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Springblossom Second Wave - The Dawn of New Branches!

Springblossom Wave 2 Announce

Base Boost details, a community-created Rider, and a new Legendary Dragon!


The sun shines brightly on us as Spring settles in across the land of Dragons! This week, new Seasonal content arrives, includes a brand new branch, a community-created Rider, and a new Legendary Dragon. Bring the fire to your enemies with the Blazing Warlord, Goda, and wreak havoc in the Sacred Ridge with the Maiden of the Shrine, Kazane. Plus, apply universal Attack and HP buffs to your base with the all new Base Boost branch!


Goda, Kazane, and the Base Boost branch were previewed last week on the War Dragons livestreams. To watch each of these archived livestreams, visit War Dragons on Twitch and Facebook Live, and subscribe to be notified when new previews are shown!


This week, the Dragons community team will be showing off the new Seasonal additions on our weekly streams, along with Kazane bonded to the Mythic Sorcerer, Zenko. Catch the show live on Twitch this Wednesday (4/3) at 3pm PT and Facebook Live this Thursday (4/4) at 2pm PT!


The Base Boost Branch

War Dragons - Base Boost Branch

The Base Boost Branch in the Springblossom Season! Please Note: Certain prizes will have a choice of which item to obtain in the 2nd and 4th columns.


Following the announcement of this branch in the Season announcement post, the Base Boost is an all new way to both earn a Springblossom Season Key and apply a universal buff to your base, increasing overall Base Defense Power. The boosts in this branch will apply to your base up to 3 months from the launch date of the branch, meaning that any boosts obtained in this Season’s branch will be active until July 3rd, 3 months after its initial release on April 3rd. Defense power will return to the intended levels once these 3 months have passed.


The Base Boost branch features x4 HP and x4 Attack boosts for a total of x8 boost prizes within the branch. Each one will provide a percentage buff to your base’s HP or Attack, respectively, and are additive with other boosts in this branch as well as the +30% buffs that can be applied to your base via monuments.


When completed, the base boost will total to +22% Base Attack and +22% Base HP until July 3rd. These boosts will be automatically applied to your base once claimed, and will also be reflected in Atlas bases. When attacking a base that has boosts from the Seasonal branch, you can expect to see a higher number in the base’s defense power. Anywhere that the normal +30% monuments boosts are visible will also reflect the branch’s boosts, as well.

Base Boost

An example of a base with both +4% Attack and +4% HP boosts from the Base Boost branch. When combined with the +30% boosts from monuments, these numbers will read “+34%”.


Outside of the core base boosts within the branch, there’s also a heaping pile of prizes to obtain! Non-boost prizes include Gold Chests, Elemental Embers, Black Pearls, 12H Timers, and Rune Dust, for all your non-boost needs. Certain prizes will offer a choice of which item to claim - need more Embers, but not Fire Shards? No problem! Perhaps you’re in the market for more Black Pearls instead of Embers...don’t worry, we gotchu.


This new branch will be available for 30k Springblossom Sigils, and will include a Seasons Key at the end of the line, meaning the branch is eligible in helping to obtain one of the Season’s Mythic Dragons (Ronin or Zenko). Take a look at the breakdown of the total prizes in the branch below:

Branch Prize Total Amount Available in the Branch
Silver Chest 3
Gold Chest 100
Elemental Ember 24,000*
Ice Shard 12,000*
Fire Shard 12,000*
Black Pearl 4,000*
Rune Dust 5,000,000
12 Hour Timer 250


* Please Note: Prizes marked with the asterisk (*) are selectable, meaning that up to the amount displayed can be obtained, but various prizes in the branch will have a choice between a few of these prizes. The total number will vary depending on the chosen prizes.



War Dragons - Goda

Blazing Warlord

War Dragons - Goda

This dragon's molten blood gives it an equally fiery temper.


Deep in the Sacred Ridge’s rocky expanse lies an ancient mountain stronghold. Once a respected training house, the structure now serves as a haven for the region’s villainous outcasts. Bandits, thieves, and other misfits flock to Goda’s stronghold, seeking acceptance for their wicked ways. Goda does not tolerate the honorless, however. Those that join Goda’s band must forsake selfishness and greed, adhering to several rules: No stealing from the community; Anything pillaged must be shared; and finally, no disrespecting Goda. Any who can follow those rules are welcome under Goda’s wings, and the Dragon’s raiding band has only grown stronger as the years have passed.


Legendary Fire Warrior



  • Eruption - Active | Red | 2 Rage

    	<p>Upon activation, the Dragon will deal 15% of its modified HP to all nearby buildings. The spell will immediately restore 50% of the dragon&#39;s modified HP and the dragon will become invincible for 3 seconds. While invincible, the dragon will block Mage Tower&#39;s supershots (both Rage drain and freeze effects). Spell has an 18 second cooldown.</p>
    <p>Rising Temper - Passive | Yellow</p>
    	<p>Dragon has 35% increased breath damage.</p>
    <p>Molten Barrier - Active | White | 1 Rage</p>
    	<p>Dragon will block all incoming projectile and beam attack damage for the spell&rsquo;s 4 second duration. Spell has a 3 second cooldown.</p>
    <p>Fire Flak Resist - Passive | Yellow</p>
    	<p>Reduces damage done by Fire Flak towers by 70%.</p>


Runes and Glyphs:

  • Epic Rune of Magma: Increases Molten Barrier’s Duration

  • Legendary Rune of Magma: Increases Molten Barrier’s Duration and increases Warrior attack

  • Mythic Glyph of Magma: Increases Molten Barrier’s Duration and increases Warrior attack


Goda Spotlight Video

<iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560"></iframe>


Design Intent and Strategy:

Goda is a straightforward Warrior that wants to burn everything down with its flamethrower and survive long enough to do so. Rising Temper passively increases Goda’s breath damage at all times. This bonus cannot be removed or disrupted, so Goda simply needs to stay alive and let its supercharged flamethrower do the rest. Fortunately, Goda has access to powerful healing and damage mitigation tools. Molten Barrier is Goda’s main protective spell, blocking all projectile and beam attacks for a modest duration. Goda fliers must take care to avoid the spell-disrupting effects of Ice Flak and Cannon Towers, as Goda heavily relies on Molten Barrier to stay in flight. If Goda ends up taking damage, Eruption can be used to restore a large portion of Goda’s health, while also making the dragon briefly invincible. Eruption also provides Goda with some much needed burst damage to finish off particularly powerful towers. Goda can recover from taking heavy damage, but a well-timed supershot that disrupts Goda’s damage output or survivability can end the run. Goda fliers need to be particularly aware of the most threatening target, keeping in mind it might not be the tower with the highest DPS.


Portrait: Fiery Samurai


War Dragons Portrait - Fiery Samurai


War Dragons - Kazane

Maiden of the Shrine


War Dragons - Kazane


Since the dawn of time, the land of the Sacred Ridge has been watched over and nurtured by the Goddess of the Sun. Upon her passing, legend says a race of warriors was born of the wind and sea to be appointed as the guardians to the Goddess' shrine, and among them is Kazane. Running through the misty mountains, she hunts the souls of those who dare disturb the sacred burial grounds, with movements as silent as the wind from which she was born. With a presence as delicate and unpredictable as the fleeting cherry blossoms, travelers beware: she is the maiden of the shrine, yet her blades show no mercy.


Thanks to Dragon Lord, Shinobia, for the winning Name and Lore!


Skill Tree:


Skill Decription Skill Points Needed Skill Level Limit Buff per Level Total Buff Gain

Dragon Attack

Increases Dragon Attack 1 5 0.6


Dragon Attack Increases Dragon Attack 2 5 0.4 2
Dragon HP Increases Dragon HP 2 5 0.4 2
Dragon HP Increases Dragon HP 2 5 0.4 2
Dragon Training Cost Decreases Dragon Training Cost 2 5 -1 -4
Dragon Attack Increases Dragon Attack 3 5 0.6 3
Dragon HP Increases Dragon HP 5 5 1.2 6
Dragon Attack Increases Dragon Attack 5 5 1.2 6
Dragon HP Increases Dragon HP 5 5 1.2 6
Warrior Attack Increases Warrior Attack 5 5 2 10
Sorcerer HP Increases Sorcerer HP 5 5 2 10
Hunter Attack Increases Hunter Attack 5 5 2 10


Crafting Shards Elements: Dark / Wind / Fire

Branch Details: Kazane’s Season Branch will have her Rider Shards and Crafting Shards mixed in throughout the entire branch.


A Special Treat for Obtaining Both Mythics


Base Reskin

New Japanese-inspired Building Reskins!


Now that all 6 Legendary branches with Seasons Keys have been revealed, there’s just one more thing to note. We acknowledge the feat that is obtaining both Mythic Dragons of the Springblossom Season, so we’ve prepared something super special for those who do! After obtaining both Ronin and Zenko, you’ll be treated to a free gift of in-game goodies that include Breeding Tokens, Gold Chests, and a bunch of Timers. Additionally, certain buildings on the main island of your base will receive a special Japanese-inspired reskin until the middle of the Summer Season, and will be seen by others on any flights against your base. These new building skins are a proud symbol of your achievement in the Season, and will be prominently displayed for you and fellow Dragon Lords to admire!


Please Note: These exclusive building reskins will be available later on in the Springblossom Season, as well as the free gift of rewards.

Bonus! Exclusive Dragons Breedable This Week


War Dragons - Dodos

You may have seen us post about certain Dragons being breedable on April 1st...while these Dodos and Chunk were not, in fact, breedable on April Fool’s Day, they WILL be breedable throughout the entire Breeding event that begins tomorrow and lasts until Monday, April 8th. Chunk, Dodo, Dodopyyr, and Donivalis will all be breedable during this time, so be sure to cash in on those tokens and earn some event points while breeding these exclusive Dragons!


Here's a list of the parents needed to breed these Dragons:

  • Dodo = Hext + Etzel
  • Chunk = Baldr + Jura
  • Dodopyyr = Ruma + Enki
  • Donivalis = Dodo + Dodopyyr


Please Note: Due to some technical updates, Chunk’s parents have been changed to Jura and Baldr, so make sure these Dragons are at a breedable level to get everyone’s favorite Majestic Beast.


Once the Breeding event concludes, these Dragons will return to lands far away from War Dragons, so this will be one of the only times they will grace our shores.


Which of these new Springblossom branches will you choose to set your enemies ablaze? Discuss your thoughts on the official War Dragons Forums with the Dragons community!

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