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Share Your World Contest Winner

Congratulations, LadyShyvana!

We'd like to thank all of the Dragon Lords that participated in our Share Your World Contest held in September.
We pored over many essays, photos, and works of art submitted by members of the War Dragons community.
Thank you for sharing your world with us.

We were faced with an incredibly tough decision, but we are thrilled to announce our winner, LadyShyvana!
Please join us in celebrating her epic win on this glorious World Dragon Day!


What can I say about my world? I live in Arizona and I am sure you have heard the rumors about how hot it gets. Well it’s true, and when it’s extremely hot outside I like to stay inside and play War Dragons.

My day-to-day life consists of working a full-time job and being a full-time mom to two wonderful children ages 3 and 5. When we are all hanging out inside and watching movies I like to jump onto War Dragons and say, “Hi,” to my crew — ImmortalCrew, that is. Life gets hard sometimes, and when it does, War Dragons is my release. I love destroying people’s bases and getting more skilled with my dragons. My son, (5) is also a fan. He loves to fly and watch me fly. His favorite dragon of mine right now is Kinnarus, which he calls his favorite pink bird. I do try to correct him and tell him it’s a dragon, but he just insists it’s a bird.

Once my day with the kids is done, the night comes and that is when it’s time to work. I work for a hotel as a night auditor and I can’t tell you how many nights after I have finished my work that War Dragons has gotten me through; between events and wars, there is never a dull moment. When I have been extremely tired and am in need of a break, War Dragons provides the energy I need.

Once it is time to get off of work and get back home, my day begins again. My favorite part of my days is being with the kids. When it is hot enough, we will go for a swim, which, trust me,  feels like heaven! When the temperature cools down and winter rolls around, we like to head up north as a family into the woods to see the snow. The tall pine trees covered in snow is a sight to behold, and then at night when we all cuddle up to the fire place and when the kids have fallen asleep, I like to sneak into my world of War Dragons.

War Dragons is a big part of my life. I know it’s just a game but to me it is so much more. It is a place for me to connect with people from around the world. I love meeting new people and learning about different places and cultures. I have made so many friends from the game and learned so much. It amazes me. I love talking with the community, helping my teammates with runs, sharing my own knowledge and general knowledge about the game to help smaller, newer players to grow and succeed.

The community and the dragons is why I continue to play and plan to keep on playing. It is my favorite escape from the everyday struggle that is life, and when my day off finally comes I like to kick back, grab a beer, and escape into my own little world of War Dragons.

Thank you for reading and considering me to join the launch party. I hope to meet you all soon!

Well, LadyShyvana, we are looking forward to meeting you, too! We're very excited to have the opportunity to give you and your guest a getaway in the city we call home and share our world with you!

Dragon Lords, get back in the game and send LadyShyvana a congratulatory message! Then share this announcement with your War Dragons crews online using #WDAtlasLaunch.

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