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Dragon Perches - What's the deal?

Show off your dragons and have them defend your base the way you have always wanted to! Your dragons will soon be able to be placed on three new perches to guard and protect some of your islands after fully exploring those islands. When a dragon is placed on one of your perches, it will attack the enemy dragons who are trying to lay waste to your base! The perch will have different benefits and attack strengths depending on the type, rarity, and strength of the dragon you place on it!

Three perches are placed on three small islands. Like towers, Dragon Perches can be upgrading using a combination of Black Pearls, a new currency, and lumber. As you upgrade a perch, more powerful dragons can be placed on them. During battle, the dragon on the perch will attack incoming dragons and, depending on its rarity, add additional benefits to the towers placed on that island.

Here is the essential information you should know about Dragon Perches:

  • Dragons that are stationed to a perch will be unavailable to use in attacks.They will be taken out of your active dragon roster.
  • Dragons on perches will gain a small amount of experience each day they are stationed to a perch.
  • Players can choose to feed the perched dragon. This boosts attack damage for certain time as indicated in-game.
  • Weaker perches won’t be able to station powerful dragons but stronger perches will be able to. Upgrade your perch!
  • Perches don’t have supershots.
  • Black Pearls are required for the initial build of a perch, then upgrade costs will switch between lumber and Black Pearls. Black Pearls will be available from Gold Chests, and will be introduced in event prizes in early-to-mid-January 2017.
  • Each dragon confers bonus benefits to their island based on dragon type and rarity. A higher rarity dragon will also gain the benefits of lower rarities. This is reflected in the display shown when selecting a dragon to place on a perch.
    • Rare Dragons
      • No extra benefits
    • Epic Dragons
      • Perch’s island is protected (reduced damage) from dragons with the same element as the perch dragon. This elemental resist does not stack with totems. For example, if you have an Ice Totem to protect your base from Ice Elemental dragons, placing a dragon onto a perch that also reduces Ice Elemental damage will not result in an additional percent resisted.
    • Legendary
      • Sorcerer: Supershots are more effective. Damaging shots will do more damage, shields have more HP or last longer, and resource buildings will heal for greater amounts.
      • Hunter: Increases the attack speed of towers on the island.
      • Warrior: Increases the health of all towers on the island.
      • All Legendary dragons will also have Epic dragon buffs.
    • Mythic
      • Sorcerer: Increased chance for a supershot to not consume supershot ammo.
      • Hunter: Increased chance for a building to fire two shots each attack.
      • Warrior: Increased chance for a building to create a shield on damage.
      • All Mythic dragons will also have Legendary and Epic dragon buffs.
  • Once a dragon is placed on a perch, it must remain there for 24 hours. After 24 hours, the dragon may be swapped for another, or continue to fulfill their duty protecting your base!

Dragon Perch Positioning Reference

Skarr on a Dragon Perch attacking on the left side

Dragons That Can’t Be Placed On The Perch

  • Phweemp: Since it is an exceptionally unique dragon, it is currently incompatible due to animation. (It will wave “hi” instead of attacking...)

Additional FAQ

Will I receive XP for upgrading a perch?

Yes! Higher level upgrades will award more XP than lower level upgrades. (Source)

Will constructing a Dragon Perch take up a builder slot?

Yes - upgrading a perch is very similar to upgrading a regular defense tower. (Source)

Will using Black Pearls to upgrade Dragon Perches award points in future Fortification events?

Indeed. (Source)

What level allows you to equip what tier of dragon?

In the Dragon Perch interface, toggle on "Ineligible" and the display will tell you what level the perch must be for a certain dragon to be placed there.


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