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#RuleTheSky: Who Would You Take Into Battle?

Han Solo and Chewbacca. Bonnie and Clyde. Batman and Robin. All great examples of partners who teamed up to take on the world.

When going into battle, who you take with you is incredibly important. In the heat of combat, you need to know that your partner has your back. This is equally important whether you’re playing a game of pickup basketball or destroying bases with dragons.

We were curious to see who you, our players, would go into war with. As part of the #RuleTheSkyPromo, we asked you who you would take into battle with you and why they were a trusty companion. The answers were kind of surprising and ranged from Superman to Donald Trump.

Check out who you said you would take into battle in War Dragons!


As to be expected, many of you would fly into a skirmish with your guild members and friends...


The family that slays together, stays together! A good amount of you would love to have your kin at your side as you go to war!

Significant others:

Who can you trust more than your bae? Some of you said you’d take your significant others along into combat.


What if you don’t want to risk losing a friend or loved one in battle? Look no further than Hollywood. A few of you also chose to go into war with celebrities like the Kardashians or Ted Nugent (huh?)


Left or Right, there’s no denying politicians have a lot of fight in them! As such, it’s no surprise that some of you wanted to take some folks from Washington with you into the fray.


However, the most popular choice for a sister-in-arms was Pixxel!

Thanks to everyone who participated and congrats to @AndrewLambe93, @billyn, @dragonspleen, @jeffey89890 and @keganandmatt on winning the sweepstakes!!



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