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Will you be my Shieldmate?

War Dragons - Valentine's 2019 Promotions

Valentine’s gifts, portraits, and more are here to spark the flame of love! 


Love is in the air! And, well, so are Dragons. So why not put the two together?


Starting this week, War Dragons will be getting a lovely makeover just in time for Valentine’s Day celebrations, plus a new limited-time portrait will be available and Red Envelopes will return! Read on for all of the splendorous, festive news.


Red Envelopes Return


Last year, we gave the gift of gifts with Red Envelopes making their debut for both Valentine’s Day and the Lunar New Year. Red Envelopes return this year for you to gift to your friends, teammates, lovers, and fellow friendly Dragon Lords!

War Dragons - Red Envelopes 2019

Red Envelopes will be available from February 6th to February 12th, and are able to be purchase as many times as you like while they are available. Each one will cost $4.99 and will contain 500 Winterjol Sigils.

Please Note: Red Envelopes will be the only giftable packs in the store, so please disregard the gifting button next to the other Value Packs that will be visible, as other packs will not be available for gifting.

Lovers, Shieldmates, Defenders ‘till the End


Love is in the air next week as we introduce a limited time Shieldmates Portrait as a claimable prize in the next event! This is the first time in Dragons history that a portrait features more than one character, and what better way to share the love than with two dedicated defenders that fight side by side.

War Dragons - Shieldmates Portrait
There will be both a static and animated version of the Shieldmates Portrait that will be available to claim. Each one can be obtained by reaching the 15K and 53K point prizes (respectively) in next week’s PVP event. You can claim these portraits for the entire duration of the event (Wednesday, February 13th until Monday, February 18th) before they take off to new realms. Don’t miss out on obtaining this limited time portrait before these Shieldmates are gone for good!


Valentine’s Visuals


Special Valentine’s Day visual effects will be going into effect starting this Tuesday (February 6th, when the 4.95 Update is released) until February 16th. Rune whelps (those cute little mini-dragons that fly behind your active dragon and represent their runes and glyphs) and Dragon flame attacks will be spiced up with a beautiful pink hue. Rune whelps will be recolored with this pink color and have a heart around them while your Dragon flies. Dragon flames will spew pink hearts at your enemies, so you can spread your message of love and destruction all at the same time! These visual changes will not affect power or effects of the Dragon’s breath attack, Runes, or Glyphs.


2/7 Update: The pink flames were unintentionally causing some Dragons' flame speed to be lowered, so we have turned of the Valentine's visuals for the following Dragons so as not to affect gameplay:

  • Urd, Verd, and Skuld
  • Chimerak
  • All Red and Purple Tier Dragons


War Dragons Valentine's Visuals - Rune Whelps

Axi’s Rune whelps have turned a pink hue to show their love!


War Dragons Valentine's Visuals - Pink Flame

Chunk shares some love with a ‘friendly’ Blue Mage tower.



This February, War Dragons will be bursting with fun Valentine’s additions, and we can’t wait to share the love. Follow War Dragons on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to get more updates and news straight to your timeline!


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