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Introducing Inventory Checker!

Introducing Inventory Checker!

We are happy to announce that we are adding an Inventory Checker! We are super excited to be able to give players a way to check all of the items they own in their game.  

Why We Created The Inventory Checker

War Dragons has continually evolved over the years. We have added new layers of content to the game to provide the challenges and unique experiences that keep the game engaging. However, this new content came with new currencies and consumables, which also added a layer of complexity to player inventories and made them difficult to manage. 

Based on your feedback, we understand that this unintentional side-effect became a severe inconvenience for players trying to manage their accounts.  So, a solution was developed in the form of the Inventory Checker. 

How the Inventory Checker Will Help

The Inventory Checker will allow you to check your balances on almost every currency, past and present, that exists in the game. This will help you to easily access information about your resources and currencies for strategic planning. Additionally, you will be able to filter by the following categories: 

  • Season

  • Event

  • Crafting

  • Atlas

  • Base

  • Dragon

  • Rider

Once a category is chosen, this will hide all items not in that category. This will make it much easier to check your balances within a specific category at a glance. You will also be able to tap an item to see its detailed description within this list. 

We believe that this tool will come in handy for managing your currencies and resources. It’ll be a much needed tool for becoming the best Dragon Lord in the game! :) 

Using The Inventory Checker

The New Inventory Checker has no requirements, so it is going to be available for everyone from the day of its release. To access the new feature, go to the Store, and tap Inventory on the top right corner. Once you do that, you will access the default Inventory Checker page. From there, you may apply the filters, as mentioned above, and explore all of the loot you have accumulated over time. You never know what buried treasure you may find there. 

Inventory Checker Release 

You will be able to access the Inventory Checker and start checking your balances shortly after the release of Version 5.19.1. Once we have confirmed that this version is stable, we will be releasing this new feature.  

Let us know how the new Inventory Checker helps you out! As always, you can give us your feedback on this feature -- and anything else -- on the War Dragons Forums! We love hearing from you!

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