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More Chisels & Runic Chest In Fight Pits!

This Week Only!

In this week’s Fight Pits event, we have two updates for everyone. First, we’re giving away more prizes by adding more Chisels in your Points Achievements rewards. Please refer to the table below to see how we changed up chisel distribution and where you can collect them as you earn more points.

Second, to help you in your battles during this event, the Silver Chest will be replaced with Runic Chest in the Armory. The drop rates of each rune are as follows:

  • Epic: 70% 
  • Legendary: 30% 

In addition, we’ll be adding XP Runes, where the Epic ones will increase XP by 50%, and the Legendary ones will increase XP by 100%. Unlock Runic Chests to earn runes to help you in your battles for this event! Teamwork will be of utmost importance as always, so gather the troops and set to the skies for battle! 

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