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Announcement: Atlas Launch Party Live Stream

Live Stream Logo


Prepare for the Atlas Live Stream!

Coming next Friday, Pixxel and Arelyna will be giving players the ability to join in on the action happening at the Atlas Launch Party on October 27th! The stream will take place from 8pm PST - 10pm PST over on our Twitch channel. Players will be able to participate in on-stream giveaways, chat with other players, and catch interviews with the Atlas team and members of the War Dragons community.



Live Stream Schedule

Dragon Lords, here's what you can expect from this evening's live stream! We're pumped to bring some notable figures within the community to the stream.
Each segment will also give viewers a chance to win one of our exclusive Atlas Launch swag bags! 
Each swag bag contains:

  • A magical mug that changes designs when touched with the heat of a dragon's breath 
  • A premium Dodo pin, so you can take your loveable goofball anywhere
  • A brand new War Dragons shirt not found anywhere else

8:00pm PST: Stream Starts

  • Intro with Pixxel and Arelyna
  • Interview with Atlas Lead, David Underhill
  • Interview with Red
  • Interview with Vulpsie
  • Interview with AustenMarie
  • Interview with BeledinesSoul
  • Dragon Speaker Author Reading
  • Wind down with Pixxel and Arelyna

10:00pm PST: Atlas Team Toast


Special Guests:

Guests for the event include:

  • David Underhill aka PG Dave
    Atlas Lead. He’ll be speaking about Atlas as a whole and how it has been going so far. To check out his recent Q&A on our blog, click here.

  • Red aka TheRedDelilah
    War Dragons Creators Faction member, number cruncher, and elite strategist. Red has created too many resources for the War Dragons community to count — her most popular being her breeding guides! Learn more about her in her Dragon Lord Spotlight and catch one of her live streams on Twitch

  • Vulpsie | @vulpsie
    Artist and Twitch streamer. She participated in our April Twitch Creative Creates a War Dragon community event. Check out her Twitch stream and her creative entry statue below.

 ​Vulpsie Den         

  • AustenMarie | @austenmarietv
    Variety broadcaster and digital artist. She participated in our Twitch Creative Creates a War Dragon community event. Her design won the community vote and became what Nydryr now is in game! Follow her on Twitch to keep up with her latest adventures in gaming and art!


Nydryr Den  

  • BeledinesSoul
    Author, War Dragons Guild Leader, and overall Dragons Fanatic. Players have probably seen her comics on Twitter, but she is also is the author of Dragon Speaker and the upcoming Dragon Child. Check out the current giveaway for a Dragon Box, containing her new book, or her previous Dragon Spotlight.

Join the conversation during the event via Twitch chat on our channel!

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