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WAR DRAGONS Gives Players Chance to Burn Their Names into History with Novel Adaptation of Game

SAN FRANCISCO - Dec. 10, 2015 - Pocket Gems, a leader in mobile fury and wanton dragon warfare, is today announcing that it will immortalize an exclusive group of WAR DRAGONS players by writing them into the literary adaptation of a mobile game.

Pocket Gems will be holding ‘The Great Contest’ in WAR DRAGONS later this month, the winners of which will be written into the game’s prequel novelization. The book, which will be available for free to download on Amazon, Apple and Google later this year, is written by award-winning author Brian Oliu (SO YOU KNOW IT’S ME, LEAVE LUCK TO HEAVEN, I/O) and edited by Michael Rudin (CALL OF DUTY: DEVIL'S BREATH, CALL OF DUTY: RIGHTFUL KING).

“The War Dragons community has been so creative in shaping the universe of the game and really making it their own,” said Oliu. “We wanted to give die-hard fans and newer players alike something to reward their originality and show them how the chaotic world of War Dragons came to be.”

The team names of the six winning guilds of The Great Contest will be written into the WAR DRAGONS novel. The winning teams will also get exclusive new portraits and the number one team will have a statue erected of their team’s likeness inside the game’s shared universe. Teams win by battling other teams to conquer and hold territory in the game. The contest will run from Dec. 9 through the end of the year.

The Great Contest is part of the Kingdom of Ice expansion, the largest WAR DRAGONS update in the game’s history. Along with the contest, the expansion will feature updated art, newly-designed holiday dragons and several new characters.

“WAR DRAGONS has one of the best game communities in the world,” said Aland Failde, Director of Product Marketing at Pocket Gems. “We wanted to find a way to give back to our top players, and immortalizing them in the game’s universe seemed like a good place to start.”

WAR DRAGONS is available for download now in the Apple App Store and is coming to Android early next year.

About Pocket Gems:

Pocket Gems is a top developer of original mobile games and interactive entertainment that was founded in 2009. Since pioneering mobile games, Pocket Gems’ titles have been downloaded more than 200 million times across iOS and Android. Pocket Gems team has grown to 200 people based in San Francisco. To learn more about War Dragons, visit


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