ll leave you with some pretty sweet fan art that @_Dark_Deity_ showed us on Twitter. If you’ve got something you want us to share, give us a roar on Twitter or Facebook or the forums!

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