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July's Dragon Lord Spotlight - SupermanRR

This month's Dragon Lord spotlight features SupermanRR, an accomplished guild leader in the game. His guildmate, Hott, nominated him for his excellent leadership abilities, the work he's done creating Platinum breeding guides, and his desire to help out everyone around him! Read on to dive into the knowledge that SupermanRR has to share.

When did you start playing War Dragons?

[A]: Based on my Elite Account, I have stopped being social IRL for about 10 months. ;]


How did TheRainbowRoom come into existence?

[A]: The TheRainbowRoom was one of the world’s best teams in the game Knights & Dragons and the team moved over as a group to start a team here in War Dragons. Some of the original players are still on the team today.  The name TheRainbowRoom comes from the famous rooftop restaurant in the Rockefeller Building in NY..


We hear you've had previous experience in Diamond League. What lessons did you learn during your time there and how does it compare to being in Sapphire League?

[A]: Diamond is the Major Leagues. The first time we went we got wrecked. We weren’t ready and lost 5-6 lost wars daily.  After we spent time improving the team and dragons we returned for an unexpected visit in and we were in a much better place.  We lost only one war in Diamond to DREADNOUGHT that week aside from the ones we threw to get back to Sapphire.  We were excited to go back to Sapphire league. The team enjoys the flavor of different teams with the weekly league switch and we prefer events at the pace of Sapphire leagues.


What is your greatest accomplishment as a guild?

[A]: Our bounce-back after our first trip to Diamond. We faced Diamond disintegration and built back to 50 strong! We are focused on team goals, like finishing wars in under 12 hours and a 10th place finish in Season 1!  The team works really hard at being competitive and having fun.


Why do you think your guild has been so successful?

[A]: The people.  We have a lot of experience in our leadership and the best players on the team. Each ‘leader’ (I don’t have officers) on my team can step up at any given point and run the team the same way I do, if not better. Every team member is part of our FAMILY and we treat each other as such.  We celebrate birthdays, know about each other’s passions and interests and some of us have even met for dinner IRL!   I wouldn’t trade my team for any other in the game.


What advice do you have for other guild leaders or people looking to start their own guilds?

[A]: Surround yourself with smart people that care.  Let them help you lead the team and don’t try to do it all yourself.  Find a balance between being competitive, having fun, and being social.  Don’t lose sight of the 50.  Big or small, every member is important.


Your guildmate, Hott, mentioned you had a great Platinum breeding guide! Where can other players find this?

[A]: The breeding guides are on the forum right here!  They build off the original work of Abombs and Amoeba.  RaeDragon and I created 5 complete breeding paths so that the War Dragons community had options.  Whether you prefer Sorcerers, Hunters, or Warriors, we have created a plan for you regardless of level!


Surround yourself with smart people that care.


What initially drew you to War Dragons?

[A]: Besides it being the best mobile game available?  The team aspect of this mobile game is second to none.  Being able to attack, defend, war, event, chat and share resources together as a family are some of the things that make this game truly unique.


Why have you stuck with the game?

[A]: My in-game family and the competitive nature of the game. Also, new dragon tiers and new events keep it fresh.


What dragon are you going to be targeting in the next breeding event?

[A]: I will hatch Rizar, Vulcan, Cerbero, Chthotuethis, Kulan, Kelvin, & Kaiju.


What are your current goals within War Dragons?

[A]: Hott & RIPKG are leaders on my team that have earned all dragons in the game.  My goal is to do the same in the next 60 days. I also have a goal to fly my hunters like RIP as well.  Should only take about 4 years to accomplish that L.  Lastly, I have a team goal to help every player get to where they want to be with their dragons.


Who's your favorite non-RainbowRoom player in War Dragons?

[A]: SummerSolstice from Dreadnought.  She is brilliant and I have witnessed her be very selfless in helping other guild leaders. She also kicks major @$$ with her dragons!


Team goal: to help every player get where they want to be...


What other games do you enjoy playing?

[A]: There are other games besides War Dragons?  I seriously thought about downloading the PokemonGo game but I’m afraid my Rizar (once hatched) will eat Pikachu for breakfast.


When you're not playing War Dragons, what else do you love to do in your free time?

[A]: I’m Superman.  Fly around and stuff.  Beat up Batman.  Save people.  The usual stuff J.  And I’m also married to a beautiful young lady and I have 4 daughters that keep me busy.  Yup.  4 daughters.  Trying for the boy used to take up my free time.


Lastly... Is a hotdog a sandwich?

[A]: Nope.  A hot dog is exactly like a taco.  Except for the bread.  And the meat.  And the toppings.  Aside from those things, exactly like a taco.


Thank you, SupermanRR! We'd also like to give a big shoutout to Hott for her nomination and to all of TheRainbowRoom for their excellent teamwork. 
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