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Introducing the Winter Dwarf Base Skin!

Raise your flagons of ale, and warm up by the warm glow of the eternal furnaces that light the cheery halls of the Stygian Glaze. Turn your base into the stout mountain fortresses of the North Men and make your clan feel right at home. 

This winter, we’re releasing a new base skin! Starting on December 18, you can purchase the Winter Dwarf Skin for your base to add a wintry flair to your island! The price will be $10 USD. For the first 10 days (December 18 to December 28), receive a bonus platinum chest with your purchase. This value pack will only be available for a limited time, so be sure to get yours before the end of the Eclipse season.


Update (12/17/2020): Due to some issues that occurred in version 5.30 and 5.30.1 we won't be able to make this available at midnight but we will aim to make it available as soon as we've been cleared to.

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