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War Dragons Just Turned 3 - Let’s Celebrate!

On April 16th, 2015, a game called War Dragons released to the world. The game had a simple and clear message: Build the world’s greatest army of Dragons, and burn EVERYTHING to the ground. From humble beginnings, War Dragons was praised as an excellent PVP mobile game with a heavy hand in teamwork and communication. Plus, there were some pretty sweet Dragons everyone began to get their hands on!


What started as a small ember quickly became a beautiful burning fire that would capture the hearts of many, bringing people closer and closer to this fantasy world of Dragons.


Now, more than three years later, War Dragons has become more than just a game about Dragons. There are thousands of teams to join, millions of players to battle with, and hundreds of Dragons to breed, grow, and bond with. There are incredible 3D graphics to enjoy, massive PVP tactics and strategies to implement, and tons of loyal guilds to choose from. Together, we have created a truly stunning community, thriving on cooperation and communication. We have laughed, cried, fought, and succeeded together. One motto rings true for us all: Dragon Lords Fly Forever.


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War Dragons 3rd Anniversary Giveaway


To celebrate War Dragons’ 3rd Anniversary, we invite Dragon Lords of all levels to join us in our online giveaway with a chance to win major prizes in the game, including rubies, egg tokens, and coveted Springveil Sigils!


Here’s how this giveaway will work:


  • Starting today, you can enter the War Dragons 3rd Anniversary Giveaway by submitting your In-Game Name.

  • The giveaway will run from today (Friday, April 20th) until next Friday, April 27th. Be sure to get your submissions in before next Friday!

  • Submissions will close on Friday, April 27th at midnight PST.

  • We’ll announce the winners of this giveaway on Friday, May 4th, and distribute the winning gifts shortly afterwards!


To participate, you’ll need to submit your In-Game Name to be considered. You’ll be able to receive additional entries in the giveaway for adding War Dragons on various online channels like Facebook, Twitch, or YouTube. Plus, it’s a great way to keep in touch with news, updates, fan art, and all the other great things about the game!


Enter the War Dragon 3rd Anniversary Giveaway!


Keep an eye on the War Dragon’s Facebook page, Twitter channel, and Instagram profile for updates on this giveaway and the reveal of our winners!


We can’t thank you enough for the love you’ve shown us in War Dragons. Best of luck to all Dragon Lords in this giveaway, and happy flying!

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