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Name the Festive Dragon for the Duskfall Season!

Duskfall Festive Dragon - Name and Lore Contest

What name will the Twitch Dragon take?


Good day, Dragon Lords!


Back in July, we hosted a livestream with one of our Dragons artists, Kurt, to create a brand new Dragon for the Fall 2018 Season. The stream featured a series of prompts that anyone could vote on, and the most voted choices were incorporated into the overall design of the Dragon!


Take a watch through the archived stream on the War Dragons Twitch channel:


War Dragons Weekly | Twitch Sculpts A Dragon

<iframe allowfullscreen="true" frameborder="0" height="378" src="" width="620"></iframe>


By the end of the livestream, our first draft of the new Dragon looked like this:


Twitch Sculpts a Dragon - Stream Render


This Dragon has undergone a series of rounds from our amazing Dragons art team, and we’ve even created concept art of the new Dragon to share with you!


Duskfall Festive Dragon - Concept Art



This Dragon Needs a Name and Backstory!


Being a Dragon that was created by the community, it’s only apt that players create the backstory of this Dragon, as well! We want to hear from you all on what you think this new Dragon’s name and lore should be. Maybe it’s a toxic beast and friend of Pathox, ready to wreck the Suddenian streets? Perhaps it’s an ancient being of the afterlife, turned malicious and sinister? Let your imagination soar!


Here’s some initial information to know about this Dragon:

  • Available in the Duskfall Season as the Festive Dragon

  • Releases on Halloween day (Wednesday, October 31st)

  • Has a very toxic, skeletal look, which could be associated with the more ominous areas of Suddene, the city in which all Duskfall Dragons hail from.


Here’s the winning choices for Dragon features that were voted on during the stream:


  • Element: Dark

  • Body Shape: Mongoose

  • Head Shape: Ornamental

  • Tail Shape: Elegant

  • Wings: Celestial

  • Eyes: Abstract

  • Horn Type: Frills

  • Skin Type: Skeletal

  • Color: Saturated

  • Accessories: None


Twitch Sculpts a Dragon - Thank You Interstitial


The Name + Lore Contest


Here’s how the contest will work:


  1. From now until the end of Wednesday, September 19th, you’ll have the chance to submit considerations for the Twitch Dragon’s name and lore.

  2. The open naming portion of this contest will end of the 19th, at which time the Dragons team will deliberate on which names should go to a final community vote.

  3. We’ll post the top 10 names and lore for this Dragon on Friday, September 21st, and you’ll have until Friday, September 28th to vote for your favorite name and lore out of the 10.

  4. Once the votes are in and the scores are tallied, we’ll announce the name of our community-created Dragon in October!



Contest Prizing


For those names that end up making it into the final vote, their creators will receive a War Dragons Swag Bag from the team for their submission! The player who ultimately submits the winning name will get an even bigger prize, so stay tuned for more details! We will send digital prizes directly to your War Dragons account shortly after the contest has ended, and physical prizes will be shipped soon after.


Ready to submit a name and backstory for this new Dragon? Click on the link below to get started!


Submit a Name and Lore for the Duskfall Festive Dragon!



Keep an eye on the War Dragon’s Facebook page, Twitter channel, and Instagram profile for updates on this contest and the final announcement of the the Dragon's name and lord! Good luck, Dragon Lords!


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